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Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: D778867


Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: D778868

Eye tracking enabled smart closed captioning

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9568997
Systems and methods for controlling closed captioning using an eye tracking device are provided. The system for controlling closed captioning may comprise a display device, a closed captioning controller configured to display closed captioning text for a media item during playback on the display device, and an eye tracking device configured to detect a location of a user's gaze relative to the display device and send the location to the closed captioning controller. The closed captioning…

Method and system implementing user-centric gesture control

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569005
A user-centric method and system to identify user-made gestures to control a remote device images the user using a three-dimensional image system, and defines at least one user-centric three-dimensional detection zone dynamically sized appropriately for the user, who is free to move about. Images made within the detection zone are compared to a library of stored gestures, and the thus identified gesture is mapped to an appropriate control command signal coupleable to the remote device.…

Input aggregation for a multi-touch device

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569079
The aggregation of multiple inputs in a touch-sensitive input device is disclosed. For example, one disclosed embodiment comprises receiving multiple inputs related to a virtual object, aggregating the inputs into an aggregated output, and providing the aggregated output to an application that controls the virtual object.

Disambiguating intentional and incidental contact and motion in multi-touch pointing devices

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569094
An input device has both a touch sensor and a position sensor. A computer using data from the input device uses the relative motion of a contact on a touch sensor with respect to motion from a position detector to disambiguate intentional from incidental motion. The input device provides synchronized position sensor and touch sensor data to the computer to permit processing the relative motion and performing other computations on both position sensor and touch sensor data. The input…

Video streaming in a web browser

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569097
A video element of a browser can be moved, resized, etc. independently of the remainder of a browser page. In one embodiment, as the video element is moved, the remainder of the browser page is reformatted so as to change the page's layout. The renderer of the content can have a different video provider sourcing the video element than the remainder of the browser page. As a result, two different content streams can be provided to the renderer in parallel. In another embodiment, the video…

Generating native code from intermediate language code for an application

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569184
Disclosed herein are representative embodiments of tools and techniques for installing, executing, and/or updating managed applications through generation of native code from code in an intermediate language. According to one exemplary technique, a computing device receives machine dependent intermediate language code (MDIL code) generated by an online provider for an application. Additionally, the computing device installs the application on the computing device by generating a native…

Virtual application manager

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569194
A system and method are provided for managing applications over a network between a server system and client computers. In one example, the method involves receiving user login information from a client computer, then accessing on the server system a user profile associated with the login information. The user profile includes a user environment configuration for a client environment. Transport protocols are selected based on the user profile. The transport protocols are protocols for…

Transparent type-based object augmentation by orthogonal functionality

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569202
Tools and techniques are described for transparently and safely augmenting the functionality of objects in an existing collection of objects. One approach automatically creates a dynamic interface for a known object type T, having the same type signature as T. Augmentations which implement the interface are then recognized, and an interpreted or compiled code environment is adjusted to invoke their functionality, which is orthogonal to the indicated functionality of type T. An…

Evaluating preferences of content on a webpage

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569541
Systems, methods, and computer storage media having computer-executable instructions embodied thereon that facilitate evaluation of digital content preferences are provided. A user is presented with items of digital content and permitted to manipulate the arrangement of the digital content items in the context of a layout area. Based on the user's manipulation of the digital content items, a user preference regarding an arrangement of digital content, such as a location preference, a…

Image processing for productivity applications

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569689
Image processing for productivity applications is provided. An image may be received by a computing device. The computing device may detect the edges comprising the received image and adjust the image based on a skew state of the detected edges. The computing device may then process the adjusted image to correct imbalances. The computing device may then assign an image classification to the processed image. The computing device may then adjust the processed image based on the assigned…

Server computing device for recommending meeting a friend at a service location based on current location, travel direction, and calendar activity

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569726
A server computing device and related method for providing recommendations to a user computing device are disclosed. In one example, user activity of the user of a user computing device and friend activity of a friend using a friend computing device are received. A request for a recommendation is received from the user device. Based on the user and friend activities, it is estimated that the user and friend will approach an intersecting location within a window of time, and the user and…

View rendering from multiple server-side renderings

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569812
A first user input is received when a client program executed by a client computing device is in a first state. The first user input is sent to a server computing device to render a view of a virtual scene. A state change from the first state in the client program due to a second user input or a program event is identified. One or more gaps in a server-rendered current view due to the state change are determined. A rendering of the one or more gaps is selected from among the…

Generating Voronoi treemaps

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569868
A system described herein includes a receiver component that receives a tree-structured dataset that includes multiple branches that are hierarchically related to one another. The system also includes an executor component that causes a programmable graphical processing unit to generate a Voronoi treemap based at least in part upon the tree-structured dataset, wherein the Voronoi treemap comprises a plurality of subareas that correspond to the multiple branches, and wherein the Voronoi…

Techniques to provide a standard interface to a speech recognition platform

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9570078
Techniques and systems to provide speech recognition services over a network using a standard interface are described. In an embodiment, a technique includes accepting a speech recognition request that includes at least audio input, via an application program interface (API). The speech recognition request may also include additional parameters. The technique further includes performing speech recognition on the audio according to the request and any specified parameters; and returning a…

Image sensor bending by induced substrate swelling

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9570488
In some examples, techniques and architectures for fabricating an image sensor chip having a curved surface include placing a substrate on a first surface of an image sensor chip, wherein the first surface of the image sensor chip is opposite a second surface of the image sensor chip, and wherein the second surface of the image sensor chip includes light sensors to generate electrical signals in response to receiving light. Fabricating also includes modifying a volume of the substrate so…

Discovery of familiar claims providers

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571491
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to identity technology. In aspects, profile data is mined to determine claims providers with which a user may be familiar. These familiar claims providers are used in conjunction with claims providers that are allowed by a relying party to determine a candidate set of claims providers that are both familiar to the user and allowed by the relying party. This candidate set of claims providers is then displayed to a user so that the user…

Consumption of content with reactions of an individual

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571879
Techniques for obtaining a reaction of an individual to content and outputting the reaction of the individual with the content are described herein. The techniques may include obtaining the reaction of the individual as the content is displayed to the individual. The reaction may be obtained by capturing a video of the individual. The reaction of the individual and the content may be output at a same time to another individual. These techniques may also include obtaining the reaction of…

Dynamic adjustment of user experience based on system capabilities

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9572104
A mobile computing device has an operating system that configures the mobile computing device by defining at least one user session, wherein the at least one user session includes a plurality of contexts, each context of the plurality of contexts having separate bindings of input and output resources, and separately managed applications. For example, a different context can be associated with each display device. The operating system is further configured to receive information about…