Finisar Patent Applications

A Calibration System For A Wavelength Selective Switch

Granted: March 16, 2017
Application Number: 20170075075
Described herein is a calibration system (25) for a wavelength selective switch (1). The switch (1) is adapted for dynamically switching optical beams (5, 7) along respective trajectories between input and output ports disposed in an array (3) using a reconfigurable Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) spatial light modulator device (17). The calibration system (25) includes a monitor (27) for projecting an optical monitor beam (29) through at least a portion of the switch (1) onto the LCOS…

Method And Apparatus For Hardware Configured Network

Granted: November 24, 2016
Application Number: 20160344508
An optical network element for a hardware configured optical network includes a first optical port that receives an input optical signal comprising receive control information from the hardware configured optical network. A demodulator optically coupled to the first optical port decodes the receive control information for configuring the optical network element. A modulator having an electrical modulation input that receives transmit control information imparts a modulation onto an…

High Reflectivity LCOS Device

Granted: October 6, 2016
Application Number: 20160291405
Described herein is a spatial light modulator (15) for modulating the phase, retardation or polarization state of an incident optical signal propagating in a first dimension. The optical phase modulator (15) includes a liquid crystal material (17) and a pair of electrodes (19 and 21) for supplying an electric potential across the liquid crystal material (17) to drive liquid crystals in a predetermined configuration. Modulator (15) also includes a diffractive optical element (29) disposed…


Granted: June 9, 2016
Application Number: 20160161685
A laser module can include: a laser chip having a plurality of laser diodes; a focusing lens optically coupled to each of the plurality of distinct laser diodes; and a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) having a plurality of optical inlet ports optically coupled to the plurality of laser diodes through the focusing lens. The laser module can include an optical isolator optically coupled to the focusing lens and PIC and positioned between the focusing lens and PIC. The laser chip can…

NxN Optical Switch

Granted: November 19, 2015
Application Number: 20150331198
Described herein are various embodiments of a cross-connect type optical switch (E.g. 1) for switching optical beams between a plurality of optical fibers. Switch 1 includes four input/output optical fiber banks (3, 5, 7 and 9). Each fiber bank includes an array of connector ports (11, 13, 15 and 17) for connecting up to twenty optical fibers for projecting input optical beams and receiving output optical beams. Each fiber bank also includes a corresponding array of…


Granted: November 19, 2015
Application Number: 20150334475
In an example embodiment, a WDM array includes an optical filter, N common ports, N reflection ports, and N pass ports. The N common ports may be positioned to a first side of the optical filter. N may be greater than or equal to two. The N reflection ports may be positioned to the first side of the optical filter. The N pass ports may be positioned to a second side of the optical filter opposite the first side.


Granted: October 8, 2015
Application Number: 20150288049
A circuit may include a first transmission line that includes a first first-line conductor configured to transport a signal and a second first-line conductor. The circuit may also include a second transmission line that includes a first second-line conductor, a second second-line conductor electrically coupled to the second first-line conductor, and a third second-line conductor separated from and positioned between the first and second second-line conductors. The third second-line…


Granted: October 8, 2015
Application Number: 20150289368
A hybrid printed circuit board is described. The hybrid printed circuit board may include a top layer, a bottom layer, and a plurality of internal layers stacked up between the top layer and the bottom layer. The plurality of internal layers may include a first internal layer below the top layer and a second internal layer above the bottom layer. The hybrid printed circuit board may include first unreinforced laminate placed between the top layer and the first internal layer. The hybrid…


Granted: October 1, 2015
Application Number: 20150282303
An example embodiment includes optoelectronic module. The optoelectronic module may include a lens assembly, a module board, heat-generating components, and a thermally conductive plate. The lens assembly may be secured to the module board. The module board may include a printed circuit board (PCB). The heat-generating components may be mounted to the PCB. The thermally conductive plate may be secured to a surface of the module board. The thermally conductive plate may define an opening…


Granted: July 23, 2015
Application Number: 20150205048
In an embodiment, a polarization-dependent loss (PDL) compensator includes a substrate, an anti-reflective coating, and a partial reflective coating. The substrate has an input surface and an output surface opposite the input surface. The anti-reflective coating is formed on the output surface. The partial reflective coating is formed on the input surface. The PDL compensator may include PDL that depends on an incident angle of an optical signal with respect to the partial reflective…

