Apple Patent Applications

Wearing Dependent Operation of Wearable Device

Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170007183
A wearable device that attaches to a body part of a user via an attachment member operates in at least a connected and a disconnected state. One or more sensors located in the wearable device and/or the attachment member detect the user's body part when present. Such detection may only be performed when the attachment member is in a connected configuration and may be used to switch the wearable device between the connected and disconnected states. In this way, the wearable device…

Sports Monitoring System for Headphones, Earbuds and/or Headsets

Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170010858
A monitoring system that can be placed proximate to the head or ear of a user is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the monitoring system can be used with headphones, earbuds or headsets. The monitoring system can, for example, be used to monitor user activity, such as during exercise or sporting activities. The positioning of the monitoring system can also facilitate sensing of other user characteristics (e.g., biometric data), such as temperature, perspiration and heart rate. The…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170011840
Methods of and systems for directing flux from a transmit coil to a receive coil within an inductive power transfer system are disclosed. For example, a transmit coil may be shielded with a contoured shield made from a ferromagnetic material. The contoured shield may contour to several surfaces of the transmit coil so as to define a single plane through which flux may be directed to a receive coil.

Multiuser Block Acknowledgment Request

Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170012756
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for performing multiuser block acknowledgement in a wireless communication protocol. Embodiments include receiving a control frame from an access point (AP). A transmission mode can be determined based on a trigger information field in the control frame. Further, a data frame to acknowledge can be determined based on a block acknowledgement request (BAR) field in the control frame. A block acknowledgment (BA)…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013066
An application can be launched in response to a launch request from an accessory. For example, the mobile computing device can determine whether it is in a state that allows launching of an application and/or can determine whether the application or application type requested in the launch command is available for launching. In response to the request, and if the mobile computing device is capable, the mobile computing device can launch the application. The mobile computing device can…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013407
A mobile device adjusts the extents to which it depends on various satellites to estimate its global position based on the predicted probability for each such satellite that a ray extending from that satellite to the mobile device is obstructed by a building. The mobile device can predict the probabilities of building obstructions based on a digital model of the environment in which the mobile device is estimated to be. The mobile device weights the extent of uncertainty for each…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013429
Methods and computer products can provide personalized content based on historical interaction with a mobile device. A computing device can receive information about a user interaction with an application running on the mobile device at a first time and location. A type of the application can be identified by parsing a description of the application (e.g., using a natural language processing algorithm). An affinity model can be generated that associates the type of the application with…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013579
A system, apparatus and method for selecting one or more synchronization stations, or masters, in a peer-to-peer communication environment. Synchronization (or sync) stations broadcast periodic synchronization frames to advertise future availability windows, during which devices rendezvous for discovery and communication. Devices that can act as sync stations advertise preference values, which indicate their preference or suitability for the role. All devices execute the same algorithm…

Altitude Estimation Using A Probability Density Function

Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013589
Methods, program products, and systems of location estimation using a probability density function are disclosed. In general, in one aspect, a server can estimate an effective altitude of a wireless access gateway using harvested data. The server can harvest location data from multiple mobile devices. The harvested data can include a location of each mobile device and an identifier of a wireless access gateway that is located within a communication range of the mobile device. The server…


Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170003931
Certain embodiments of the present invention can facilitate a smooth listening experience, during which a user can enjoy continuous music play despite moving between settings or using a device with restricted playing capabilities. While a first player device is playing songs from an audio collection, one or more other devices can be evaluated to determine whether one should take over the play. This determination can be made by comparatively evaluating properties of the other devices,…

On-Board Applet Migration

Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170003954
An electronic device (such as a cellular telephone) automatically installs and personalizes updates to an applet on a secure element in the electronic device. In particular, when a digitally signed update package containing the update is received from an updating device (such as a server), the secure element identifies any previous versions of the applet installed on the secure element. If there are any previously installed versions, the secure element verifies the digital signature of…

Location Support For Emergency Calls

Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170006418
System and method for submitting a location of a mobile device to a public service for providing emergency assistance are described. A mobile device can determine that a user is making an emergency call from the mobile device. The mobile device can then enable a location determination function of the mobile device and determine a location of the mobile device. The mobile device can determine the location in multiple attempts, including, in a first time window, attempting to determine a…


Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170006460
In order to reduce latency and overhead during the device discovery process, operations involved in pairing of two electronic devices may be predefined. In particular, when a user specifies a new electronic device in a list of their electronic devices, a computer provides a notification to these electronic devices. In response to the notification, a given one of the electronic devices generates encryption information and identification information for the given electronic device, and…


Granted: December 29, 2016
Application Number: 20160379205
A wireless device can store account identifiers and facilitate transactions. The wireless device can be loaded with user account identifiers and can be presented to various checkpoint devices. When presented, the wireless device can transmit a selected account identifier to the checkpoint device. In the context of a purchase transaction, the checkpoint device can be a point-of-sale terminal and the account data can be financial account data. In some instances, the wireless device can…

Band Attachment Mechanism with Haptic Response

Granted: December 22, 2016
Application Number: 20160371942
A system includes a band, an attachment mechanism attached to the band, and one or more haptic devices included in the attachment mechanism. The attachment mechanism can attach the band to an electronic device. Additionally or alternatively, the attachment mechanism can attach the band to a wearer. The haptic device or devices are in communication with a processing device. At least one of the one or more haptic devices produces a haptic response based on an activation signal received…


Granted: December 22, 2016
Application Number: 20160372960
A wireless charging system including a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is formed of a coil of wire that includes a first loop portion, a second loop portion, and a crossing portion. The crossing portion electrically couples the first loop portion and the second loop portion such that when current is generated in the coil, electrical current flows through the first loop portion in a different rotational direction than in the second loop portion. The receiver is formed of a…


Granted: December 22, 2016
Application Number: 20160372961
A wireless charging table comprising a table top having an upper surface upon which one or more electronic devices can be placed, a wireless charging transmitter positioned under the upper surface of the table top, the wireless charging transmitter comprising a plurality of transmitter coils that define a charging region at the upper surface of the table top, and a power distribution system operatively coupled to the wireless charging transmitter, the power distribution system configured…


Granted: December 15, 2016
Application Number: 20160363958
An aesthetically pleasing docking station that is able to support electronic devices with only an interface connector. The docking station is further equipped with mechanisms that protect the electronic device from damage if it's deflected too far while mated to the docking station.


Granted: December 15, 2016
Application Number: 20160365072
An improve navigation application can generate and display a composite representation of multiple POIs when POI icons representing the POIs appear to be overlapping. Some embodiments display the composite representation when a certain zoom level is reached for a map including the multiple POI icons. In some embodiments, the navigation application can determine POIs that may be of interest to the user based on the user's attributes and activity history and generate the composite…

Determination of Device Placement Using Pose Angle

Granted: December 15, 2016
Application Number: 20160366654
In an example method, a mobile device connects a voice call for a user. The voice call causes one or more radio frequency transmitters of the mobile device to transmit radio waves at a first power level. Motion data describing movement of the mobile device is obtained, and the orientation of the mobile device is determined based on the motion data. A determination whether the mobile device is on the user's body or on an inanimate object is made based on the orientation of the mobile…