Dolby Laboratories Patent Grants

Loudspeaker horn and cabinet

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9754578
According to various embodiments, a loudspeaker horn and cabinet are designed to achieve a sound coverage pattern characterized by narrow vertical dispersion and a wide horizontal dispersion. A loudspeaker horn may comprise at least two horn sections, each extending from an inlet to a mouth. A first plurality of outlet channels is disposed in an interleaved column with a second plurality of outlet channels. A loudspeaker cabinet may comprise a primary enclosure having a front wall, the…

Methods for controlling the inter-channel coherence of upmixed audio signals

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9754596
Audio characteristics of audio data corresponding to a plurality of audio channels may be determined. The audio characteristics may include spatial parameter data. Decorrelation filtering processes for the audio data may be based, at least in part, on the audio characteristics. The decorrelation filtering processes may cause a specific inter-decorrelation signal coherence (“IDC”) between channel-specific decorrelation signals for at least one pair of channels. The channel-specific…

Metadata transcoding

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9755835
The present document relates to transcoding of metadata, and in particular to a method and system for transcoding metadata with reduced computational complexity. A transcoder configured to transcode an inbound bitstream comprising an inbound content frame and an associated inbound metadata frame into an outbound bitstream comprising an outbound content frame and an associated outbound metadata frame is described. The inbound content frame is indicative of a signal encoded according to a…

Hybrid reference picture reconstruction method for single and multiple layered video coding systems

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9756353
An inter-layer reference picture is generated either by considering an inverse mapped signal from a base layer, a temporal signal from an enhancement layer, or a combination of both.

Rendering audio using speakers organized as a mesh of arbitrary N-gons

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9756444
In some embodiments, a method for rendering an audio program indicative of at least one source, including by panning the source along a trajectory comprising source locations using speakers organized as a mesh whose faces are convex N-gons, where N can vary from face to face, and N is not equal to three for at least one face of the mesh, including steps of: for each source location, determining an intersecting face of the mesh (including the source location's projection on the mesh),…

Adaptive audio content generation

Granted: September 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9756445
Embodiments of the present invention relate to adaptive audio content generation. Specifically, a method for generating adaptive audio content is provided. The method comprises extracting at least one audio object from channel-based source audio content, and generating the adaptive audio content at least partially based on the at least one audio object. Corresponding system and computer program product are also disclosed.

Quantum dot/remote phosphor display system improvements

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9746157
A display system comprises light sources configured to emit first light with a first spectral power distribution; light regeneration layers configured to be stimulated by the first light and to convert at least a portion of the first light and recycled light into second light, the second light comprising (a) primary spectral components that correspond to primary colors and (b) secondary spectral components that do not correspond to the primary colors; and notch filter layers configured…

Systems and methods for rectifying image artifacts

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9747673
A sparse FIR filter can be used to process an image in order to rectify imaging artifacts. In a first example application, the sparse FIR filter is applied as a selective sparse FIR filter that examines a set of selected neighboring pixels of an original pixel in order to identify smooth areas of the image and to selectively apply filtering to only the smooth areas of the image. The parameters of selective filtering are selected based on the characteristics of an inter-layer predictor.…

Optimizing light output profile for dual-modulation display performance

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9747866
Techniques for optimizing light output profiles in display systems are described. A light output profile is defined in relation to a plurality of sample locations on an illuminated surface. Point spread functions that satisfy illumination performance values specified in the light output profile in aggregate are computed or derived. A design process that adds or removes optical components to a display light assembly derives an optimal design of a light illumination layer for display…

System and method for reducing temporal artifacts for transient signals in a decorrelator circuit

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9747909
Embodiments are directed to a method for processing an input audio signal, comprising: splitting the input audio signal into at least two components, in which the first component is characterized by fast fluctuations in the input signal envelope, and a second component that is relatively stationary over time; processing the second, stationary component by a decorrelation circuit; and constructing an output signal by combining the output of the decorrelator circuit with the input signal…

