IBM Patent Grants

Micro-droplet fluidic cell for fast ionic current detection using nanopores

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9714933
A micro-droplet fluidic cell includes a membrane structure having a nanopore, a hydrophobic material disposed onto a portion of the membrane structure, and an analyte solution traversing the membrane structure and forming a micro-droplet on a first surface of the membrane structure. Also disclosed are methods for fast ionic current detection using the micro-droplet fluidic cell.

Biosensors including surface resonance spectroscopy and semiconductor devices

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9714952
A sensor including a surface plasmon resonance detector with a reservoir for containing a liquid sample. The sensor further includes a sensing metallic film positioned within the reservoir so that at least a majority of a surface of the sensing metallic film is to be in contact with the liquid sample being housed within the reservoir. The sensory also includes a semiconductor device having a contact in electrical communication with the sensing metal containing film that is positioned…

Power distribution unit and alarm method applied in the same

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9714972
A power distribution unit including a base, at least one socket, at least one detecting unit and a management unit is provided. The socket is disposed at the base and has at least one power end and a ground end. The detecting unit is disposed at the base. When a plug is disposed at the socket, the detecting unit outputs an alarm signal if the plug is electrically connected to the power end of the socket but the plug is not electrically connected to the ground end of the socket. The…

Behavior based code recompilation triggering scheme

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715377
Techniques relate to a behavior based code recompilation triggering scheme. A determination is made whether a fingerprint is present in software that is currently executing on a processor of a computer system, where the fingerprint includes a representation of a sequence of behavior that occurs in the processor while the software is executing. In response to determining that the fingerprint is not present in the software currently executing on the processor, monitoring continues of the…

Automated software update scheduling

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715378
A method, system or computer usable program product for scheduling a software update affecting vehicle functionality based on usage patterns including tracking usage patterns of a vehicle; automatically determining a time window for scheduling a software update that affects vehicle functionality to the vehicle based on the tracked usage patterns; and applying software updates to the vehicle during the scheduled time window.

Vector find element equal instruction

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715383
Processing of character data is facilitated. A Find Element Equal instruction is provided that compares data of multiple vectors for equality and provides an indication of equality, if equality exists. An index associated with the equal element is stored in a target vector register. Further, the same instruction, the Find Element Equal instruction, also searches a selected vector for null elements, also referred to as zero elements. A result of the instruction is dependent on whether the…

Hierarchical translation structures providing separate translations for instruction fetches and data accesses

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715449
Hierarchical address translation structures providing separate translations for instruction fetches and data accesses. An address is to be translated from the address to another address using a hierarchy of address translation structures. The hierarchy of address translation structures includes a plurality of levels, and a determination is made as to which level of the plurality of levels it is indicated that translation through the hierarchy of address translation structures is to split…

Multiprocessor computer system

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715458
A computer system has physical processors supporting virtual addressing. Virtual processors represent multiple execution threads, and logical state of all threads of a virtual processor is stored in a state descriptor field in main memory when the virtual processor is removed from one of the physical processors. Each thread has assigned a thread identifier, which is unique in the respective virtual processor only, and each virtual processor has assigned a unique state descriptor…

Efficient context save/restore during hardware decompression of DEFLATE encoded data

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715539
A hardware accelerator receives a request to decompress a data stream that includes multiple deflate blocks and multiple deflate elements compressed according to block-specific compression configuration information. The hardware accelerator identifies a commit point that is based upon an interruption of a first decompression session of the data stream and corresponds to one of the deflate blocks. As such, the hardware accelerator configures a decompression engine based upon the…

User driven audio content navigation

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715540
Systems and associated methods configured to provide user-driven audio content navigation for the spoken web are described. Embodiments allow users to skim audio for content that seems to be of relevance to the user, similar to visual skimming of standard web pages, and mark point of interest within the audio. Embodiments provide techniques for navigating audio content while interacting with information systems in a client-server environment, where the client device can be a simple,…

