Quantum Patent Grants

Method of fabricating a pressurized-gas storage assembly

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9568150
A pressurized-gas storage assembly has a liner defining a gas storage chamber and an end portion with a planar surface, with an access opening on the planar surface that is in fluid communication with the gas storage chamber. A raised circular ring extends from the planar surface and surrounds the access opening. The assembly also includes a polar boss having a longitudinally extending part that has a top surface with a recessed opening, and a planar bottom surface, with a channel…

Sequential access storage and data de-duplication

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569134
An example method includes determining a configuration of two or more partitions for a sequential access medium. At least one partition stores data de-duplication data structures while at least one other partition stores a repository of unique data blocks associated with the data structures. The method also includes controlling a data de-duplication computer to configure the sequential access medium according to the configuration. The method includes producing an output sequence for…

Mitigating the impact of a single point of failure in an object store

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569307
Example apparatus and methods distribute ranges or erasure codes associated with ranges to reduce or minimize the impact of a single point of failure in an object store. Erasure codes associated with related ranges to be stored in an object store may be accessed and selectively distributed to different storage devices associated with the object store. The erasure codes may be distributed according to a distribution plan so that an unavailability of one storage device will cause less than…

File level recovery using virtual machine image level backup with selective compression

Granted: February 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9563520
Example apparatus and methods process virtual machine image level backups that may include files that are compressed and files that are not compressed. Example apparatus and methods may produce virtual machine image level backups by selectively compressing some files associated with the image while leaving other files in their uncompressed state. Example apparatus and methods may selectively recover a file or even an entire disk image from an image level backup that may include both…

Data replica control

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558074
A replica control system includes software to control replication in virtual environments. The replica control system identifies a plurality of data blocks within an underlying storage volume in response to a request to update a replica of a target storage volume, identifies changed data blocks of the plurality of data blocks within the underlying storage volume, and identifies a subset of the changed data blocks with which to update the replica of the target storage volume based on a…

Solid state catholytes and electrolytes for energy storage devices

Granted: January 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9553332
The present invention provides an energy storage device comprising a cathode region having an active region which expands or contracts from a first volume to a second volume during a period of a charge and discharge. The device has a a solid state catholyte material which includes lithium, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon elements. The device has a protective material formed overlying exposed regions of the cathode material to substantially maintain the sulfur species within the catholyte…

Battery system with selective thermal management

Granted: January 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9553346
The present invention is directed to battery systems. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a battery system having a first battery group and a second battery group. The first battery group and the second battery group can share a single housing, or be positioned within separate housings. The first battery group and the second battery group can each have a plurality of cells configured in parallel, and the two groups can be electrically integrated. When operating at a…

Dynamic differential thermal measurement systems and methods

Granted: January 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9546907
Dynamic Digital Modulation obtains thermal image data on active semiconductor devices with sufficient sensitivity to be used in situ with packaged devices. These techniques can be applied to dynamic failures, but can also produce quantitative data of actual power dissipation as the device is placed into different operational modes. The thermal image results can be analyzed to assist in thermal management and assessing reliability and failure analysis issues in semiconductor devices.

Waveguide structure for mid-IR multiwavelength concatenated distributed-feedback laser with an active core made of cascaded stages

Granted: January 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9547124
Concatenated distributed feedback lasers having novel waveguides are disclosed. The waveguides allow for coupling of the laser beam between active and passive waveguide structures and improved device design and output efficiency. Methods of making along with methods of using such devices are also disclosed.