Placement of talkers in 2D or 3D conference scene

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9749473
The present document relates to setting up and managing two-dimensional or three-dimensional scenes for audio conferences. A conference controller (111, 175) configured to place an upstream audio signal (123, 173) associated with a conference participant within a 2D or 3D conference scene to be rendered to a listener (211) is described. An X-point conference scene with X different spatial talker locations (212) is set up within the conference scene, wherein the X talker locations (212)…

Matching reverberation in teleconferencing environments

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9749474
A system and method of matching reverberation in teleconferencing environments. When the two ends of a conversation are in environments with differing reverberations, the method filters the reverberation so that when both signals are output at the near end (e.g., the audio signal from the far end and the sidetone from the near end), the reverberations match. In this manner, the user does not perceive an annoying difference in reverberations, and the user experience is improved.

Adaptive quantization noise filtering of decoded audio data

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9741351
A method including steps of decoding an encoded audio signal indicative of encoded audio content (e.g., audio content captured during a teleconference) to generate a decoded signal indicative of a decoded version of the audio content, and performing adaptive quantization noise filtering on the decoded signal. The filtering is performed adaptively in the frequency domain in response to data indicative of signal to noise values in turn indicative of a post-quantization…

Audio control using auditory event detection

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9742372
In some embodiments, a method for processing an audio signal in an audio processing apparatus is disclosed. The method includes receiving an audio signal and a parameter, the parameter indicating a location of an auditory event boundary. An audio portion between consecutive auditory event boundaries constitutes an auditory event. The method further includes applying a modification to the audio signal based in part on an occurrence of the auditory event. The parameter may be generated by…

Systems and methods for detecting a synchronization code word

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9742554
Systems and methods for detecting a synchronization code word embedded in a plurality of frames of a signal are described. In one example embodiment, the synchronization code word contains “s” bits, embedded one bit per frame in “s” frames of an input signal. The method of detecting this synchronization code word includes: initiating a first segmentation procedure wherein “n” segments are defined in each signal frame of the input signal. A first correlation threshold value,…

Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing a Higher Order Ambisonics representation

Granted: August 15, 2017
Patent Number: 9736607
Higher Order Ambisonics represents three-dimensional sound independent of a specific loudspeaker set-up. However, transmission of an HOA representation results in a very high bit rate. Therefore compression with a fixed number of channels is used, in which directional and ambient signal components are processed differently. The ambient HOA component is represented by a minimum number of HOA coefficient sequences. The remaining channels contain either directional signals or additional…

Tone and gamut mapping methods and apparatus

Granted: August 8, 2017
Patent Number: 9728117
Tone and/or gamut mapping apparatus and methods may be applied to map color values in image data for display on a particular display or other downstream device. A mapping algorithm may be selected based on location and/or color coordinates for pixel data being mapped. The apparatus and methods may be configured to map color coordinates differently depending on whether or not a pixel corresponds to a light source in an image and/or has special or reserved color values.

Systems and methods for ISO-perceptible power reduction for displays

Granted: August 8, 2017
Patent Number: 9728159
Several embodiments of systems and methods are disclosed that create iso-perceptible image data from input image data. Such iso-perceptible image data may be created from Just-Noticeable-Difference (JND) modeling that leverages models from the Human Visual System (HVS). From a set of iso-perceptible image data set, an output image data may be selected, such that the chosen output image data has a less power and/or energy requirement to render than the input image data. Further, the…

Directed interpolation and data post-processing

Granted: August 8, 2017
Patent Number: 9729899
An encoding device evaluates a plurality of processing and/or post-processing algorithms and/or methods to be applied to a video stream, and signals a selected method, algorithm, class or category of methods/algorithms either in an encoded bitstream or as side information related to the encoded bitstream. A decoding device or post-processor utilizes the signaled algorithm or selects an algorithm/method based on the signaled method or algorithm. The selection is based, for example, on…

Percentile filtering of noise reduction gains

Granted: August 8, 2017
Patent Number: 9729965
A method of post-processing banded gains for applying to an audio signal, an apparatus to post-processed banded gains, and a tangible computer-readable storage medium comprising instructions that when executed carry out the method. The banded gains are determined by input processing one or more input audio signals. The method includes post-processing the banded gains to generate post-processed gains, generating a particular post-processed gain for a particular frequency band including…