Honda Patent Grants

Method and fixture for attaching a sanding disc to a hand sander

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656364
A hand sander and sanding disc fixture for attaching a sanding disc to a hand sander includes a table having a top with a sander storage station and an application station thereon. The storage station has a holder capable of holding a hand sander having a sander pad on the top of the table. The application station has at least two datum pegs extending from the top of the table that are capable of passing through two corresponding datum holes in the sanding disc. The at least two datum…

Annular spring and robot joint mechanism using the same

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656396
On an inner peripheral surface of an outer peripheral member 10, a recess 11 is formed to which a pipe spring 30 is fitted. On an outer peripheral surface of an inner peripheral member 20 arranged concentrically with and rotatable relatively to the outer peripheral member 10 on an inner peripheral side of the outer peripheral member 10, a cam surface 21 is formed which abuts against the pipe spring 30. The cam surface 21 protrudes in the radial direction as it is farther away in the…

Saddle type vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656711
A saddle type vehicle is provided wherein the visibility thereof can be improved. The saddle type vehicle includes a headlamp configured to illuminate the front of the vehicle and position lamps configured to emit light for the visibility of the vehicle or act as blinkers. The position lamps are disposed in a left and right pair in front of the headlamp. Further, the left and right position lamps are disposed in such a manner as to sandwich the headlamp therebetween as viewed in front…

Saddle riding type vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656718
A motorcycle having an adjusting mechanism that allows a user to change the setting of at least a part forming a vehicle body by performing adjusting operation on the adjusting mechanism includes: a storage unit configured to store at least a plurality of pieces of adjustment information related to degrees of adjusting operation on the adjusting mechanism; a receiving unit configured to receive a request based on an input operation of the user; a selecting unit configured to select…

Silencer for internal combustion engine

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657615
A silencer includes conduit with a downstream end portion configured from a tubular member which includes a conduit discharge port extending through a silencer main body and discharges exhaust gas to the outside therethrough. The tubular member includes a resonance communication hole communicating with a resonance chamber and an upstream side communication hole and a downstream side communication hole communicating with a second chamber. A barrier wall serving as a throttle portion for…

Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657673
The objective of the present invention is to provide an exhaust purification system that is capable of purifying exhaust gas during both lean and stoichiometric driving. The exhaust purification system is equipped with: a feedback-use identifier, which identifies parameter values such that the error between the output value from a LAF sensor and the estimated value for the LAF sensor output as obtained from a model equation is minimized; and a stoichiometric driving mode controller. The…

Electromagnetic damper

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657806
An electromagnetic damper includes a torque detection unit that detects a torsional torque of an output shaft of an electric motor or a torsional torque of a transmission shaft, which transmits an external vibration to the electric motor, and a control device that controls the electric motor. The control device controls the electric motor so as to cancel the torsional torque detected by the torque detection unit.

Drive device for vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657825
A drive device for a vehicle includes a first drive shaft, a second drive shaft, a differential mechanism, a speed reduction mechanism, and a case. The second speed reduction pinion gear of the speed reduction mechanism, and the first pinion gear and the second pinion gear of the differential mechanism are arranged out of phase in a rotation direction, and are arranged at a position in an axial direction so that at least any one of the first pinion gear and the second pinion gear of the…

Cooling device with cooling passage for liquid refrigerant and juxtaposed fin assembly

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657997
A cooling device includes a mounting surface, a cooling fin on a rear surface side of the mounting surface, and a cooling passage for cooling the cooling fin with a liquid refrigerant. The refrigerant flows from a flow inlet to the cooling passage and discharges from a discharge outlet. The cooling passage comprises a first surface provided with the cooling fin, a second surface opposing the first surface, and a wall portion between the first surface and the second surface, and is longer…

Target holder and method of coupling target holder to vehicle wheel

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9658062
A target holder that can be secured within a central aperture of a vehicle wheel includes a base defining a central axis of the target holder. The base has a first end configured to receive a target and an opposing second end. A retainer is coupled to the second end of the base. The retainer is insertable into the central aperture and engageable with the vehicle wheel to secure the target holder to the vehicle wheel. A plunger is disposed in the retainer. A lever is pivotably coupled to…