Killing asymmetric resistive processing units for neural network training

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715656
Technical solutions are described for improving efficiency of training a resistive processing unit (RPU) array using a neural network training methodology. An example method includes reducing asymmetric RPUs from the RPU array by determining an asymmetric value of an RPU from the RPU array, and burning the RPU in response to the asymmetry value being above a predetermined threshold. The RPU can be burned by causing an electric voltage across the RPU to be above a predetermined limit. The…

Inconsistency detection between structured and non-structured data

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715662
A computer implemented method, computerized apparatus and computer program product for inconsistency detection between structured and non-structured data. The method comprising: automatically determining, by a computer, inconsistencies between fields in electronics records, the fields comprise at least a structured field and a non-structured field, the fields are designed to be able to include overlapping information in structured and non-structured form; and indicating, by the computer,…

Detecting maximum voltage between multiple power supplies for memory testing

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715905
A computing system, processing unit, and method are disclosed for detecting a maximum voltage power supply for performing memory testing. The method includes generating, using a sense amplifier of a processing unit and based on a timing of a received pulse signal, first and second drive signals that collectively indicate which of first and second voltages is greater, the first and second voltages produced by respective first and second power supplies. The method also includes coupling,…

Spin torque MRAM based on Co, Ir synthetic antiferromagnetic multilayer

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9715917
Magnetic memory devices having an antiferromagnetic reference layer based on Co and Ir are provided. In one aspect, a magnetic memory device includes a reference magnetic layer having multiple Co-containing layers oriented in a stack, wherein adjacent Co-containing layers in the stack are separated by an Ir-containing layer such that the adjacent Co-containing layers in the stack are anti-parallel coupled by the Ir-containing layer therebetween; and a free magnetic layer separated from…

3D bonded semiconductor structure with an embedded capacitor

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716088
A first semiconductor structure including a first bonding oxide layer having a first metallic structure embedded therein and a second semiconductor structure including a second bonding oxide layer having second metallic structure embedded therein are provided. A high-k dielectric material is formed on a surface of the first metallic structure. A nitride surface treatment process is performed to provide a nitrided surface layer to each structure. The nitrided surface layer includes…

Stacked nanowires

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716142
Techniques for producing stacked SiGe nanowires using a condensation process without parasitic Ge nanowires as an undesired by-product. In one aspect, a method of forming SiGe nanowires includes the steps of: forming a stack of alternating Si and SiGe layers on a wafer; patterning fins in the stack; selectively thinning the SiGe layers in the fins such that the Si and SiGe layers give the fins an hourglass shape; burying the fins in an oxide material; and annealing the fins under…

Method for detecting end of record in variable length coded bit stream

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716515
Modifying a digital data stream that includes immediately consecutive code words of different length by segmenting, based on a certain block grid, the digital data stream. Each block of the block grid includes a fixed number of bits. It is determined whether all bits of the last block associated with the digital data stream are occupied by data of the digital data stream. If not all bits of the last block are occupied, the unoccupied bits of the last block are padded with bits of an…

Cipher text translation

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716585
An aspect of cipher text translation includes a memory configured to store predetermined conditions for performing an encryption operation, and a processor communicatively coupled to the memory. The processor is configured to execute computer readable instructions. The computer readable instructions include determining through analysis of an inbound key and an outbound key of the encryption operation that the encryption operation includes a translation from a first class of encryption to…

Password management system

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716699
An embodiment of the invention may include a method, computer program product and computer system for password management. The embodiment may include a computing device that creates a password inventory. The password inventory may be a list of one or more passwords, where each of the one or more passwords corresponds to a password key. The embodiment may update the password inventory without input from a user. The embodiment may receive a first login request from a first device. The…

Code analysis for providing data privacy in ETL systems

Granted: July 25, 2017
Patent Number: 9716700
In an approach for providing data privacy in information integration systems, a method performed during compilation of an information integration job receives information regarding a data flow structure of the job to be executed, said data flow structure comprising at least one source system, one or more target entities, and at least one operator for modifying output data provided by the source system. The method determines data exit points at which output data are provided to the target…