Dolby Laboratories Patent Applications

Optical Mixing and Shaping System for Display Backlights and Displays Incorporating the Same

Granted: January 19, 2017
Application Number: 20170019646
A backlight for a display comprises a plurality of independently controllable light sources and inclined surfaces inclining in a radially outward direction from each light source for shaping the distribution of emitted light. The light sources may each comprise a group of differently-colored light emitters. The backlight may include light integrators configured to mix light of the differently-colored light emitters. Inclined surfaces for shaping the distribution of emitted light may be…

Layer Decomposition in Hierarchical VDR Coding

Granted: January 19, 2017
Application Number: 20170019670
Techniques use multiple lower bit depth (e.g., 8 bits) codecs to provide higher bit depth (e.g., 12+ bits) high dynamic range images from an upstream device to a downstream device. Multiple layers comprising a base layer and one or more enhancement layers may be used to carry video signals comprising image data compressed by lower bit depth encoders to a downstream device, wherein the base layer cannot be decoded and viewed on its own. Lower bit depth input image data to base layer…


Granted: January 12, 2017
Application Number: 20170013257
Light from an array of laser light sources are spread to cover the modulating face of a DMD or other modulator. The spread may be performed, for example, by a varying curvature array of lenslets, each laser light directed at one of the lenslets. Light from neighboring and/or nearby light sources overlap at a modulator. The lasers are energized at different energy/brightness levels causing the light illuminating the modulator to itself be modulated (locally dimmed). The modulator then…

Processing Audio Signals with Adaptive Time or Frequency Resolution

Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170004838
In some aspects, a method performed in an audio processing apparatus for decoding an audio signal encoded with variable time-frequency resolution is disclosed. The method includes receiving the encoded audio signal, extracting from the encoded audio signal a frame of spectral coefficients, dividing the frame of spectral coefficients into a plurality of frequency bands, and extracting from the encoded audio signal a time-frequency resolution parameter for each of the plurality of…

High Frequency Regeneration of an Audio Signal with Temporal Shaping

Granted: December 29, 2016
Application Number: 20160379655
A method for generating a reconstructed audio signal having a baseband portion and a highband portion is disclosed. The method includes extracting temporal envelope information and spectral components of the baseband portion. The method further includes obtaining a decoded baseband audio signal. The obtaining includes filtering in a frequency domain at least some of the spectral components of the baseband portion with the reconstruction filter using the temporal envelope information to…

High Luminance Projection Displays And Associated Methods

Granted: December 29, 2016
Application Number: 20160381329
Projection displays include a highlight projector and a main projector. Highlights projected by the highlight projector boost luminance in highlight areas of a base image projected by the main projector. Various highlight projectors including steerable beams, holographic projectors and spatial light modulators are described.

Systems and Methods for Multi-Layered Frame-Compatible Video Delivery

Granted: December 29, 2016
Application Number: 20160381343
Multi-layered frame-compatible video delivery is described. Multi-layered encoding and decoding methods, comprising a base layer and at least one enhancement layer with reference processing, are provided. In addition, multi-layered encoding and decoding methods with inter-layer dependencies are described. Encoding and decoding methods that are capable of frame-compatible 3D video delivery are also described.

System and Method for Adaptive Audio Signal Generation, Coding and Rendering

Granted: December 29, 2016
Application Number: 20160381483
Embodiments are described for an adaptive audio system that processes audio data comprising a number of independent monophonic audio streams. One or more of the streams has associated with it metadata that specifies whether the stream is a channel-based or object-based stream. Channel-based streams have rendering information encoded by means of channel name; and the object-based streams have location information encoded through location expressions encoded in the associated metadata. A…


Granted: December 15, 2016
Application Number: 20160366422
Sample data and metadata related to spatial regions in images may be received from a coded video signal. It is determined whether specific spatial regions in the images correspond to a specific region of luminance levels. In response to determining the specific spatial regions correspond to the specific region of luminance levels, signal processing and video compression operations are performed on sets of samples in the specific spatial regions. The signal processing and video…


Granted: December 8, 2016
Application Number: 20160358319
Novel methods and systems for inverse tone mapping are disclosed. A scene can be analyzed to obtain highlight detection from bright light sources and specular reflections. An inverse tone mapping curve can be calculated based on the lower dynamic range and higher dynamic range displays. Multi-scale filtering can be applied to reduce noise or artifacts.