Method And Apparatus For Stabilization Of Optical Transmitter

Granted: July 23, 2015
Application Number: 20150207569
A DP-QPSK optical transmitter includes an outer MZM comprising a first parent MZM comprising a first child MZM and a second child MZM that modulates a QPSK signal with a first polarization. A second parent MZM includes a first child MZM and a second child MZM that modulates a QPSK signal with a second polarization. The outer Mach-Zehnder modulator multiplexes the first and second polarization embedded into a dual-polarization QPSK signal generation. A first optical detector detects the…

Polarization Diverse Wavelength Selective Switch

Granted: July 23, 2015
Application Number: 20150208143
Described herein is a wavelength selective switch (WSS) type optical switching device (1) configured for switching input optical beams from input optical fiber ports (3, 5 and 7) to an output optical fiber port (9). Device (1) includes a wavelength dispersive grism element (13) for spatially dispersing the individual wavelength channels from an input optical beam in the direction of a second axis (y-axis). The optical beams propagate from input ports (3, 5 and 7) in a forward direction…

Ultrafast High Resolution Optical Channel Monitor

Granted: March 26, 2015
Application Number: 20150086198
Described herein is an optical channel monitor (1) including a protective housing (3), an input port (5) disposed in the housing (3) and configured for receiving at least one input optical signal (7) including one or more optical channels separated by wavelength. A wavelength configurable laser (9) is located within the housing (3) and is configured to provide an optical reference signal (11) at a first wavelength (?r). The laser (9) is adapted to scan across a range of wavelengths…


Granted: March 5, 2015
Application Number: 20150063742
Method for modulating a carrier light wave with symbols, led through a modulating interferometer, the total path phase shift being the sum of a respective first, second, third or fourth static phase shift and a respective first, second, third or fourth variable modulating phase shift amount. For each of at least two symbols: the first variable modulating phase shift equals the sum of the first pair phase shift and the common phase shift; the second variable modulating phase shift…


Granted: March 5, 2015
Application Number: 20150063827
Method for modulating a carrier light wave to achieve, a modulated light wave which carries information by symbols selected from a set of at least two different symbols. The light led through each path is phase-shifted by a respective total variable part phase shift, which for each path is the sum of at least three respective variable part phase shifts. Each variable part phase shift for each modulation state assumes one of two respective predetermined values, and each symbol is…

Optical Channel Monitor With High Resolution Capability

Granted: December 25, 2014
Application Number: 20140376909
Described herein is an optical channel monitor (1) including one or more input optical ports (3) for receiving an input optical signal (5) including a plurality of optical channels. A first monitoring module (7) is configured to selectively scan a predetermined spectral region of the optical signal including at least one optical channel for low resolution monitoring. A second monitoring module (11) is configured to simultaneously scan a subregion within the predetermined spectral region…


Granted: December 11, 2014
Application Number: 20140362433
One or more input access waveguides are connected to an optical splitter arranged to divide the light into two or more output waveguides, at least two of the splitter's output access waveguides are used to form a Mach-Zehnder interferometer modulator where at least one arm of the interferometer has a phase modulator electrode and a single electrical contact is arranged to apply a common voltage simultaneously to a selected portion in each arm, or selected portions in each arm of the…


Granted: December 4, 2014
Application Number: 20140355228
In an example embodiment, a circuit interconnect includes a first printed circuit board (PCB), a second PCB, a spacer, and an electrically conductive solder joint. The first PCB includes a first electrically conductive pad. The second PCB includes a second electrically conductive pad. The spacer is configured to position the first PCB relative to the second PCB such that a space remains between the first PCB and the second PCB after the first electrically conductive pad and the second…

Systems And Methods of Aberration Correction In Optical Systems

Granted: November 27, 2014
Application Number: 20140347733
Described herein is a diffraction grating (1) for use in an optical system. The diffraction grating includes a substrate (2) and an array of elongate diffracting elements (3) arranged in a grating profile across the substrate. The grating profile imparts a predefined phase change to optical beams to at least partially correct the beams for optical aberrations present in the optical system.


Granted: November 6, 2014
Application Number: 20140329405
An example embodiment includes a thermal management system for an active cable connector. The system includes a shell and a back plate. The shell defines a cavity and includes multiple heat-transfer areas on an internal shell surface. A first heat-transfer area is positioned with respect to a first heat-generating component to absorb a first portion of thermal energy generated by the first heat-generating component. The back plate is positioned with respect to the first heat-generating…