Maxim Integrated Patent Grants

Maintain power signature (MPS) from a powered device (PD) while power is drawn from another source

Granted: January 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9548613
A system for sinking maintain power signature (MPS) current to a rectifier bridge from a powered device (PD) controller in a Power over Ethernet (PoE) network is disclosed. In one or more implementations, the system includes a rectifier bridge configured to electrically connect to Power over Ethernet power sourcing equipment for receiving power from the power sourcing equipment. The system also includes a powered device controller operatively connected to the rectifier bridge and…

Voltage transition technique for a voltage converter

Granted: January 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9541974
The present invention relates to a voltage converter based on a switching regulator, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of dynamically controlling an output of the voltage converter to rapidly transition between different power supply voltages as required in many electronic devices. The switching regulator generates an output supply voltage that tracks a voltage originally provided by an internal DAC. During the supply voltage variation, a step control signal is…

Eliminating flicker in LED-based display systems

Granted: January 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9542880
A system includes a driver circuit, a modulator circuit, and a reset circuit. The driver circuit drives a plurality of light emitting diodes via a switch. The switch is controlled by a first signal having a first frequency. The driver circuit controls brightness of the light emitting diodes based on a second signal including a plurality of pulses. The modulator circuit modulates the first signal using a direct sequence spread spectrum modulation. The direct sequence spread spectrum…

Electronic circuit arrangement for receiving low frequency electro-magnetic waves with an adjustable attenuator element

Granted: January 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9544043
An electronic circuit arrangement for receiving low-frequency electromagnetic waves is proposed, having an inductor (L) acting as an antenna for generating a received signal, having a first receiver (2), connected to the inductor (L), for decoding a first component of the received signal and having a second receiver (3), connected to the inductor (L), for decoding a second component of the received signal, wherein at least the second receiver (3) is connected to the inductor (L) via an…

Multi-channel UV detection for improved solar spectrum and UV index estimation

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9534955
The present disclosure describes an ultraviolet (UV) sensor configured to detect a target UV spectrum (e.g., UVB spectrum). The UV sensor includes a first photodiode with a first UV spectral response and a second photodiode with a second UV spectral response. A filter layer having a graded spectral response is formed over the second photodiode, and the second UV spectral response is affected by a controlled parameter (e.g., thickness) of the filter layer. The UV sensor further includes a…

Extending RunTime with battery ripple cancellation using CPU throttling

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9535484
Methods of extending runtime with battery ripple cancellation in a CPU based system by providing a CPU that includes an input pin capable of throttling the power consumed by the CPU responsive to the input of a throttling signal, sensing a ripple in the form of a decrease in voltage or an increase in current responsive to a load on a CPU power supply, and when the ripple exceeds a predetermined limit, providing a throttling signal to the input pin to throttle the CPU to reduce the…

Systems and methods for managing cryptographic keys in a secure microcontroller

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9537656
The present invention relates to key management in a secure microcontroller, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of automatically and transparently employing logic or physical address based keys that may also be transferred using dedicated buses. A cryptographic engine translates a logic address to at least one physical address, and processes a corresponding data word based on at least one target key. The target key is selected from a plurality of keys based on the…

Secure memories using unique identification elements

Granted: December 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9531535
Various embodiments of the invention relate to secure systems and modules, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of generating and applying identification elements uniquely associated with memory, memory mapping and encrypted storage. These unique identification elements provide an improved, statistically random source from which keys and memory mappings may be derived. The application of these keys across various architectures result in an improvement in the security of…

Programmable mixed-signal input/output (IO)

Granted: December 20, 2016
Patent Number: 9525420
Techniques are described for providing highly integrated and configurable IO ports for integrated circuits that can be individually configured for a variety of general purpose digital or analog functions, such as multiple channel analog-to-digital converters (ADC), multiple channel digital-to-analog converters (DAC), multiplexers, GPIOs, analog switches, switch and multiplexers, digital logic level translators, comparators, temperature sensors and relays, and so forth. The configurations…

Semiconductor device having capacitor integrated therein

Granted: December 13, 2016
Patent Number: 9520462
Semiconductor devices are described that include a capacitor integrated therein. In an implementation, the semiconductor devices include a substrate including a dopant material of a first conductivity type. A plurality of trenches are formed within the substrate. The semiconductor devices also include a diffusion region having dopant material of a second conductivity type formed proximate to the trenches. A capacitor is formed within the trenches and at least partially over the…

