Cisco Patent Grants

Power control subsystem with a plurality of current limit values

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9606596
A power control subsystem for controlling the supply of power transmitted to at least one node over communication cabling, the power control subsystem comprising: a plurality of references; a plurality of comparators, each of the comparators being associated with a particular one of the plurality of references; and a current limiter in communication with the plurality of comparators and arranged to limit current of the power transmitted over communication cabling responsive to the…

Virtualized on-demand service delivery between data networks via secure exchange network

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608840
In one embodiment, a method comprises determining, by a network edge device in a first autonomous network, whether a second network edge device in a second autonomous network is authorized to submit a service request to the first autonomous network, the service request associated with one of providing or consuming an identified network-based service; identifying, by the network edge device within the first autonomous network, a third network edge device in a third autonomous network and…

Reliable multipath forwarding for encapsulation protocols

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608858
In one embodiment, an ingress router sends a multipath information query across a computer network toward an egress router, and builds an entropy table based on received query responses. The entropy table maps the egress router to one or more available paths to the egress router, and associated entropy information for each respective available path of the one or more available paths. The ingress router may then forward traffic to the egress router using the entropy table to load share…

Address autoconfiguration using bloom filter parameters for unique address computation

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608863
In one embodiment, a method comprises generating, by a network device, a Bloom filter bit vector based on applying Bloom filter parameters to a candidate address autoconfigured by the network device; and selectively repeating, by the network device, the autoconfiguring of the candidate address until the corresponding Bloom filter bit vector includes a bit set at a reserved bit vector position that is reserved for the network device, the reserved bit vector position providing uniqueness…

Method, system and logic for configuring a local link based on a remote link partner

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608865
Methods and systems are providing for configuring a port on a network device for communication with a port on a remote device. In one example, the network device receives, by a local port, a message from a physical coding sublayer (PCS) transmitter on the remote partner device. In one aspect, a port configuration module partitions the port to transfer data on a plurality of sub-ports each having a second data transfer rate if it is determined, by the network device that a local PCS…

Service node originated service chains in a network environment

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608896
An example method for service node originated service chains in a network environment is provided and includes receiving a packet at a service node in a network environment that includes a plurality of service nodes and a central classifier, analyzing the packet for a service chain modification or a service chain initiation, classifying the packet at the service node to a new service chain based on the analysis, initiating the new service chain at the service node if the analysis…

Techniques for flooding optimization for link state protocols in a network topology

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608900
Techniques are provided for generating efficient flooding tree paths in a network. At a node device in a network, a unicast message is sent to a plurality of node devices in the network. The node device obtains an identifier associated with each of the node devices in the network. The identifier contains information indicating node connectivity for each of the node devices. A selected node device is then identified. The selected node device is one of the node devices in the network that…

Technique for mitigating effects of slow or stuck virtual machines in fibre channel communications networks

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608909
A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes monitoring an egress port connected to a server to detect a traffic flow comprising a plurality of data packets and determining whether one of the packets is timeout dropped at the egress port. If at least one of the packets is timeout dropped at the egress port, the method further includes detecting a destination identifier (“DID”) of the timeout dropped packet and withdrawing a device identified by the detected DID from an…

Computing disjoint paths for reactive routing mesh networks

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608912
In one embodiment, a reactive routing computer network may be partitioned into diverse logical topologies, and a source node may transmit route request (RREQ) messages toward a destination node on each logical topology. In response, the source node may receive route reply (RREP) messages indicating routes to the destination node in each logical topology. The source node may thus select a route for each logical topology to reach the destination node, accordingly. In another embodiment, if…

Least disruptive AF assignments in TRILL LAN adjacencies

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608915
A methodology is described for achieving efficient forwarder appointments. Such efficient appointment may provide an equal load on each participating routing bridge in the TRILL LAN. Load may be viewed as the number of VLANs for which a given node is an appointed forwarder. Furthermore, efficient appointment may be executed with a minimum of traffic disruption. Minimal disruption may be ensured by forwarder appointments by moving a minimum number of VLANs to ensure an equal load on each…

