Disney Patent Grants

Characterization of player type by visual attributes

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656169
Systems and methods for generating and displaying a graphical representation of a player type profile. A respective player type profile may be generated for each of a plurality of users of a virtual environment that characterizes each user by a predominant player type. Player types may be defined by the designers of the virtual environment. The player type profile may be generated by logging the actions performed by the user when connected to the virtual environment and then analyzing…

Unlocking of virtual content through geo-location

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656172
This disclosure relates to a system configured to manage virtual content within a virtual space based on information associated with objects. The information associated with the objects may be updated responsive to detecting the objects at various real world physical geographic locations. The system may be configured to enhance a user's gaming experience by enabling location based unlocking of the virtual content in the virtual space. In some implementations, the locations may be…

System for controlling robotic characters to enhance photographic results

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656392
A method for controlling a robotic apparatus to produce desirable photographic results. The method includes, with a motor controller, first operating a robotics assembly to animate the robotic apparatus and, then, detecting an upcoming image capture. The method further includes, with the motor controller in response to the detecting of the upcoming image capture, second operating the robotics assembly to pose the robotic apparatus for the upcoming image capture. In some embodiments, the…

Three dimensional (3D) printer with near instantaneous object printing using a photo-curing liquid

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656422
An apparatus or three dimensional (3D) printer is provided for generating a 3D object. The apparatus includes a print chamber and a liquid print matrix such as a photo-curing resin positioned in the print chamber. The apparatus includes an optical assembly focusing light into the print chamber in the form of a real image whose light initiates curing processes for a volume of the liquid print matrix to form the 3D object. The light focused into the print chamber has a wavelength within a…

Three dimensional (3D) printed objects with embedded identification (ID) elements

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656428
A method for operating a three dimensional (3D) printer to limit unauthorized copying and provide authentication of 3D objects printed from authorized models fabricated on 3D printers. The method includes providing a digital file defining a 3D model of an object to the 3D printer. The 3D model includes a model of an identification (ID) element. The method includes processing the digital file to define print layers of the 3D model, and a number of the print layers include layers of the…

Cross platform sharing of user-generated content

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9658737
Systems and methods for cross platform sharing of user-generated content. The system may comprise a first user device of a first platform type including one or more processors configured to execute computer program modules. A space module may be configured to effectuate display of a virtual space on the first user device and facilitate interaction of a user of the first user device with the virtual space. A content creation module may be configured to configure user-generated virtual…

Dining experience management

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9659333
The present disclosure relates to a system configured to manage a dining experience for guests at a food service establishment. In some implementations, the system may comprise one or more guest identification devices, one or more sensors, one or more host systems, and one or more processors. The system may be configured such that real-time detailed information about the food service establishment, guests of the food service establishment, food orders placed by guests of the food service…

Rig-based physics simulation

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9659397
A method is disclosed for applying physics-based simulation to an animator provided rig. The disclosure presents equations of motions for simulations performed in the subspace of deformations defined by an animator's rig. The method receives an input rig with a plurality of deformation parameters, and the dynamics of the character are simulated in the subspace of deformations described by the character's rig. In certain embodiments, the present disclosure provides a method that…

Normalized diffusion profile for subsurface scattering rendering

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9659404
The disclosure provides an approach for rendering images which include subsurface scattering effects. In one aspect, a shader computes subsurface scattering effects via a ray-tracing or point-based technique using a normalized diffusion profile. The shader may use the inverse of a cumulative density function associated with the normalized diffusion profile to determine, for each ray intersecting the surface, points on the surface at which to evaluate the normalized diffusion profile. To…

Systems and methods for delivery of localized media assets

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9661044
Systems and methods for delivery of localized media assets to a content playback device are disclosed. A file server stores a base file and localized file associated with a localized media content. The base file and localized file each include one or more fragments. A web server delivers base file fragments and localized file fragments from the file server to the content playback device. Playback logic contained in one or more playlists determines an order of streaming each of the…

Coupled reconstruction of refractive and opaque surfaces

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9649026
Systems and techniques for reconstructing one or more surfaces of an object including one or more opaque surfaces behind one or more refractive surfaces are provided. The systems and techniques may include obtaining one or more images of the object including an opaque surface located behind a refractive surface and determining one or more refractive surface constraints using the one or more images. The one or more refractive surface constraints constrain one or more characteristics of…

Automated effort judgement of user generated content

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9652551
Techniques are described for estimating the effort involved in creating content on a content site. Embodiments of the invention may collect data by monitoring actions taken by a user creating content on the site, and may then calculate an effort value for the created content based on the collected data. The calculated effort value may then be used, for example, to determine a position in a moderation queue for inserting the user-created content, or to determine whether to feature a…

Generating story graphs with large collections of online images

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9652685
Embodiments presented herein describe techniques for generating a story graph using a collection of digital media, such as images and video. The story graph presents a structure for activities, events, and locales commonly occurring in sets of photographs taken by different individuals across a given location (e.g., a theme park, tourist attraction, convention, etc.). To build a story graph, streams from sets of digital media are generated. Each stream corresponds to media (e.g., images…

Methods and systems of generating an anatomically-constrained local model for performance capture

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9652890
Techniques and systems are described for generating an anatomically-constrained local model and for performing performance capture using the model. The local model includes a local shape subspace and an anatomical subspace. In one example, the local shape subspace constrains local deformation of various patches that represent the geometry of a subject's face. In the same example, the anatomical subspace includes an anatomical bone structure, and can be used to constrain movement and…

Augmented reality image transformation

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9652895
There is provided a system and method for augmented reality image transformation. In one implementation, such a system includes a system processor, a system memory, and an image transformation engine stored in the system memory. The system processor is configured to execute the image transformation engine to receive image data corresponding to an image, to detect a feature on a surface of the image, and to synthesize a texture corresponding to the feature. The system processor is further…

Fail-safe projection system

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9645482
The technology described herein relates generally to a projection system having a fail-safe feature for use in a presentation or display. In one example a projection system having at least one main projector projects a first image onto a main projection area of a projection surface. The projection system may further include a relief projector that when activated projects a second image onto a backup projection area of the projection surface. The projection system may be provided with a…

Media content presentation in a selected language

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9646002
There is provided a method that includes displaying, on a display, a viewing pane of available video contents including a first video content, receiving a selection of the first video content from the available video contents, transmitting a language selection and the selection of the first video content to a server, receiving a language content corresponding to the language selection and the selection of the first video content from the server, and displaying, on the display, the first…

Content player with transference reader

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9646337
A first proximity-based device at a content player receives content modification data from a second proximity-based device within a product and/or a product package when the product or product package is placed within a proximity to the first proximity-based device. A processor at the content player performs modified playback of media content based on the content modification data.

Rhythm-based musical game for generative group composition

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9646587
A musical game system and associated methods configured to allow for unguided, free-form group-based musical expressivity during generation of a collaborative digital music track (or “song”). The musical game system is designed to provide a hardware and software pipeline that functions to record, quantize, and loop multiple (e.g., 1 to 15 or more) users' inputs (e.g., via a piezoelectric MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers or triggered instruments or other user…

Systems and methods for facilitating three-dimensional reconstruction of scenes from videos

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9648303
Scenes reconstruction may be performed using videos that capture the scenes at high resolution and frame rate. Scene reconstruction may be associated with determining camera orientation and/or location (“camera pose”) throughout the video, three-dimensional coordinates of feature points detected in frames of the video, and/or other information. Individual videos may have multiple frames. Feature points may be detected in, and tracked over, the frames. Estimations of camera pose may…