Applied Materials Patent Grants

Thermal processing by scanning a laser line beam

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9737959
The thermal processing device includes a stage, a continuous wave electromagnetic radiation source, a series of lenses, a translation mechanism, a detection module, a three-dimensional auto-focus, and a computer system. The stage is configured to receive a substrate thereon. The continuous wave electromagnetic radiation source is disposed adjacent the stage, and is configured to emit continuous wave electromagnetic radiation along a path towards the substrate. The series of lenses is…

Model based lamp background filtration of stray radiation for pyrometry

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9739666
The embodiments described herein generally relate to methods of noise compensation for proper temperature detection in thermal processing chambers and devices for achieving the same. Methods can include determining noise produced by a lamp zone and extrapolating the noise from the detected photocurrent. Devices can include a processing chamber, a substrate support disposed in the processing chamber, the substrate support having a high thermal mass, a pyrometer below the substrate support…

Extreme ultraviolet capping layer and method of manufacturing and lithography thereof

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9739913
A method of manufacture of an extreme ultraviolet reflective element includes: providing a substrate; forming a multilayer stack on the substrate, the multilayer stack includes a plurality of reflective layer pairs having a first reflective layer and a second reflective layer for forming a Bragg reflector; and forming a capping layer on and over the multilayer stack, the capping layer formed from titanium oxide, ruthenium oxide, niobium oxide, ruthenium tungsten, ruthenium molybdenum, or…

Electrostatic carrier for handling substrates for processing

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9740111
An electrostatic carrier is described for carrying a substrate for handling through different processes. The carrier has a dielectric plate having a top side and a bottom side and configured to be attached on a top side of the plate to a substrate using electrostatic force, and a base plate coupled to a bottom side of the dielectric plate. Electrodes are formed on the base plate and extend across the base plate parallel to the top side of the dielectric plate. The electrodes are…

Integrated controller solution for monitoring and controlling manufacturing equipment

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9740182
Methods and apparatus for controlling manufacturing equipment are provided herein. In some embodiments, a manufacturing system may include an integrated controller having one or more inputs to receive input values corresponding to operating information of at least one of a process tool, a mass flow controller or at least one sub-fab auxiliary system, wherein the integrated controller is configured to receive the input values, determine that an error condition is matched based on the…

Controls interface solution for energy savings

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9740184
Methods and apparatus for enhanced control over electronic device manufacturing systems are provided herein. In some embodiments, the integrated sub-fab system may employ Ethernet and/or RS232 Serial communications through an open platform of apparatus to achieve a reduced carbon footprint during electronic device manufacturing. For this example, the system could include a process tool set and controller linked by sensors or software interconnect with one or more sub-fab or local factory…

RF power delivery regulation for processing substrates

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741539
Methods of operating a plasma enhanced substrate processing system using pulsed radio frequency (RF) power are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method of operating a plasma enhanced substrate processing system using pulsed radio frequency (RF) power includes providing a first pulsed RF power waveform to a process chamber at a first power level during a first time period, providing a second pulsed RF power waveform at a first power level to the process chamber during the first time…

RPS assisted RF plasma source for semiconductor processing

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741545
Embodiments of the disclosure generally relate to a hybrid plasma processing system incorporating a remote plasma source (RPS) unit with a capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) unit for substrate processing. In one embodiment, the hybrid plasma processing system includes a CCP unit, comprising a lid having one or more through holes, and an ion suppression element, wherein the lid and the ion suppression element define a plasma excitation region, a RPS unit coupled to the CCP unit, and a gas…

Symmetric plasma process chamber

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741546
Embodiments of the present invention provide a plasma chamber design that allows extremely symmetrical electrical, thermal, and gas flow conductance through the chamber. By providing such symmetry, plasma formed within the chamber naturally has improved uniformity across the surface of a substrate disposed in a processing region of the chamber. Further, other chamber additions, such as providing the ability to manipulate the gap between upper and lower electrodes as well as between a gas…

Selectively lateral growth of silicon oxide thin film

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741558
Implementations disclosed herein generally relate to methods of forming silicon oxide films. The methods can include performing silylation on the surface of the substrate having terminal hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups on the surface of the substrate are then regenerated using a plasma and H2O soak in order to perform an additional silylation. Further methods include catalyzing the exposed surfaces using a Lewis acid, directionally inactivating the exposed first and second surfaces…

