IBM Patent Grants

Data sharing software program utilizing a drag-and-drop operation and spring loaded portal

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690469
Embodiments include a program for transferring of data from a source computer to a location on a target computer utilizing a drag-and-drop operation and a spring-loaded portal. I/O devices are monitored for mouse input that includes coordinates of a mouse pointer. Whether an end-user is utilizing the mouse pointer to perform the drag-and-drop operation is determined. The spring-loaded portal is expanded from a closed position to an open position. A screen snapshot image of the location…

Asynchronously clearing page frames

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690483
In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes producing one or more clean frames by clearing a batch of one or more frames for use in backing virtual memory pages. The producing the one or more clean frames may be performed asynchronously from a unit of work being performed by a processor. The one or more clean frames may be added to a clean frame queue, where the clean frame queue includes a plurality of clean frames that have been cleared. A first request may be received,…

Enhanced management of thread-local objects

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690548
As disclosed herein a method, executed by a computer, includes receiving a request to instantiate an instance of a thread-local manager for a particular thread, instantiating the instance of the thread-local manager, and providing global visibility to the instance of the thread-local manager. The method further includes manipulating thread-local variables corresponding to the particular thread and removing all the thread-local variables when the particular thread completes a task. A…

Identifying software dependency relationships

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690553
Embodiments include method, systems and computer program products for identifying dependency relationships in a software product. Aspects include obtaining change history data for the software product and extracting a plurality of change elements from the change history data, each change element including an identifier of a code segment that was changed and a timestamp of the change. Aspects also include creating a dependency graph based on the plurality of change elements, wherein the…

Adjustment of a task execution plan at runtime

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690617
Embodiments of adjustment of a task execution plan at runtime by a task execution engine configured to receive a plan compilation task, the plan compilation task comprising a task execution plan, are provided. An aspect includes receiving a first plan compilation task by the task execution engine through a plan compilation interface. Another aspect includes modifying a task execution plan of the first plan compilation task in response to receiving a second plan compilation task by the…

Regulating hardware speculative processing around a transaction

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690623
A transaction is detected. The transaction has a begin-transaction indication and an end-transaction indication. If it is determined that the begin-transaction indication is not a no-speculation indication, then the transaction is processed.

Identifying vague questions in a question-answer system

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690774
An approach is provided that improves a question answering (QA) computer system by reducing a number of vague questions submitted to the QA system. When a question is submitted to the QA system, the approach performs a vagueness question analysis on the question. The vagueness question analysis results in a vagueness score. The question is submitted to the QA system in response to the vagueness score reaching a threshold value that indicates a lack of vagueness in the question. The…

Real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690775
A lexical annotator that identifies a chunk of a communication and an associated sentiment is created. In real time, while monitoring a communication from a user, the lexical annotator is used to identify the sentiment for the chunk of the communication, and the sentiment for the chunk of the communication is provided.

License management in a networked software application solution

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690913
A networked software solution comprising a plurality of servers, and application programs at various of the servers forming components of the solution. License information for all networked applications that form part of the solution is stored at each server that forms part of the solution. At relevant times, a server might determine from it's stored license information whether or not the applications of the solution are all operating according to unexpired licenses. In this way all…

Managing compromised passwords

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690917
A system and computer implemented method for determining compromised passwords is disclosed. The method may include displaying, in a first set of positions, a set of entry keys of a device. The method may include collecting a first set of tracking data including the first set of positions for entry of a first password. The method may also include displaying the set of entry keys of the device in a second set of positions. The method may also include determining a second password based on…

Environmentally adaptive olfactory generation

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691214
Embodiments include environmentally adaptive olfactory generation systems and methods and computer program products for operating the same. Aspects include receiving a desired concentration of an olfactory stimulant, receiving a detected concentration of the olfactory stimulant from an olfactory stimulant sensor, and receiving one or more environmental factors from an environmental sensor. Aspects also include comparing the detected concentration of the olfactory stimulant with the…

Transition to accessibility mode

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691248
An approach is disclosed that provides assistance to disabled individuals when utilizing public spaces. In the approach, a wireless message is received at a detector of the system with the wireless message being from a device worn by a disabled individual. The wireless message includes impairment data pertaining to the disabled individual. In addition, reception of the wireless message indicates that the disabled individual has entered a physical area that provides accommodations to…

Self-forming embedded diffusion barriers

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691656
Interconnect structures containing metal oxide embedded diffusion barriers and methods of forming the same. Interconnect structures may include an Mx level including an Mx metal in an Mx dielectric, an Mx+1 level above the Mx level including an Mx+1 metal in an Mx+1 dielectric, an embedded diffusion barrier adjacent to the Mx+1 dielectric; and a seed alloy region adjacent to the Mx+1 metal separating the Mx metal from the Mx+1 metal. The embedded diffusion barrier may include a…

Via and chamfer control for advanced interconnects

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691659
Methods of forming a semiconductor structure includes etching a via opening through an interlevel dielectric to a metal conductor. A contiguous metal liner is deposited onto exposed surfaces of the substrate. The substrate is exposed to a gaseous ion plasma to remove portions of the metal liner that are horizontally oriented and to reduce a height of the metal liner from portions thereof that are vertically oriented. Subsequently, a trench opening is formed in the interlevel dielectric,…

High fidelity and high efficiency qubit readout scheme

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691962
A technique relates to a qubit readout system. A cavity-qubit system has a qubit and a readout resonator and outputs a readout signal. A lossless superconducting circulator is configured to receive the microwave readout signal from the cavity-qubit system and transmit the microwave readout signal according to a rotation. A quantum limited directional amplifier amplifies the readout signal. A directional coupler is connected to and biases the amplifier to set a working point. A microwave…

Low temperature encapsulation for magnetic tunnel junction

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691972
A method of making a magnetic random access memory device comprises forming a magnetic tunnel junction on an electrode, the magnetic tunnel junction comprising a reference layer positioned in contact with the electrode, a tunnel barrier layer arranged on the reference layer, and a free layer arranged on the tunnel barrier layer; and depositing an encapsulating layer on and along sidewalls of the magnetic tunnel junction at a temperature of 40 to 60° C. using remote microwave plasma…

Selection of message passing collectives in presence of system noise

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692673
Consideration of system jitter in selecting a “message passing collectives algorithm” used in a message passing interface. A set of multiple message passing collectives algorithms are ranked against each other with at least some consideration of relative jitter-related performance as between the algorithms. The consideration of jitter includes consideration of “system jitter” (OS jitter and/or network jitter). In some embodiments, multiple rankings are performed for different…

Scalable off-load of applications from switch to server

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692676
Systems include a network element with a plurality of server blades, including a control server and one or more application servers. The control server communicates with each application server to acquire state information about each application server. A switch is in communication with each server blade. The switch is configured to communicate with the control server in order to obtain therefrom the state information acquired by the control server about each application server.

Systems and methods for provisioning sensing resources for mobile sensor networks

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692827
An aspect of this invention is a method that includes a computing apparatus estimating geographic locations as a function of time for each of a plurality of sensor nodes. The method further includes estimating a quality of information as a function of time for sensed data to be sensed by the plurality of sensor nodes at the estimated geographic locations; and sending the estimated quality of information as a function of time to one or more applications or consumers of the sensed data.

Automatically generating web conference recording bookmarks based on user analytics

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692842
Arrangements described herein include accessing user data associated with a user participating in a web conference. The user data includes user analytics generated by tracking and analyzing use, by the user, of web based resources unrelated to the web conference. A plurality of topics discussed during the web conference can be identified in real time. For each respective topic that has a high probability of being of interest to the user, at least one bookmark for the web conference can…