Dolby Laboratories Patent Applications

Reconstructing Audio Signals with Multiple Decorrelation Techniques

Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170076731
A method performed in an audio decoder for decoding M encoded audio channels representing N audio channels is disclosed. The method includes receiving a bitstream containing the M encoded audio channels and a set of spatial parameters, decoding the M encoded audio channels, and extracting the set of spatial parameters from the bitstream. The method also includes analyzing the M audio channels to detect a location of a transient, decorrelating the M audio channels, and deriving N audio…

Perceptual Continuity Using Change Blindness in Conferencing

Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170078488
In an audio conferencing mixing system of the type taking a plurality of audio input streams of input audio information of conference participants, including mixing transition events and outputting a plurality of audio output streams including output audio information, a method of mixing the audio output streams so as to reduce the detectability of the mixing transition events, the method including the steps of (a) determining that a transition event is to occur; (b) determining that a…


Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170078628
Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g. MEMS array) and the second modulator may comprise a plurality of mirrors (e.g., DMD array). The display system may further comprise a controller that sends control signals to the first and second modulator. The display system may render highlight features within a projected image by affecting a time multiplexing…

Display Management Server

Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170078724
A display management unit configured to provide a modified video signal for display on a target display over an electronic distribution network. The unit may access information regarding the target display and at least one input. The unit comprises a database interface configured to retrieve display characteristics corresponding to the information regarding the target display from a characteristics database, and a mapping unit configured to map at least one of tone and color values from…

Audio Program Playback Calibration Based on Content Creation Environment

Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170078823
Embodiments are described for a method of rendering an audio program by receiving, in a renderer of a playback system, the audio program and a target response representing desired characteristics of the playback environment, deriving a playback environment response based on characteristics of the playback environment, comparing the target response to the playback environment response to generate a set of correction settings, and applying the correction settings to the audio program so…

Perceptually Continuous Mixing in a Teleconference

Granted: March 9, 2017
Application Number: 20170070615
In an audio teleconference mixing system, of the type mixing a first plurality of audio uplink input streams containing audio information including sensed audio and associated control information, to produce at least one audio downlink output stream for downlinking to at least one conference participants, wherein the audio uplink input streams potentially can include continuous transmission (CTX) and discontinuous transmission streams (DTX), a method of mixing multiple current audio…

Device and Method for Tuning a Frequency-Dependent Attenuation Stage

Granted: March 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170061982
A device (160) and a method are proposed for tuning a frequency-dependent attenuation stage (122),with the purpose of suppressing non-linear distortion occurring in an audio reproduction system (120) associated with the frequency-dependent attenuation stage. The device comprises a receiving section (162) adapted to receive data representing an output acoustic signal (140) from the audio reproduction system,recorded upon excitation of the audio reproduction system by a predetermined input…


Granted: February 23, 2017
Application Number: 20170054938
Methods and systems for controlling judder are disclosed. Judder can be introduced locally within a picture, to restore a judder feeling which is normally expected in films. Capture time and display time of frames can be manipulated to obtain a desired amount of judder. Frames can be interpolated to obtain a film with a higher frame rate and localized control of judder.

Audio Segmentation Based on Spatial Metadata

Granted: February 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170047071
A method of encoding adaptive audio, comprising receiving N objects and associated spatial metadata that describes the continuing motion of these objects, and partitioning the audio into segments based on the spatial metadata. The method encodes adaptive audio having objects and channel beds by capturing a continuing motion of a number N objects in a time-varying matrix trajectory comprising a sequence of matrices, coding coefficients of the time-varying matrix trajectory in spatial…

Matrix Decomposition for Rendering Adaptive Audio Using High Definition Audio Codecs

Granted: February 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170048639
A method of decomposing a matrix of dimension L-by-N, where L is less than or equal to N, into a sequence of N-by-N unit primitive matrices and a permutation matrix comprising a sequence that is the product of the primitive matrices and the permutation matrix, containing L rows that are substantially close to the provided L-by-N matrix, where the choice of the permutation matrix and the indices of the non-trivial rows in the primitive matrices are chosen to limit the coefficient values…

Image Range Expansion Control Methods And Apparatus

Granted: February 9, 2017
Application Number: 20170039690
Image data is adjusted for display on a target display. Maximum safe expansions for one or more attributes of the image data are compared to maximum available expansions for the attributes. An amount of expansion is selected that does not exceed either of the maximum safe expansion and the maximum available expansion. Artifacts caused by over expansion may be reduced or avoided.

