Microsoft Patent Grants

Display screen with graphical user interface

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: D792432

Display screen with graphical user interface

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: D792433

Method and system of taskbar button interfaces

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710133
The present invention provides a system or method for displaying rich presentation taskbar buttons for a corresponding application. In one example, the rich presentation taskbar button may receive content from an application through a programming interface. The present invention further relates to a system and method for displaying a rich presentation taskbar button and for displaying and/or dismissing a thumbnail of an application window associated with the rich presentation taskbar…

Dynamic gesture parameters

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710154
Techniques involving gestures and other functionality are described. In one or more implementations, an input is recognized by a computing device as corresponding to a gesture, the gesture defined using a plurality of parameters, at least one of which having a threshold that varies with respect to another one of the parameters. An operation is caused to be performed by the computing device that corresponds to the gesture.

Application model for implementing composite applications

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710233
Embodiments are directed to providing an application model for implementing composite applications and to providing a declarative programming model and distributed runtime for creating and executing composite applications. In an embodiment, a computer system instantiates an application model. The application model allows users to compose composite applications. The composite applications are configured to run on both distributed computing systems and local computing systems. The computer…

Identification of host-compatible downloadable applications

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710247
A user's (client) computer sends a request for a listing of applications which can be downloaded from a server in an electronic marketplace and a list of functions provided by a host program. A description of an application, such as in an application manifest, provides a list of required functions and, preferably, a list of optional functions for a software application. The server sends a list of applications supported by those functions. Those supported applications are displayed to the…

Application install and layout syncing

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710248
Embodiments described herein relate to synchronizing configuration information between devices associated with a user. The synchronized configuration information can relate to application installations and uninstallations as well as to user modifications to user interfaces for managing and invoking the applications. For example, layouts of application representations provided by respective application launchers on a user's respective devices are kept automatically synchronized when the…

Mechanism for safe and reversible rolling upgrades

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710250
Methods, systems, and computer storage media for updating instances of a service application within nodes of a data center are provided. The system includes a state machine equipped for designating an earlier version of software running on some instances as a basement version and a newer version of software running on other instances as a latest version. The system also includes a compatibility mechanism responsible for allowing the basement version, the latest version, and other…

Location estimation using image analysis

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710488
An implementation of location estimation using image analysis is described. In this implementation, an image of a place is obtained and matched with previously stored images. The matching may be achieved by employing methods based on key feature extraction algorithm, color histogram analysis, pattern matching or other image comparison techniques. Upon determining a match, the location information associated with the image provides the location. The location information may be in the form…

Content-based image search

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710491
Image descriptor identifiers are used for content-based search. A plurality of descriptors is determined for an image. The descriptors represent the content of the image at respective interest points identified in the image. The descriptors are mapped to respective descriptor identifiers. The image can thus be represented as a set of descriptor identifiers. A search is performed on an index using the descriptor identifiers as search elements. A method for efficiently searching the…

Approximate K-means via cluster closures

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710493
A set of data points is divided into a plurality of subsets of data points. A set of cluster closures is generated based at least in part on the subset of data points. Each cluster closure envelopes a corresponding cluster of a set of clusters and is comprised of data points of the enveloped cluster and data points neighboring the enveloped cluster. A k-Means approximator iteratively assigns data points to a cluster of the set of clusters and updates a set of cluster centroids…

Data set preview technology

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710526
A mechanism for providing a preview of a data set. The search system finds a data set relevant to the search query. For any given data set, the search system extracts only a sample of elements from the data set. The sample of elements provided to the requestor includes elements for which there is a match on the search query, and elements that have no hit, but are proximate to an element that has a hit. The user obtains a view constructed of the sample of elements provided by the search…

Explicit signals personalized search

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9710546
Methods, systems, and computer program products are provided that enable users to provide explicit declarations that are used to generate recommendations for the users. An explicit declaration is received from a user of a user device. The explicit declaration is configured to influence a subsequent recommendation. The words of the explicit declaration are processed to generate a record. A recommendation rule is generated based on the generated record. The recommendation rule is executed…

Devices with an array of superconducting logic cells

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9712172
A device including an array of superconducting logic cells, where each of the superconducting logic cells is configured to receive at least one input and provide at least one output, is provided. Each of the superconducting logic cells includes at least one Josephson junction, whose state changes based on at least a biasing condition caused by a phase of a first clock or a phase of a second clock. The array of the superconducting logic cells is configured to perform at least one…

Workload deployment with infrastructure management agent provisioning

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9712375
A computer-implemented method for managing a workload in connection with a networked computing infrastructure having a plurality of host computer systems includes obtaining first data indicative of an environment type of the networked computing infrastructure, obtaining second data indicative of an operating system type of the workload, deploying, with a processor, an image of the workload in a virtual machine on a target host computer system of the plurality of host computer systems,…

Automated network control

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9712418
Embodiments are directed to automatically controlling network and service quality across datacenters. In one scenario, a computer system identifies portions of work that are to be performed within the datacenter. The computer system creates a request for change (request) in a change management system, where the change management system is configured to store and manage the implementation of requests within the datacenter. Then, upon implementation of the created request, the computer…

Routing messages between virtual networks

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9712438
Routing messages between virtual networks using a mapping of virtual addresses from one virtual network to a virtual address of the other virtual network. Each virtual network has a valid set of virtual addresses, some of which being assigned to virtual nodes within the corresponding network. When a virtual network identifies a message to be sent, it identifies a destination for the message. Some destinations may be within the same virtual network and thus may be routed to virtual nodes…

Application spawning responsive to communication

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9712472
The automatic spawning of application in response to detected content in other communications. Such application spawning has the effect of enriching the original communication with the additional functionality of applications that accomplish and supplement the original communication. Such application spawning may be automatic, and responsive to monitoring of the content of the communication. Upon detecting that the content of the communication has satisfied summoning criteria, the…

Topological qubit fusion

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9713199
A fusion outcome quasiparticle may be trapped in a potential well of a topological segment. The fusion outcome quasiparticle may be the product of fusion of a first quasiparticle and a second quasiparticle, where the first and the second quasiparticles are localized at ends of a topological segment. The potential well having the fusion outcome quasiparticle trapped therein and a third quasiparticle may be moved relative to each other such that the potential well and the third…

Datacenter immersed in cooling liquid

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9713290
The subject disclosure is directed towards a datacenter or partial datacenter (e.g., a datacenter module) contained in a sealed container. The container may be filled with a cooling fluid, such as a dielectric fluid, to help cool the datacenter components. The container and its internal datacenter or datacenter portion may be submerged in water, in which event the fluid also helps to equalize the external water pressure.