Methods for manufacturing a spacer with desired profile in an advanced patterning process

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741566
Embodiments herein provide apparatus and methods for performing an etching process on a spacer layer with good profile control in multiple patterning processes. In one embodiment, a method for patterning a spacer layer during a multiple patterning process includes conformally forming a spacer layer on an outer surface of a patterned structure disposed on a substrate, wherein the patterned structure has having a first group of openings defined therebetween and etching the spacer layer…

Thermal management systems and methods for wafer processing systems

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741593
A workpiece holder includes a puck having a cylindrical axis, a radius about the cylindrical axis, and a thickness. At least a top surface of the puck is substantially planar, and the puck defines one or more thermal breaks. Each thermal break is a radial recess that intersects at least one of the top surface and a bottom surface of the cylindrical puck. The radial recess has a thermal break depth that extends through at least half of the puck thickness, and a thermal break radius that…

Method for hybrid encapsulation of an organic light emitting diode

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741966
Methods and apparatus for encapsulating organic light emitting diode (OLED) structures disposed on a substrate using a hybrid layer of material are provided. The encapsulation methods may be performed as single or multiple chamber processes. The processing parameters used during deposition of the hybrid layer of material allow control of the characteristics of the deposited hybrid layer. The hybrid layer may be deposited such that the layer has characteristics of an inorganic material in…

Motor modules, multi-axis motor drive assemblies, multi-axis robot apparatus, and electronic device manufacturing systems and methods

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9742250
Motor modules for multi-arm robot apparatus are described. The motor modules can be used individually or stacked and assembled to make up one-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis motor assemblies, or more. One or more of the motor modules have a stator assembly including a stator received in the stator housing, and a rotor assembly abutting the stator assembly, the rotor assembly including a rotor housing, a drive shaft, a bearing assembly supporting the drive shaft, and a rotor…

Showerhead for a semiconductor processing chamber

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: D794753

Tooling configuration for electric/magnetic field guided acid profile control in a photoresist layer

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9733579
A method of processing a substrate is disclosed herein. The method includes applying a photoresist layer comprising a photoacid generator to a substrate, wherein a first portion of the photoresist layer has been exposed unprotected by a photomask to a radiation light in a lithographic exposure process. The method also includes applying an electric field to alter movement of photoacid generated from the photoacid generator substantially in a vertical direction, wherein the electric field…

Integrated apparatus for efficient removal of halogen residues from etched substrates

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9735002
A method and apparatus for removing volatile residues from a substrate are provided. In one embodiment, a method for volatile residues from a substrate includes providing a processing system having a load lock chamber and at least one processing chamber coupled to a transfer chamber, treating a substrate in the processing chamber with a chemistry comprising halogen, and removing volatile residues from the treated substrate in the load lock chamber.

Pre-clean of silicon germanium for pre-metal contact at source and drain and pre-high K at channel

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9735009
The present disclosure generally relates to methods for removing contaminants and native oxides from substrate surfaces. The method includes exposing a surface of the substrate to first hydrogen radical species, wherein the substrate is silicon germanium having a concentration of germanium above about 30%, then exposing the surface of the substrate to a plasma formed from a fluorine-containing precursor and a hydrogen-containing precursor, and then exposing the surface of the substrate…

Visual feedback for process control in RTP chambers

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9735034
Embodiments of the present disclosure generally relate to methods and apparatus for visual lamp failure detection in a processing chamber, such as an RTP chamber. Visual feedback is facilitated through the use of a wide-angle lens positioned to view lamps within the process chamber. The wide-angle lens is positioned within a probe and secured using a spring in order to withstand high temperature processing. A camera coupled to the lens is adapted to capture an image of the lamps within…

Locally heated multi-zone substrate support

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9735037
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an electrostatic chuck (ESC) having azimuthal temperature control. In one embodiment, the electrostatic chuck includes an insulating base, a dielectric layer disposed on the insulating base, the dielectric layer having a substrate supporting surface, a plurality of heating elements coupled to the insulating base, and a first set of electrodes and a second set of electrodes, wherein the plurality of heating elements are surrounded by the first…