Electronic Arts Patent Grants

User behavior analyzer

Granted: December 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9529777
A system and method is shown for identifying abnormal client behavior with respect to communications between one or more servers and one or more client devices communicatively coupled to the one or more servers. Messages are received at a server from one or more client devices communicatively coupled to the server. The plurality of messages are grouped into subsets of messages using a learn module of the server. Each subset of messages is associated with a unique client identifier, and…

Identifying features in polygonal meshes

Granted: April 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9305396
A polygonal mesh is received and the edges and vertices of the polygonal mesh are analyzed. A positive (e.g., convex or protruding) feature may be identified where the positive feature is bound by a non-concave edge (e.g., a convex edge or a planar edge). A negative (e.g., concave or receding) feature may also be identified where the negative feature is bound by a non-convex edge (e.g., a concave edge or a planar edge).

Virtual playbook with user controls

Granted: February 23, 2016
Patent Number: 9266017
A computerized method operable on a computer system for compositing data streams to generate a playable composite stream includes receiving a plurality of independent data streams that are included in a broadcast stream. The independent data streams include a video stream and a metadata stream. The metadata stream includes a plurality of user selectable graphics metadata for a plurality of graphics options. The computerized method further includes receiving a user selection for at least…

Time-shifted multiplayer game

Granted: February 16, 2016
Patent Number: 9259652
In one embodiment, a method provides a game for a first player. The method receives timing information for a second player that competed in a first instance of the game participated in by the second player and determines a set of parameters for an opponent in a second instance of the game based on the timing information. The second player started competing in the first instance of the game before the second instance of the game is started. Then, the opponent is created based on the set…

Collaborative online gaming system and method

Granted: December 1, 2015
Patent Number: 9199173
A system, method, and computer program product for collaborative online gaming, including at least one of providing a central repository master browser system; providing an experience calibrated match-making service; providing a dynamic multiplayer server component auto deployment and aggregation system; providing a lobby centric simultaneous and collaborative client game play launching feature; and providing a video game screen over-layer technology giving users access to a control…

Aggregating identifiers for media items

Granted: August 4, 2015
Patent Number: 9098508
A server device may receive multiple provider identifiers for a media item from multiple client devices. The multiple provider identifiers may each be associated with different media providers and may each be associated with the same media item. The server device may aggregate the multiple provider identifiers into entries in a data store. The server device may also analyze the entries in the data store and may request missing provider identifiers, merge entries that have duplicate…

Method and system for remote game display

Granted: July 28, 2015
Patent Number: 9089768
Various embodiment provide a method of interfacing an application controller with a remote display. The method can include the steps of providing an application on an application controller comprising a controller display; executing the application to retrieve a user input into the application controller; executing logic to render an output; and displaying the output on at least one of the controller display and the remote display.

Encoding of computer-generated video content

Granted: July 28, 2015
Patent Number: 9094667
Systems and methods for encoding computer-generated video content. An example method may comprise: generating, based on a geometric model, a sequence of video frames; determining, based on the geometric model, a plurality of motion vectors, each motion vector corresponding to a macroblock comprising one or more pixels of a video frame of the sequence of video frames; and producing an output bit stream representative of the sequence of video frames, by encoding, using the motion vectors,…

Integrated card and slot machine mechanic

Granted: April 21, 2015
Patent Number: 9011234
Embodiments described herein allow the users to influence various aspects of a game by selecting digital objects associated with a user's digital object collection to be integrated into customized digital object holders to provide a slot machine like functionality. Each of the digital object holders can have a number of positions, and each position can have a digital object associated with it. The user can choose which digital objects are associated with each digital object holder, in…

Autonomous media version testing

Granted: March 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8978013
Autonomous media version testing is described. A method may include testing, by a processing device of a server and without human interaction, a plurality of versions of a game, each having a different set of test conditions, using information received from play of the plurality of versions of the game after a first game move has been made in the game. The method may also include determining, by the processing device and without human interaction, which of the plurality of versions of…

Identifying and employing social network relationships

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954500
Methods and apparatus are described for detecting social relationships across multiple networks and/or communication channels. These social relationships may then be utilized in a wide variety of ways to support and enhance a broad range of user services.

Method and system for building an elastic cloud web server farm

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954568
A method and system for building an elastic cloud web server farm. The method includes registering a web application on a serving cloud and copying the web application to a distributed store. A load of the web application is specified, and a plurality of nodes is added for the web application based on the load. A web server corresponding to a node of the plurality of nodes is then initialized. A web request is received from a user and a web server is selected from a list of available web…

Time managed challenge-response test

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8955044
A method of generating a time managed challenge-response test is presented. The method identifies a geometric shape having a volume and generates an entry object of the time managed challenge-response test. The entry object is overlaid onto the geometric shape, such that the entry object is distributed over a surface of the geometric shape, and a portion of the entry object is hidden at any point in time. The geometric shape is rotated, which reveals the portion of the entry object that…

Modeling and scheduling asynchronous incremental workflows

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8949834
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for scheduling an asynchronous workflow having a plurality of processing paths. In one embodiment, one or more predefined constraint metrics that constrain temporal asynchrony for one or more portions of the workflow may be received or provided. Input data is periodically received or intermediate or output data is generated for one or more of the processing paths of the workflow, via one or more operators, based on a scheduler process. One or more of…

Audio fingerprint for content identification

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8949872
Methods and system for identifying multimedia content streaming through a television includes retrieving an audio signal from a multimedia content selected for rendering at the television. The retrieved audio signal is partitioned into a plurality of segments of small intervals. A particular segment is analyzed to identify acoustic modulation and to generate a distinct vector for the particular segment based on the acoustic modulation, wherein the vector defines a unique fingerprint of…

Script-based content-embedding code generation in digital media benefit attachment mechanism

Granted: January 27, 2015
Patent Number: 8943401
Particular embodiments of the present invention are related to a digital media benefit attachment mechanism for generating or attaching revenue rights and other benefits to one or more entities associated with socially distributed media.

Advertisement distribution apparatus and advertisement distribution method

Granted: January 27, 2015
Patent Number: 8943535
An advertisement distribution apparatus includes: a receiver that receives a display request including a viewpoint condition and advertisement information; an advertisement space setting unit that sets an advertisement space corresponding to the viewpoint condition to video data of an arbitrary viewpoint position generated based on imaging data having different viewpoint positions; an advertisement information setting unit that sets the advertisement information received by the receiver…

System and method for tagging content and delivering the tag to buddies of a given user

Granted: January 27, 2015
Patent Number: 8943538
A method comprises retrieving a profile of a given user, the given user having a given-user device; delivering a content item to the given-user device; receiving one or more user-specified tags associated with the content item; identifying one or more buddies of the user as indicated in the profile; and delivering the one or more tags to the one or more buddies.

Image cropping using supervised learning

Granted: January 20, 2015
Patent Number: 8938116
Software for supervised learning extracts a set of pixel-level features from each source image in collection of source images. Each of the source images is associated with a thumbnail created by an editor. The software also generates a collection of unique bounding boxes for each source image. And the software calculates a set of region-level features for each bounding box. Each region-level feature results from the aggregation of pixel values for one of the pixel-level features. The…

Smartlink system and method

Granted: January 13, 2015
Patent Number: 8935400
Multiple applications may be targeted via key/value data associated with a resource identified by a primary Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”). By parsing the key/value data, an alternative application for accessing the resource may be identified. When the alternative application is installed on a device, the alternative application may be invoked to access the resource.