Dialogic Patent Grants

Rate control algorithm for scalable video encoding with disposable P-frames

Granted: February 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9578342
Systems and methods of performing rate control in scalable video encoders that can be used to provide videoconferencing, announcements, and live video streaming to multiple participant devices having diverse bandwidths, resolutions, and/or other device characteristics. The systems and methods can accommodate different target bit rates of the multiple participant devices by operating on scalable video bitstreams in a multi-layer video format, including a base layer having one or more…

Systems and methods for implementing customized routing in a modularized processing environment

Granted: July 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9386501
A facility for customizable routing in a modularized routing environment is provided, where the complexities of routing functionality are not exposed to an application program. An identifier associated with a routing policy of an application program is used to configure a route table and to obtain routing instructions from the route table that are associated with the identifier. Routing is performed according to a message routing protocol, such as the Diameter protocol, for example. An…

Package header system and method to facilitate streaming a single firmware file upgrade

Granted: May 31, 2016
Patent Number: 9354864
The disclosed system and method provides a software package header that includes a copy of a firmware file header for a firmware file constituent of the software package. The package header is provided to a network service device such as a gateway as an initial portion of a software package to perform a firmware installation. The package header content is used to validate firmware files expected to be received and installed by the network service device. The package header structure…

Systems and methods of licensing and identification of virtual network appliances

Granted: May 17, 2016
Patent Number: 9342669
Systems and methods of licensing and identification of a virtual network appliance. The systems and methods obtain information specific to an instance of a virtual machine corresponding to the virtual network appliance. The instance of the virtual machine is deployed on a predetermined virtualization platform. The systems and methods can generate an identifier as well as a serial number for the virtual machine based at least on the information specific to the instance of the virtual…

Systems and methods for transparent communication with bandwidth conservation and HTTP caching

Granted: April 12, 2016
Patent Number: 9313291
A communication channel in a network maintains client-server transparency while providing reduced bandwidth in the channel. A first and second node can communicate a compressed form of the object data between themselves in the channel. One of the first or second nodes hosts a cache database that can store, transparently to the client, the requested object data. The stored object data can be used to decompress the compressed object data communicated between the first and second node. One…

Systems and methods of provisioning data storage and runtime configuration in telecommunications systems and devices

Granted: February 23, 2016
Patent Number: 9270528
Systems and methods of provisioning data storage and runtime configuration in telecommunications systems and devices. The systems and methods employ at least one decentralized revision control system as a data repository for storing data, such as configuration data, and at least one data provisioning component as an interface for accessing the configuration data stored in the data repository. By employing the decentralized revision control system in conjunction with the data provisioning…

Hardware device name resolution for deterministic configuration in a network appliance

Granted: December 15, 2015
Patent Number: 9213676
Inconsistencies between internal logical names assigned to hardware devices and physical labeling of the hardware device connectors are overcome by reassigning internal logical names in a network appliance hosting the hardware devices. The initial logical names that refer to the hardware devices are read from an operating system, along with hardware addresses for the hardware devices. The relationship between the initial logical names and the hardware device addresses is compared against…

Systems and methods of storing and managing configuration data in telecommunications systems and devices

Granted: December 15, 2015
Patent Number: 9213710
Systems and methods of storing and managing data, such as configuration data, in telecommunications systems and devices. The data are stored as objects, each data object having an associated type, and each object type having at least one instance of the data object. Each instance of each data object has a primary key field, which identifies that instance of the data object. Each instance of each data object can have zero or more foreign key fields, each of which can be used to make…

Resource-adaptive video encoder sharing in multipoint control unit

Granted: December 8, 2015
Patent Number: 9210381
Systems and methods of video conferencing, in which existing video encoders associated with a multipoint control unit (MCU) can be shared among conference participant devices, depending upon the availability of processor and/or memory resources for the MCU. In making decisions regarding the sharing of video encoders, the systems and methods take into account various parameters associated with potential conference participant devices and the total cost of the processor/memory resources…

Method and apparatus for reducing delays in a packets switched network

Granted: September 29, 2015
Patent Number: 9148257
A method and device for reducing delays of communication packets that comprise: providing a plurality of data frames belonging to different communication sessions conveyed along respective communication channels; providing protection data for protecting at least one of these data packets; and multiplexing one or more of the data frames into a second communication packet. This second communication packet comprises protection data for protecting at least one first data frame that had…

Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board including a component located in a via

