Extreme Networks Patent Grants

Power controlled network devices for security and power conservation

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9749959
The present invention provides method and systems for activating or deactivating network devices by managing the power of the network device. By controlling the power for network devices, the size and coverage of the network can be adjusted to meet the needs for the current usage. This can be particularly advantageous in wireless networks where multiple wireless access points may be provided to provide coverage during peak usage but present the additional security concern of the network…

Methods and systems for selectively processing virtual local area network (VLAN) traffic from different networks while allowing flexible VLAN identifier assignment

Granted: August 22, 2017
Patent Number: 9742588
Methods and systems for selectively processing VLAN traffic from different networks while allowing flexible VLAN identifier assignment are disclosed. According to one aspect, a layer 2 switch includes a virtual switch identifier data structure that associates a VLAN identifier extracted from a layer 2 frame and a port identifier corresponding to a port on which a frame is received with a virtual switch identifier. The virtual switch identifier is used to select a per-virtual-switch data…

Apparatus and method for network ring resiliency, availability and performance

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716615
A network comprises a plurality of switches coupled in a ring topology, wherein each adjacent pair of switches in the plurality of switches forms a multiple link aggregation group interswitch connection therebetween and forms a ring resiliency protocol logical node. A first switch in a first adjacent pair of the plurality of switches is coupled via a first link to a second switch in a second adjacent pair of the plurality of switches, and a third switch in the first adjacent pair is…

Systems and methods for visible light communications personal area network and wireless local area network interworking

Granted: July 11, 2017
Patent Number: 9706426
A method, a controller, and a network provide Visible Light Communications Personal Area Network (VPAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) interworking and mobility management systems and methods. The method includes receiving data traffic from both a Wireless Local Area Networking (WLAN) domain and a Visible Light Communications (VLC) domain, uniquely identifying, in a controller, a device in both the WLAN domain and the VLC domain as a same device using an addressing scheme…

Method and apparatus for navigating through a task on a computer

Granted: April 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9632995
Assisting a user to navigate through a performance of a task, the task including a plurality of sub-tasks. Two or more of the sub-tasks are serially presented on a graphical user interface. Each of the two or more sub-tasks is displayed in a respective area of the graphical user interface. For each of the two or more sub-tasks, the user is enabled to perform the sub-task by entering information into the respective area of the sub-task as the sub-task is presented. While the two or more…

Device and related method for dynamic traffic mirroring policy

Granted: February 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9584393
A function is provided in a network system for policy-based dynamic mirroring for network traffic. The function monitors events, topology and status of the network and installs, enables, selects or changes traffic mirrors associated with the operation of one or more devices of the network. The mirror policies are established based on network polices and/or rules. The mirror policies and the enablement, installation, selection or changing of them are based on multiple criteria. The…

System and related method for management of devices of a network system via social media interfaces

Granted: February 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9576270
A system and related method for the exchange of information, data and instructions between one or more network administrators and one or more network infrastructure devices via one or more media exchanges. Devices are managed using a social media agent including a session agent that translates media messages into network device content and vice versa while maintaining context. Particular media interfaces may be selected for messaging dependent upon the particular message to be exchanged.…

Visible light communications personal area network controller and access point systems and methods

Granted: December 20, 2016
Patent Number: 9525486
A network, a Visible Light Communications (VLC) controller, and a method relate to a network architecture splitting frame processing functionality between Light Fidelity (LiFi) Access Points (APs) and a VLC controller or virtualized controller. In such configurations, the LiFi APs are so-called thin devices that may be widely deployed through an infrastructure to concurrently provide illumination and network access via VLC protocols such as IEEE 802.15.7 or variants thereof.

Forwarding inter-switch connection (ISC) frames in a network-to-network interconnect topology

Granted: September 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9455934
Systems, mechanisms, apparatuses, and methods are disclosed for forwarding Inter-Switch Connection (ISC) frames in a Network-to-Network Interconnect (NNI) topology, for example, via a network switch which includes a first physical switch port to receive a physical switch link from a second network switch; logic to implement a first logical ISC and a second logical ISC? connection to the second network switch via the physical switch link; a second physical switch port to receive an…

Redundant Ethernet automatic protection switching access to virtual private LAN services

Granted: August 2, 2016
Patent Number: 9407455
Embodiments disclosed herein provide redundant connectivity between an Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) access network and a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) network. A first VPLS node is provided to function as an EAPS controller node. A second VPLS node is provided to function as an EAPS partner node. The first and second VPLS nodes are linked by a pseudowire and an EAPS shared-link. Additional EAPS nodes are also provided. The additional EAPS nodes are linked to each…

