AT&T Patent Applications

Method and Apparatus for Virtualized Network Function Chaining Management

Granted: August 17, 2017
Application Number: 20170237819
A method for vNF chaining management includes receiving virtualized network function (vNF) information from a chaining client associated with a particular vNF. A service chaining catalog is updated based on the vNF information and chaining information is transmitted to peering vNFs of the particular vNF. The vNF information can indicate instantiation of a vNF and identify peering vNFs. Updates received from vNFs can be used to update the chaining catalog. Updated vNF information can then…


Granted: August 17, 2017
Application Number: 20170238157
Security systems are warned of earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. When an early warning system detects a natural disaster, the early warning system alerts a central server. The early warning system alerts the central server to the natural event and its associated geographic area. The central server may then consult a database and determine the security systems operating in a vicinity of the geographic area experiencing the natural event. The central server may thus warn…


Granted: August 10, 2017
Application Number: 20170230192
A bridge device at a first tier receives a geographic addressing packet destined for a target region containing a plurality of devices. The bridge device applies a bridging function using the geographic address packet to determine whether to transmit the geographic addressing packet. The bridging function utilizes certain information based on the geographic addressing packet. The bridge device determines to transmit the geographic addressing packet to a second tier based on the bridging…

Apparatus And Method For Automatic Reconciliation Of Data Throughput

Granted: August 10, 2017
Application Number: 20170230293
A system for automatic reconciliation of data throughput is disclosed. In particular, the system may include automatically and repetitively measuring the available upload and download throughput that a user of an internet service provider statistically receives through the course of a selected period of time. The system jointly monitors the user's data usage volume over time and automatically determines if the user is subscribing for throughput that the user is not receiving at the times…

Managing Access to Mobile Content Using Location-Based Services

Granted: August 10, 2017
Application Number: 20170230315
Methods for selectively filtering message content received at a mobile device based upon a current location of the mobile device and/or a user's presence status and devices configured to selectively filter message content based upon a location of the mobile device and/or a user's presence status.


Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170219368
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a navigation system that includes a positioning system configured to generate location data indicating a current location of the navigation system. Destination data is received indicating a destination. User selectable route planning weights are received, corresponding to route planning criteria including route time and at least one mobile network performance criterion. A route from the current location to the destination is…

Extending the Functionality of a Mobile Device

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170220200
Devices, systems, and methods are disclosed for extending the functionality of a mobile device by including a cover for the mobile device with a substantial portion of the exterior overlaid with a touch-sensitive surface. Logic stored on the cover senses a user's touch on the touch-sensitive surface and transmits the touch input to the coupled mobile device. Logic stored on the coupled mobile device may receive and interpret the touch input as a function or command of an operating…


Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170220968
Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a communication system that receive location data associated with mobile devices over a time period and evaluates the location data to predict hours of operation of an enterprise. The communication system operates by: selecting a first group of mobile devices based on geographical proximity to the enterprise; analyzing the location data to identify a subset of the first group predicted to correspond to employees of the…

Transactional Cards

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170221026
Methods, systems, and products create credit cards, debit cards, and other transactional cards. An image is received and provided on a transactional card. Account information is retrieved and associated with the transactional card. A machine-readable element is also provided on the transactional card and includes the account information.

In-Store Field-of-View Merchandising and Analytics

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170221088
Concepts and technologies disclosed herein are directed to aspects of in-store field-of-view merchandising and analytics. According to one aspect disclosed herein, a system receives a message from a user device. The message can include an orientation of the user device and a location of the user device within an environment, such as a store. The system can obtain a potential field-of-view of a user associated with the user device. The system can determine, based upon the orientation, the…


Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223065
Interactive services are enhanced by intercepting, in a telecommunications network, a session initiation protocol message used to initiate a communication. The session initiation protocol message is intercepted prior to terminating at a recipient computer configured to provide interactive services for the communication. Based on predetermined rules, supplemental information is determined to provide to the recipient computer of the communication. The supplemental information is inserted…

Method And Apparatus For Content Selection Based On Personal Profiles

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223140
A content selection server including a processor configured to receive personal preference information from a plurality of personal media devices, select content based on the personal preference information, and provide playback of the content.

Methods, Systems, and Products for Social Alerts

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223184
Alerts are processed based on social networks. A person's contact information, as an example, may be associated with a social network. Each different social network may also have its own custom ringtone or other alert. Calls, texts, and other electronic messages may thus processed with the alert of the social network.

Directing Care Calls Using Historical Call Backs, Demographics And Real Time Attributes

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223189
A system for directing calls using historical call backs, demographics, and real time attributes is disclosed. In particular, the system may receive incoming calls at an interactive voice response system. Based on speech occurring during the calls, the system may determine attributes of the callers. The system may then utilize the determined attributes, call records, demographic information pertaining to account owners, real time call attribute assessment systems, regression analyses,…

Push Notifications for a Gateway Device and Associated Devices

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223513
A gateway device is enabled to initiate sending of push notifications to an associated device. The push notifications can be sent even when a gateway device related application is not running on the device. The push notifications can also be sent to the device whenever it has internet connectivity, even if the internet connectivity is not being provided by the gateway device hotspot. In an embodiment, a mobile access gateway system can receive a notification from the gateway device that…

Generating and Analyzing Mobility Vectors to Determine Subscriber Behavior

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223522
Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for generating and analyzing mobility vectors to determine subscriber behavior. A processor can execute an analysis engine. The analysis engine can obtain a log from a data collection device associated with a cellular network. The log can include subscriber data, cell identifier data, and time data. The analysis engine can identify a subscriber represented by the subscriber data and determine a vector associated with the subscriber. The…

Grade of Service Control Closed Loop

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223567
Systems and methods for managing network traffic receives, at a grade of service device, network traffic information for a plurality of network traffic channels from a network device separate from the grade of service device. The network traffic information is compared to a threshold to determine a behavior value for each network traffic channel. Each network traffic channel is mapped to a grade of service according to the behavior value.

LAN Based Wireless Communications System

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223602
A method of routing calls from a mobile unit to a destination location can include registering the mobile unit with a wireless adjunct, wherein the wireless adjunct is in communication with a switching unit and a packet based network and is operable to receive data from the switching unit and place the data, in packetized form, on the packet based network. The method can further include responding to a call setup request from the mobile unit and querying a subscriber database to…

Selective Prioritization of Voice Over Data

Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170223721
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are described herein for allowing a user or a service provider to selectively prioritize voice communications over data communications. By selectively prioritizing voice communications over data communications, the number of dropped calls in the mobile telecommunications network can be significantly reduced.

Methods, Systems, and Products for Power Management in Cable Assemblies

Granted: July 27, 2017
Application Number: 20170212159
Cable assemblies react to electrical power. A visual indicator in a cable assembly changes color in response to the electrical power. The visual indicator, for example, may respond to heat or electromagnetic field in the cable assembly. In smart cables, a controller may activate the visual indicator in response to the electrical power applied to the cable.