Receiver automatic gain control (AGC) and slicer

Granted: December 13, 2016
Patent Number: 9521405
A system is disclosed that may include an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) module configured to automatically adjust the gain of a receiver, which is configured to receive a signal. The signal includes a number of commands, which have a characteristic command length and a characteristic command interval. The command length may have a substantially shorter duration than the command interval. The system may also include a slicer configured to interface to a command processor. The system…

Energy efficient systems having linear regulators and methods of operating the same

Granted: December 6, 2016
Patent Number: 9513644
The invention relates to systems having linear regulators and methods of operating the systems. The system includes: a linear regulator responsive to an input voltage and operative to output a regulated voltage; a first circuit responsive to the regulated voltage and configured to operate at a first voltage difference between the regulated voltage and a ground level; and a second circuit responsive to the input voltage and the regulated voltage and configured to operate at a second…

System and method for discerning complex gestures using an array of optical sensors

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9507433
A method for gesture determination (e.g., discerning complex gestures) via an electronic system (e.g., a gesture sensing system) including an array of optical sensors is described herein. The method includes detecting a plurality of sub-gestures (e.g., simple gestures provided by a target located proximate to the system) via the array of optical sensors. The sensors generate signals based upon the detected (e.g., received) sub-gestures and transmit the signals to a processor of the…

Direct measurement of an input signal to a loudspeaker to determine and limit a temperature of a voice coil of the loudspeaker

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9510101
Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for providing temperature limiting for a voice coil of a speaker. The system and method provide the aforementioned temperature limiting based upon monitoring (e.g., measurement) of an amplifier output signal provided to the speaker. Providing the aforementioned temperature limiting promotes improved protection for the speaker.

Device and method with physical unclonable function

Granted: November 22, 2016
Patent Number: 9502356
A physical unclonable function device, an encryptable electronic device, and a process for fabricating the physical unclonable function device are described. In an implementation, a physical unclonable function device includes an integrated circuit device including an active layer, the active layer including an electrode array with multiple electrodes; and a physical unclonable function coating disposed on the active layer, wherein the physical unclonable function coating includes a…

Gyroscope shock and disturbance detection circuit

Granted: November 1, 2016
Patent Number: 9482534
The invention relates to integrated circuits, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of integrating a gyro sensing circuit with a gyroscope to detect a shock or a disturbance, and accurately differentiate rotation-based sense signals from noises introduced by the shock or disturbance. The gyro sensing circuit may be implemented in a differential or non-differential demodulation scheme, and comprises at least one demodulation unit and a peak detector. The at least one…

Systems and methods to reduce quadrature error in sensors

Granted: November 1, 2016
Patent Number: 9484890
Various embodiments of the invention provide for improved performance by reducing a quadrature error signal. In certain embodiments, this is accomplished by using a mixed-signal architecture comprising analog and digital circuit components in a closed-loop configuration that generates from a detected quadrature error signal a calibration quadrature signal that is then compensated at a virtual ground of an analog front end circuit. Some embodiments allow for pre-calibration for quadrature…

Systems and methods for stable physically unclonable functions

Granted: November 1, 2016
Patent Number: 9485094
Various embodiments of the invention allow to take advantage of the natural statistical variation of physical properties in a semiconductor device in order to create truly random, repeatable, and hard to detect cryptographic bits. In certain embodiments, this is accomplished by pairing mismatch values of PUF elements so as to ensure that PUF key bits generated thereform remain insensitive to environmental errors, without affecting the utilization rate of available PUF elements.

Headset with microphone and wired remote control

Granted: November 1, 2016
Patent Number: 9485580
In an example embodiment a headset includes a phone jack, a speaker connected to the phone jack, a microphone coupled to the phone jack and a resistive switch string coupled to the phone jack to the same ring of the phone jack as the microphone. In another example an integrated circuit device includes a charge pump, a multi-voltage LDO having an input which is capable of being coupled to an output of the charge pump, an ADC; and a pull-up resistor coupled between an output of the LDO and…

Shut-off circuitry having temperature stable threshold current sensing

Granted: October 25, 2016
Patent Number: 9479042
A circuit is described that provides low power and temperature stability in a compact design. In one or more implementations of the present disclosure, the circuit includes a current sensing element configured for generating a voltage drop based upon a current generated by a current source through a load. The circuit also includes an asymmetric differential circuit for generating a differential output based upon the voltage drop. The circuit also includes an amplifier electrically…