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Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: D790544


Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: D790554


Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: D790555

Optimized focal area for augmented reality displays

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690099
A method and system that enhances a user's experience when using a near eye display device, such as a see-through display device or a head mounted display device is provided. An optimized image for display relative to the a field of view of a user in a scene is created. The user's head and eye position and movement are tracked to determine a focal region for the user. A portion of the optimized image is coupled to the user's focal region in the current position of the eyes, a next…

Scaling digital personal assistant agents across devices

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690542
A method for providing digital personal assistant responses may include receiving, by a digital personal assistant associated with a plurality of reactive agents, a user input initiating a dialog with the digital personal assistant within the computing device. In response to receiving the input, an operation mode of the computing device may be detected from a plurality of available operation modes. One of the plurality of reactive agents can be selected based on the received input. A…

Unified data type system and method

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690554
A type system includes a dual representation for basic data types. One representation is the basic data type representation common to such basic built-in data types, known as an unboxed value type or simply as a value type. Each of the basic data types also has a boxed representation that can be stored in the object hierarchy of the type system. This dual representation can also be extended to user-defined types, so that user-defined types may exist both as an unboxed value type and as…

Language-based model for asynchronous operations

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690604
A language-based model to support asynchronous operations set forth in a synchronous syntax is provided. The asynchronous operations are transformed in a compiler into an asynchronous pattern, such as an APM-based pattern (or asynchronous programming model based pattern). The ability to compose asynchronous operations comes from the ability to efficiently call asynchronous methods from other asynchronous methods, pause them and later resume them, and effectively implementing a…

Data encoding on single-level and variable multi-level cell storage

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690656
A method of encoding data on single level or variable multi-level cell storage includes receiving a block of encoded data from an approximation-aware application and at least an importance attribute associated with the block of encoded data; and assigning the block of encoded data to a memory address or a particular region of a memory having at least three precision levels, based at least according to the importance attribute. The importance attribute indicates a relative sensitivity of…

Test case generation in a development environment

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690689
A development system comprises a user interface component and a customization component configured to receive developer customization inputs and to customize a portion of a computing system based on the developer customization inputs. The portion comprises types modeled in the computing system. The development system also comprises a test generation component configured to identify a test value by accessing a test knowledge set based on the types, control the user interface component to…

Contextual language understanding for multi-turn language tasks

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690776
Methods and systems are provided for contextual language understanding. A natural language expression may be received at a single-turn model and a multi-turn model for determining an intent of a user. For example, the single-turn model may determine a first prediction of at least one of a domain classification, intent classification, and slot type of the natural language expression. The multi-turn model may determine a second prediction of at least one of a domain classification, intent…

Text overlay techniques in realtime translation

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690782
The technology described herein employs techniques for overlaying (superimposing) translated text on top of (over) scanned text in realtime. The technology recognizes text in an image and identifies a first language in which the text is written. The technology translates the text into a second language and generates an overlay in the second language. The overlay is then inserted into the display over the text in the image.

Relationship serialization and reconstruction for entities

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9690825
Systems and methods that enable relationship information to be carried along with the entity when serializing/deserializing entities among application tiers. A tracking component tracks information on relationships associated with an entity, and further enables users to perform subsequent change processing on the entity's relationship information. Accordingly, relationship information can be carried along with the entity such that database operation can be performed without requirement…

Scanning and processing objects into three-dimensional mesh models

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691178
The claimed subject matter includes techniques for scanning and processing three-dimensional (3D) objects. An example method includes scanning the 3D object to produce depth data. The method also includes generating, via a processor, a 3D progressive mesh from the depth data. The method further includes displaying the generation of the 3D progressive mesh in real-time.

Voice print identification for identifying speakers at an event

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691393
Voice print identification for identifying speakers at an event is provided. A plurality of speakers at an event are recorded and associated with identity indicators. Voice prints for each speaker are associated with each of the plurality of recorded speakers. Determining based on the event, the list of attendees for the event, and the identity indicators, whether the voice print for at least one speaker corresponds to a known.

Identifying sound from a source of interest based on multiple audio feeds

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691413
Methods and systems for identifying sound from a source of interest are provided for herein. In some embodiments, a first audio feed is captured by a first microphone and a second audio feed is captured by a second microphone. The first microphone may be located closer in proximity to the source of interest than the second microphone. The first audio feed can be processed utilizing the second audio feed to produce a first processed audio feed that can enable identification of sound…

Opportunistic frame caching

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9691430
Enhanced, efficient source frame decoding for user previewing is implemented by decoding and caching source frames of an input file that a user is interested in. Source frames for a user preview session are identified and decoded first to enhance user satisfaction with more timely preview segments for review. Additional source frames continue to be decoded on the fly to opportunistically enhance the current preview segment and to be prepared for additional preview segments and/or output…

Failure analysis in cloud based service using synthetic measurements

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692665
A failure analysis of a cloud based service is provided using synthetic measurements of the cloud based service. The synthetic measurements associated with a customer experience is executed on the cloud based service to determine a health of the cloud based service. The synthetic measurements simulate the customer experience which includes a use scenario of a customer of the cloud based service. Failures associated with the health of the cloud based service are aggregated, where the…

Single sign-on without a broker application

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692745
Facilitating single sign-on on a device having sandboxed applications. A method includes identifying a plurality of associated applications. Criteria are evaluated to identify a primary application. Authentication state is stored at the primary application. One or more portions of the authentication state can be used by the applications in the plurality of associated application for authentication.

Authenticating linked accounts

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692747
Embodiments of authenticating linked accounts are presented herein. In an implementation, an authentication service provides functionality to form links between a plurality of user accounts. A client may then authenticate by providing credentials for one account in a group of linked accounts, and is permitted access to each account in the group of linked accounts based upon the linking. Thus, a single sign-in of a client to one account may permit the client to obtain services for service…

Monitoring and managing user privacy levels

Granted: June 27, 2017
Patent Number: 9692777
Various embodiments pertain to techniques for measuring a user's privacy level as a user interacts with various web services. In various embodiments, entities with which the user interacts are detected and sensitive information shared by the user is logged to determine what a given entity knows about the user. In some embodiments, sensitive information that is shared by a user can be processed using a predictive algorithm to ascertain a user's level of privacy. When a user's identity is…