Flexible recirculation bandwidth management

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608926
A method for managing recirculation path traffic in a network node comprises monitoring an input packet stream received at an input port of the network node and monitoring a recirculation packet stream at a recirculation path of the network node. A priority level associated with individual packets of the monitored input packet stream is detected and low priority packets are stored in a virtual queue. The method also includes determining an average packet length associated with packets of…

Ultra low latency network buffer storage

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608940
Buffer designs and write/read configurations for a buffer in a network device are provided. According to one aspect, a first portion of the packet is written into a first cell of a plurality of cells of a buffer in the network device. Each of the cells has a size that is less than a minimum size of packets received by the network device. The first portion of the packet can be read from the first cell while concurrently writing a second portion of the packet to a second cell.

Scalable intermediate network device leveraging SSL session ticket extension

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9608963
An intermediary network device receives a request for a secure communication session between an endpoint server and an endpoint client through the network device. The secure session between the endpoint server and the endpoint client is divided into a first session and a second session. The first session is between the endpoint server and the network device. The second session is between the network device and the endpoint client. The network device receives a first session ticket from…

Method and apparatus for preventing insertion of malicious content at a named data network router

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609014
An object-forwarding device can block a malicious Content Object from being inserted into an Interest's reverse path over a named data network. During operation, the device can receive a Content Object via a first interface, and can perform a lookup operation in a Pending Interest Table (PIT) to identify a PIT entry for an Interest associated with the Content Object. The device then determines, from the PIT entry, an egress interface used to forward the Interest. If the device determines…

Immersive and interactive videoconference room environment

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609030
An arrangement for a collaborative videoconferencing environment is disclosed. A display having a substantially “L-shaped” configuration allows for display of collaborative materials and video of remote participants simultaneously, which provides for a more natural interaction for a meeting participant interacting with the collaborative materials. Additionally, a camera is arranged to focus on the meeting participants shoulder while the meeting participant is interacting with the…

Splice signalling buffer characteristics

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609039
In one method embodiments, providing a transport stream to a client device, the transport stream comprising a head stream and a tail stream, the head stream and the tail stream each comprising a compressed video sequence; providing information in a transport stream packet associated with the head stream, the information configured to cause the client device to selectively control an output of at least one of a plurality of pictures of the head stream yet to be output from a decoded…

Managed access to mobile endpoints

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609501
A network device may be configured to provide a gateway between a remote host and a mobile node using multiple interconnection protocols. The network device may include database circuitry configured to query a database for a first or second address of a mobile node using a domain name of the mobile node. The addresses may be associated with different interconnection protocols. The network device may include communication interface circuitry configured to receive a request from a remote…

High-speed mobile broadband access by slewing between vehicular narrowbeam transceiver and fixed transceivers along prescribed path

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609569
In one embodiment, a method comprises: establishing a first broadband data link between a first mobile narrowbeam transceiver positioned on a vehicle and a first fixed narrowbeam transceiver mounted along a prescribed path of the vehicle; and switching from the first broadband data link, by the first mobile narrowbeam transceiver, to a second broadband data link with a second fixed narrowbeam transceiver mounted along the prescribed path after the first fixed narrowbeam transceiver,…

System and method for hand-in disambiguation using user equipment WiFi location in a network environment

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9609618
An example method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving a handover request from a first radio network to handover a user equipment (UE) to a second radio network, wherein the handover request includes an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) for a user associated with the UE and a pseudo cell identifier (ID); determining a target channel configuration for the UE using the pseudo cell ID; querying a third radio network using the user IMSI to determine a…

Line rate visual analytics on edge devices

Granted: March 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9600494
In one embodiment, a stream of data packets originated by a visual data source is received at an edge device in a network. The data packets include at least one of video data, image data, and geo spatial data. Next, a visual data attribute is extracted at the edge device from the stream of data packets according to an edge-based extraction algorithm. The extracted visual data attribute is vectorized at the edge device via quantization vectors. The vectorized visual data attribute is then…