Granted: September 15, 2015
Patent Number: 9137898
A press fit passive component, such as a resistor or capacitor, adapted to fit within, or partially within, a via of a printed circuit board. In one example, the press fit passive component has a cylindrically shaped body with solderable terminals at either end of the body, and a dielectric collar disposed at least partially about the cylindrically shaped body. The component is placed in the via and soldered in order to provide a mechanical and electrical connection to the printed…

Efficient coding complexity estimation for video transcoding systems

Granted: July 28, 2015
Patent Number: 9094685
Systems and methods of transcoding video bitstreams that employ highly efficient look-ahead approaches to video transcoding. The systems and methods perform video transcoding in the pixel domain to make successive adjustments to estimates of the coding complexity of video frames in input video bitstreams. The systems and methods can employ the adjusted estimates of the coding complexity in a rate control function to provide improved bit allocations for the video frames in transcoded…

Audio video offset detector

Granted: June 9, 2015
Patent Number: 9055179
Systems and methods of measuring a temporal offset between audio content and video content that employ audio fingerprints from an audio signal in the audio content, and video fingerprints from video frames in the video content. The systems obtain reference audio and video fingerprints prior to transmission of video over a media channel, and obtain target audio and video fingerprints subsequent to transmission of the video over the media channel. Each fingerprint has an associated time…

System and method for implementing a dynamic media link

Granted: June 2, 2015
Patent Number: 9049478
The disclosed system and method provide a facility for a dynamic media overlay. An end user can provide data for the dynamic media overlay that is activated upon selection to permit end users to share information while receiving or sending video data. The overlay may be in the form of a link, such as a hyperlink, that can be selected by an end user to take action indicated by information provided in the link. The link may be represented by audio or image information in the form of…

Perceptual processing techniques for video transcoding

Granted: December 2, 2014
Patent Number: 8902973
Systems and methods of video transcoding that employ perceptual processing techniques for enhancing the perceptual quality of transcoded video information, communications, entertainment, and other video content. Such systems and methods of video transcoding are operative to perform perceptual processing of an input video bitstream using predetermined information carried by the input bitstream. Having performed such perceptual processing of the input bitstream, the perceptual quality of…

Systems and methods for enabling and implementing real-time facsimile over internet protocol

Granted: November 25, 2014
Patent Number: 8896875
Systems and methods are provided for real-time communication (e.g., fax, voice, video) via an IP Network even if a firewall or other restriction element is present or encountered. The real-time nature of the communication is ensured by preestablishing a communication session between a transfer client and a transfer server, between which the firewall or other restriction element is located. Following the preestablishment of the communication session, transmission control messages are…

Adaptive fax timers which adjust current time value based on predicted response time

Granted: November 18, 2014
Patent Number: 8891138
Timers involved in facsimile transmissions under the T.30 specification are permitted to adapt to a given situation to improve the chances for successful facsimile transmission over high latency communication networks. The specified T1 through T5 timers for facsimile transmission may be modified in value based on call control related parameters or facsimile transport related parameters. The timers may be set to have a particular range, with a nominal base value and a maximum value, which…

Video quality monitoring

Granted: November 11, 2014
Patent Number: 8885050
Systems and methods of perceptual quality monitoring of video information, communications, and entertainment that can estimate the perceptual quality of video with high accuracy, and can be used to produce quality scores that better correlate with subjective quality scores of an end user. The systems and methods of perceptual quality monitoring of video can generate, from an encoded input video bitstream, estimates of one or more quality parameters relating to the video, such as the…

Reusable and extensible framework for multimedia application development

Granted: November 11, 2014
Patent Number: 8885708
Systems and methods of developing and/or implementing multimedia applications. The system provides an extensible framework including an application layer, a framework utility layer, and a core engine layer. The framework utility layer includes an application programming interface, a video codec sub-framework (XCF), a video packetization sub-framework (XPF), and a video/text overlay sub-framework (XOF). The core engine layer includes one or more core codec engines and one or more core…

Method and apparatus for compressing data-carrying signals

Granted: October 28, 2014
Patent Number: 8872677
A compression method applies a selection rule to input symbols and generates a reduced partial set of symbols. The partial set is checked against a dictionary-index for a match. A match identifies a range of matching symbols in a dictionary. The length of the matching range is iteratively increased by checking previous and next symbols in the input data and the dictionary until a matching range length meets a threshold limit or the length of the matching range cannot be increased…