Lucasfilm Patent Grants

Virtual-scene control device

Granted: April 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9626786
A handheld device includes: an input control configured to control and modify a virtual scene including a virtual camera; and a display that shows a representation of the controlled and modified virtual scene generated by the virtual camera. A system includes: a computer system configured to execute program instructions for generating a virtual scene including a virtual camera; and handheld device configured to communicate with the computer system for controlling and modifying the…

Determining control values of an animation model using performance capture

Granted: March 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9600742
Performance capture systems and techniques are provided for capturing a performance of a subject and reproducing an animated performance that tracks the subject's performance. For example, systems and techniques are provided for determining control values for controlling an animation model to define features of a computer-generated representation of a subject based on the performance. A method may include obtaining input data corresponding to a pose performed by the subject, the input…

Animation environment

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558578
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for animation. An animation application creates an animation environment. An input device receives input from a user to the animation application. An output device displays output to the user of the animation application. The animation application is configured to have a mode of operation that includes displaying, through the output device, a 3D animation view of the animation environment…

Calibrating stereoscopic cameras

Granted: December 13, 2016
Patent Number: 9519976
A stereoscopic camera calibration target includes: first illumination points on a first surface; second illumination points on a second surface, the first and second surfaces being planar, parallel to each other, and spaced from each other; and circuitry that sets a strobe frequency of the first and second illumination points. A method includes: moving a calibration target in front of a stereoscopic camera, the calibration target comprising first points on a first surface and second…

Path and speed based character control

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9508176
A 3D animation environment that includes an animation object is generated. A movement speed is assigned to object the 3D animation environment. An animation path containing at least first and second waypoints is generated. An animation sequence is generated by identifying a first section of the animation path connected to the first waypoint. A first animation of the animation object is generated in which the animation object moves along the first section of the path at the movement…

Flexible 3-D character rigging blocks with interface obligations

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9508178
A method of generating an animation rig for a 3-D computing environment may include accessing a plurality of blocks, each representing a particular rig element, and including interfaces that govern interactions with other rig elements and information for generating a portion of the animation rig corresponding to the particular rig element represented by the block. The method may also include receiving a selection of a first block that includes a first interface and first information and…

Flexible 3-D character rigging development architecture

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9508179
A method of generating an animation rig for a three-dimensional (3-D) computing environment may include providing a rig generation environment that includes a library storing a plurality of blocks. Each of the plurality of blocks may represent particular rig elements and include information for generating the rig elements in the 3-D computing environment along with a first icon that is visually representative of the particular rig elements. The method may also include receiving and…

Detecting collision between objects

Granted: October 25, 2016
Patent Number: 9478105
Among other disclosed subject matter, a computer program product is tangibly embodied in a computer-readable storage medium and includes instructions that when executed by a processor perform a method for detecting collision between objects. The method includes identifying a first edge of a first object, and a second edge of a second object, presented on a display, the second object associated with a transformation. The method includes performing an inverse of the transformation on the…

Reducing data stored in a deep-framebuffer

Granted: August 30, 2016
Patent Number: 9430869
The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a method that includes generating intermediate values from an evaluation of one or more static expressions within shader programming code that is configured to modify an appearance of an image, compressing the intermediate values based on a determination of which intermediate values are duplicative, and storing the compressed intermediate values in a buffer accessible to an image rendering application.

Three-dimensional motion capture

Granted: August 23, 2016
Patent Number: 9424679
In one general aspect, a method is described. The method includes generating a positional relationship between one or more support structures having at least one motion capture mark and at least one virtual structure corresponding to geometry of an object to be tracked and positioning the support structures on the object to be tracked. The support structures has sufficient rigidity that, if there are multiple marks, the marks on each support structure maintain substantially fixed…

Visual and physical motion sensing for three-dimensional motion capture

Granted: July 26, 2016
Patent Number: 9401025
A system includes a visual data collector for collecting visual information from an image of one or more features of an object. The system also includes a physical data collector for collecting sensor information provided by at one or more sensors attached to the object. The system also includes a computer system that includes a motion data combiner for combining the visual information the sensor information. The motion data combiner is configured to determine the position of a…

Adjusting stereo images

Granted: June 14, 2016
Patent Number: 9369694
A computer-implemented method for adjusting stereo images includes receiving a video sequence associated with a recorded setting of a stereoscopic camera, the video sequence comprising pairs of left and right images. The method includes processing the pairs of left and right images to reduce influence of a discrepancy between the recorded setting and an actual configuration of the stereoscopic camera.

Animation control retargeting

Granted: May 17, 2016
Patent Number: 9342912
The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a method that includes determining a transform of a portion of constituent components of a source shape. The transform includes one or more states for the portion of constituent components of the source shape. The method also includes accessing a mapping function that associates the one or more states with one or more controls for a target shape, where the one or more controls configured for access by a user…

Copying an object in an animation creation application

Granted: May 10, 2016
Patent Number: 9335902
A first input is received in an animation creation application having a user interface showing a virtual-space area for first objects, and a timeline area for second objects representing events. To generate the first input, a user presses and holds an input control while a cursor is over one of the first or second objects. It is determined whether the input control is held for at least a predefined duration. If so, a copy of the object is assigned to the cursor, and the copy is…

Switching modes of a media content item

Granted: May 3, 2016
Patent Number: 9332285
Systems and techniques are provided for switching between different modes of a media content item. A media content item may include a movie that has different modes, such as a cinematic mode and an interactive mode. For example, a movie may be presented in a cinematic mode that does not allow certain user interactions with the movie. The movie may be switched to an interactive mode during any point of the movie, allowing a viewer to interact with various aspects of the movie. The movie…

Controlling a virtual camera

Granted: April 26, 2016
Patent Number: 9324179
Among other aspects, on computer-implemented method includes: receiving at least one command in a computer system from a handheld device; positioning a virtual camera and controlling a virtual scene according to the command; and in response to the command, generating an output to the handheld device for displaying a view of the virtual scene as controlled on a display of the handheld device, the view captured by the virtual camera as positioned.

Real-time performance capture with on-the-fly correctives

Granted: April 19, 2016
Patent Number: 9317954
Techniques for facial performance capture using an adaptive model are provided herein. For example, a computer-implemented method may include obtaining a three-dimensional scan of a subject and a generating customized digital model including a set of blendshapes using the three-dimensional scan, each of one or more blendshapes of the set of blendshapes representing at least a portion of a characteristic of the subject. The method may further include receiving input data of the subject,…

Calibration target for video processing

Granted: April 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9307231
An apparatus is disclosed which may serve as a target for calibrating a camera. The apparatus comprises one or more planar surfaces. The apparatus includes at least one fiducial marking on a planar surface. The set of all planar markings on the apparatus are distinguishable.

Calibration target for video processing

Granted: April 5, 2016
Patent Number: 9307232
An apparatus is disclosed which may serve as a target for calibrating a camera. The apparatus includes a hollow body having an interior surface, an exterior surface and at least one window formed in the hollow body through which the interior surface is visible. A plurality of distinguishable fiducial markers are arranged in a predetermined pattern along the interior and exterior surface of the hollow body. The fiducial markers can be distinguishable such that, for any given image of the…

Controlling robotic motion of camera

Granted: March 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9300852
Among other disclosed subject matter, a system includes a first camera generating a live image of a scene, the first camera configured for being placed in a plurality of locations by robotic motion. The system includes a handheld device that includes a display device for continuously presenting the live image, wherein movement of the handheld device causes the handheld device to generate an output that controls the robotic motion.