Methods systems and apparatuses for dynamically tagging VLANs

Granted: July 12, 2016
Patent Number: 9391803
Systems, mechanisms, apparatuses, and methods are disclosed for dynamically tagging VLANs. For example, in one embodiment such means include: means for receiving a packet having identified therein a source Media Access Control (MAC) address and a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Identifier, wherein the VLAN identifier corresponds to a VLAN which is non-existent on a network switch; means for modifying the packet received to include two VLAN tags, a first VLAN tag corresponding to the…

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for providing N-node multi-switch link aggregation groups (MLAGs)

Granted: July 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9385942
A system for providing at least one node of an n-node multi-switch link aggregation group (MLAG) includes a packet forwarding device for receiving a packet destined for at least one n-node MLAG, n being an integer greater than 2. The packet forwarding device includes a packet forwarding database for storing packet forwarding rules for the at least one n-node MLAG. The packet forwarding device further includes a processing element for forwarding, blocking forwarding of, or redirecting the…

Device and related method for application identification

Granted: February 9, 2016
Patent Number: 9256636
A function is provided for identifying computer applications running on a network. Information obtained from frames having content associated with computer applications is examined and compared to information stored on the network. The stored information is obtained from a plurality of mechanisms including computer application signatures. An application identification engine of the function compares examined content with the known application information and determines an indication of…

High density networking component for 1U product form factor and associated rack system

Granted: February 2, 2016
Patent Number: 9252548
Systems and apparatuses are disclosed having a 3×8 stacked RJ45 connector with an integrated LEDs option for a 1U product form factor to provide increased density of an RJ45 connector which utilizes open source and non-proprietary modular connectors in conformity with published standards. For example, in one embodiment such systems and apparatuses include a networking component having therein a connector which includes a plurality of RJ45 jacks arranged into exactly three horizontal…

Device and related method for scoring applications running on a network

Granted: January 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9230213
A function is provided for effectively identifying computer applications running on a network. The function receives information related to frames of packets moving through the network. The information is compared to known information about computer applications. The known information is obtained from a plurality of mechanisms, including the option of obtaining it through custom mechanisms. The comparison information is scored for each of the plurality of mechanisms and those scores are…

Software sustaining system

Granted: November 17, 2015
Patent Number: 9189317
A method comprising detecting an problem with a software product, capturing debugging information corresponding to the detected problem, searching for the detected problem in a repository of a set of known issues corresponding to the software product to identify a root cause of the detected problem. If the detected problem is a known issue in the set of known issues corresponding to the software product, automatically applying a corresponding solution to the detected problem. If the…

Device and related method for dynamic traffic mirroring

Granted: October 27, 2015
Patent Number: 9172627
A function is provided in a network system for the dynamic mirroring of network traffic for a variety of purposes including the identification of characteristics of the traffic. Multiple criteria are established for when, what and where to mirror the traffic. The criteria include what frames of traffic to mirror, what portions of the selected frames to mirror, one or more portals through which to mirror the selected frames, a destination for the mirroring and the establishment of a…

Network location service

Granted: October 20, 2015
Patent Number: 9166884
A method is provided for a network location service in which one or more packet forwarding devices in the network collect and maintain location data for the devices/users currently connected to a network. The data is maintained locally in each packet forwarding device and may be provided on demand to a network/business application, such as emergency 911 services or a location-based security or personalization system. The location data is provided in real-time or near real-time using an…

Editing a portable, dynamic and abstract view definition of a network object database

Granted: October 6, 2015
Patent Number: 9154372
A user is enabled to edit a table defining a view of a network object database, for example, a MIB. The user can select from among a plurality of network object types and select from among a plurality of columns of the table. At least one column of the table is specified by the user and edited to represent a network object type specified by the user. The view definition can be extracted from the application and transported to another device where it can be edited and/or viewed using a…

Apparatus and method for multicast data packet forwarding

Granted: September 22, 2015
Patent Number: 9143437
A switching device receives a data packet and searches for a layer 3 multicast destination address specified in a header of the received data packet in a layer 3 multicast forwarding database table. The switch searches for a corresponding port list in a layer 3 egress table if the layer 3 multicast destination address is found. However, if the layer 3 multicast destination address is not found, the switch searches for a layer 2 destination address specified in header of the received data…