Granted: December 8, 2016
Application Number: 20160358618
Embodiments of the present invention relate to audio object clustering by utilizing temporal variation of audio objects. There is provided a method of estimating temporal variation of an audio object for use in audio object clustering. The method comprises obtaining at least one segment of an audio track associated with the audio object, the at least one segment containing the audio object; estimating variation of the audio object over a time duration of the at least one segment based on…

Audio Control Using Auditory Event Detection

Granted: December 8, 2016
Application Number: 20160359465
In some embodiments, a method for processing an audio signal in an audio processing apparatus is disclosed. The method includes receiving an audio signal and a parameter, the parameter indicating a location of an auditory event boundary. An audio portion between consecutive auditory event boundaries constitutes an auditory event. The method further includes applying a modification to the audio signal based in part on an occurrence of the auditory event. The parameter may be generated by…

In-Service Quality Monitoring System with Intelligent Retransmission and Interpolation

Granted: December 8, 2016
Application Number: 20160359943
A service request for communication services for communication clients is received. In response, a communication service network is set up to support the communication services. Routing metadata is generated for each of the communication clients. The routing metadata is to be used by each of the communication clients for sharing service quality information with a respective peer communication client over a light-weight peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The routing metadata is downloaded to…

System for Delivering Stereoscopic Images

Granted: December 8, 2016
Application Number: 20160360190
A system 8 for delivering stereoscopic images for viewing without 3-D glasses being required comprises a video display element 1, an image direction element 4, a front holder element 5, a rear holder element 3, and a resolution enhancement element 2. The video display element 1 outputs a plurality of left-eye images and a plurality of right-eye images. The image direction element 4 directs each left-eye image at a desired left-eye angle and directs each right-eye image at a desired…

Techniques for Encoding, Decoding and Representing High Dynamic Range Images

Granted: December 1, 2016
Application Number: 20160353123
Techniques for high dynamic range image processing are presented. Base layer data, first checksum parameter, and residual ratio data for a high dynamic range (HDR) image are each received. A second checksum parameter is computed for the base layer data based upon the first SOF after the last APP 11 marker segment and includes all following bytes up to and including the EOI marker. The first and second checksum parameters are compared to determine if base layer has been altered.

Generating Binaural Audio in Response to Multi-Channel Audio Using at Least One Feedback Delay Network

Granted: November 24, 2016
Application Number: 20160345116
In some embodiments, virtualization methods for generating a binaural signal in response to channels of a multi-channel audio signal, which apply a binaural room impulse response (BRIR) to each channel including by using at least one feed-back delay network (FDN) to apply a common late reverberation to a downmix of the channels. In some embodiments, input signal channels are processed in a first processing path to apply to each channel a direct response and early reflection portion of a…

Image Formats and Related Methods and Apparatuses

Granted: November 17, 2016
Application Number: 20160335961
Image data may be color graded, distributed and viewed on target displays. Mappings that preserve mid-range points and mid-range contrast may be applied to view the image data for color grading and to prepare the image data for display on a target display. The image data may be expanded to exploit the dynamic range of the target display without affecting mid-tone values.

Detecting Conference Call Performance Issue from Aberrant Behavior

Granted: November 17, 2016
Application Number: 20160337510
In a conference call having a plurality of participants interacting in a conference exchange of information in a digital transmission environment, the interaction being across a variable network transmission resource, a method of allocating the level of transmission resource, the methods including the steps of: (a) monitoring predetermined aspects of the participant's behavior during the conference call; (b) determining a divergence of participants behavior from normative values; (c)…


Granted: November 17, 2016
Application Number: 20160337775
A method and apparatus for decompressing a Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) signal representation is disclosed. The apparatus includes an input interface that receives an encoded directional signal and an encoded ambient signal and an audio decoder that perceptually decodes the encoded directional signal and encoded ambient signal to produce a decoded directional signal and a decoded ambient signal, respectively. The apparatus further includes an extractor for obtaining side information…


Granted: November 17, 2016
Application Number: 20160337776
Audio objects that are present in input audio content in one or more frames are determined. Output clusters that are present in output audio content in the one or more frames are also determined. Here, the audio objects in the input audio content are converted to the output clusters in the output audio content. One or more spatial error metrics are computed based at least in part on positional metadata of the audio objects and positional metadata of the output clusters.