Locally Dimmed Quantum Dot Display

Granted: February 9, 2017
Application Number: 20170039963
Dual modulator displays are disclosed incorporating a phosphorescent plate interposed in the optical path between a light source modulation layer and a display modulation layer. Spatially modulated light output from the light source modulation layer impinges on the phosphorescent plate and excites corresponding regions of the phosphorescent plate which in turn emit light having different spectral characteristics than the light output from the light source modulation layer. Light emitted…

System and Method to Enhance Speakers Connected to Devices with Microphones

Granted: February 9, 2017
Application Number: 20170041724
Embodiments are described for calibrating a speaker in a device having a microphone by inputting an original audio signal to a processing component and an output stage of the device for playback through the speakers, receiving playback sound output from the speakers through the microphone to generate a microphone signal, and inputting the microphone signal into the processing component to calibrate the speakers for optimal playback of the original audio signal, wherein the processing…


Granted: February 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170034026
Some implementations involve analyzing audio packets received during a time interval that corresponds with a conversation analysis segment to determine network jitter dynamics data and conversational interactivity data. The network jitter dynamics data may provide an indication of jitter in a network that relays the audio data packets. The conversational interactivity data may provide an indication of interactivity between participants of a conversation represented by the audio data. A…


Granted: February 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170034486
An Acoustic-Optic A/O device receives light from a source and deflecting the light onto the second A/O device which may be a multi-stacked set of individual A/O devices. The first and second devices may deflected light according to control signals. Also, a multi-modulator projector display system including a light source, controller, an A/O modulator illuminated by the light source and capable of deflecting light according to controller signals, a second modulator illuminated by light…


Granted: February 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170034521
A sequence of visual dynamic range (VDR) images is encoded using a standard dynamic range (SDR) base layer and one or more enhancement layers. A predicted VDR image is generated from an SDR input by using a weighted, multi-band, cross-color channel prediction model. Exponential weights with an adaptable decay parameter for each band are also presented.


Granted: January 26, 2017
Application Number: 20170024906
Several embodiments of display systems that have wide color gamut performance are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a display system comprises a plurality of emitters, said emitters emanating light into an optical path; a first modulator, said first modulator comprising a plurality of colored subpixels and wherein said first modulator transmitting light emanating from said emitters in said optical path; and a color notch filter, said color notch filter placed in said optical path for…

Backlight Control and Display Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images

Granted: January 26, 2017
Application Number: 20170025074
Systems and methods are disclosed for dynamically adjusting the backlight of a display during video playback or for generating filtered video metadata. Given an input video stream and associated metadata values of minimum, average, or maximum luminance values of the video frames in the video stream, values of a function of the frame min, mid, or max luminance values are filtered using a temporal filter to generate a filtered output value for each frame. At least one filtering coefficient…


Granted: January 26, 2017
Application Number: 20170025076
Apparatus and methods are provided that employ one or more of a variety of techniques for reducing the time required to display high resolution images on a high dynamic range display having a light source layer and a display layer. In one technique, the image resolution is reduced, an effective luminance pattern is determined for the reduced resolution image, and the resolution of the effective luminance pattern is then increased to the resolution of the—display layer. In another…


Granted: January 26, 2017
Application Number: 20170025127
Soundfield signals such as e.g. Ambisonics carry a representation of a desired sound field. The Ambisonics format is based on spherical harmonic decomposition of the soundfield, and Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) uses spherical harmonics of at least 2nd order. However, commonly used loudspeaker setups are irregular and lead to problems in decoder design. A method for improved decoding an audio soundfield representation for audio playback comprises calculating a panning function (W) using…