System for alarming a driver using a driver state estimation device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9658243
In a first arousal level estimation device according to this invention, an initial residual setup unit sets a residual to be a reference of a driver, i.e., a residual with a smallest value during an initialization period as an initial residual among residuals calculated by a residual calculation unit during the initialization period from timing of starting an operation of a vehicle or timing of a change in a traveling scene including a condition of traveling road of the vehicle as a…

Vehicle heads-up display device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9658450
A vehicle system includes a heads-up display device for use in a motor vehicle displays graphic elements in view of an occupant while the occupant views an environment through a display screen of the heads-up display device. The heads-up display device includes a projector configured to project a graphic element on the display screen through at least one reflector housed within a dashboard. The dashboard further houses an air duct for directing air flow within a passenger compartment. A…

Aerodynamic design optimization using information extracted from analysis of unstructured surface meshes

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9659122
A computer-implemented method of analyzing data representing the optimization of real-world designs of physical entities according to at least one criterion. Different modifications of the design are generated by a cyclic optimization algorithm. The design data is represented by unstructured triangular surface meshes. A displacement measure representing local differences between two design modifications of the different modifications is calculated. Performance difference between the two…

Image analysis device, method for creating image feature information database, and design similarity determination apparatus and method

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9659231
Provided is an image analysis device for specifying an image region of an object being the basis for design similarity determination. An image analysis device 100 includes units 112, 113. The unit 112 moves original images Im1 and Im2 including a designated image region H with a rotationally symmetry on a first point P relative to a reference image Im2(j), calculates a correlation value cim(j) at each relative position, and detects the position of the point P in the images Im1, Im2,…

Fuel cell including separator with outer ends placed inward of fluid passages formed in frame

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660276
A cell unit constituting a fuel cell is provided with a first electrolyte membrane/electrode structure, a first separator, a second electrolyte membrane/electrode structure, and a second separator. The first and second electrolyte membrane/electrode structures respectively have a frame section on the outer periphery, and the frame sections are formed with a fluid communicating hole extending in the stacking direction. The first and second separators are disposed towards the inside of the…

Fuel cell system and method of controlling the fuel cell system

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660282
A control device of a fuel cell system includes an electric conductivity comparing unit for comparing the electric conductivity of the water inside the ion exchanger which is measured by the electric conductivity measuring unit with a predetermined electric conductivity range, and an ion exchange environment determining unit for arbitrarily determining whether or not air has been mixed into an ion exchanger and whether or not the ion exchange efficiency of the ion exchanger has been…

Electric motor having a communication passage

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660506
An electric motor includes a housing, a rotor, a stator, a storage tank, and a communication passage. The stator has a stator core provided coaxially with the rotor to surround the rotor. The storage tank is provided at a lower portion of the housing to store lubricating oil and divided by the stator core into a first storage tank and a second storage tank. The communication passage is provided to communicate the first storage tank with the second storage tank. The communication passage,…

Rearview obstruction camera system and associated method

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9661280
A rearview obstruction camera system provides rearward view if visibility to a driver as a result of cargo impacts a view directly out the rear windshield. Likewise, an occupant(s) sitting in the rear seats can obstruct the view of the driver out the rear the vehicle. In both instances the rearward view is potentially compromised. By using a sensor(s), the rearview obstruction camera system can detect if the line of sight of the driver out the rear of the vehicle is obstructed. If…

Rack bush and steering system

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9651134
A rack bush for supporting a rack shaft in a rack-and-pinion steering system so that the rack shaft slides in an axial direction thereof includes a teeth side support portion and a back side support portion. Rack teeth are formed in a first area of an outer circumferential surface of the rack shaft. The teeth side support portion contacts a second area of the outer circumferential surface to support the rack shaft from a teeth side where the rack teeth are formed. The second area lies…

Lubrication structure for differential device

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9651137
An opening end of an inboard section includes: an end surface composed of a plane positioned farthest from the center of a differential device in the axial direction and perpendicular to the axial direction; a ledge positioned adjacent to the end surface in the circumferential direction of the opening end and closer to the center than the end surface in the axial direction; and a tapered section in a slope shape formed continuing to the inner diameter side of the ledge at the opening…