Quantum cascade laser design with stepped well active region

Granted: January 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9548590
Included are embodiments of a quantum cascade laser structure. Some embodiments include a plurality of quantum wells and a plurality of barriers, at least a portion of which define an active region. In some embodiments, a photon is emitted in the active region when an electron transitions from an upper laser state in the active region to a lower laser state in the active region. Additionally, a final quantum well in the plurality of quantum wells may define the active region, where the…

Inclined pet device and pet combined device

Granted: January 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9538964
An inclined PET device is provided in which the cut plane of a detector ring upon which a plurality of PET detectors are disposed is inclined so that it does not intersect perpendicularly with the long axis of a bed that carries a subject to be examined and in which an open space that passes through the bed in a direction perpendicular to the long axis thereof is formed, in order to enable access to the subject to be examined. The PET detectors are disposed and stacked in a direction…

Protective coatings for conversion material cathodes

Granted: January 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9543564
Battery systems using coated conversion materials as the active material in battery cathodes are provided herein. Protective coatings may be an oxide, phosphate, or fluoride, and may be lithiated. The coating may selectively isolate the conversion material from the electrolyte. Methods for fabricating batteries and battery systems with coated conversion material are also provided herein.

Composite pressure tank identification and tracking

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9534738
Disclosed is a device, system and methods for tracking conductive composite pressurized gaseous storage tanks. The system including anchoring an RFID device in a non-conductive blind boss. Wherein the anchor material has a low dielectric and has minimal reflection if RF energy.

Sample analysis method

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9535033
The analysis method allows analysis of samples with high sensitivity, irrespective of interelectrode distance. The method includes: a step of applying a voltage between a first electrode pair such that an electric field is formed in a direction intersecting a migration direction of a sample; a step of placing a solution, including an electrochemically active molecule that produces a redox reaction at the electrode pair, between the first electrode pair; a step of causing the sample to…

Immediate recovery of virtual machine using deduplication device and snapshots

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9535915
Example apparatus and methods use two types of storage to improve boot time associated with recovering a virtual machine running on a hypervisor. The first storage is deduplication based and the second storage is not deduplication based. Example apparatus and methods may read data from the first storage to support operations immediately upon the VM booting and until a full recovery has been completed. Example apparatus and methods may also write a snapshot to the second storage and then…

Method for actively damping a ship's motion as well as such an active roll stabilisation system

Granted: December 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9527557
The invention relates to a method and device for actively damping a ship's motion while the ship is sailing including driving at least one first rotatable damping element that extends from the ship's hull, below the water line, on a side of the ship. According to the invention, the method is characterized by the steps of: i) sensing the ship's motion and sailing speed, ii) generating and delivering control signals on the basis of step i), iii) rotatably driving the stabilization…

Metadata storage in unused portions of a virtual disk file

Granted: December 20, 2016
Patent Number: 9524122
Embodiments disclosed herein provide systems and method for storing metadata to unused portions of a virtual disk file. In a particular embodiment, a method provides selecting a virtual disk file stored on a data storage volume and identifying unused portions of the virtual disk file. The method further provides writing metadata for the virtual disk file in the unused portions of the virtual disk file.

Short oxygen delignification method

Granted: December 6, 2016
Patent Number: 9512560
A short oxygen delignification method employs a mixing assembly including a mixing chamber having an interior wall which is generally symmetrical about a central longitudinal axis. At least one inlet is used to introduce paper pulp, a basic compound, optional steam and an oxygen-containing gas into the mixing chamber. At least one axial baffle is connected to and extends along the interior wall. At least one transverse baffle is connected to and extends from the interior wall transverse…

Handpiece with integrated optical system for photothermal radiometry and luminescence measurements

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9506808
An apparatus is provided for performing photothermal measurements on a object. The apparatus, which may be provided as a handpiece, houses optical components including a laser, an infrared detector, a dichroic beamsplitter, and focusing and beam directing optics for the delivery of a laser beam to, and the collection of photothermal radiation from, a measured object. Some of the optical components may be provided on an optical bench that is directly attached to a thermally conductive tip…

Method for controlling substance moving speed and apparatus for controlling the same

Granted: November 29, 2016
Patent Number: 9506894
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for controlling the moving speed of a substance, both of which can adjust the moving speed of a substance to a desired speed. The control method and control apparatus cause a substance to pass through an internal space, in which an electro-osmotic flow is generated, of a surround electrode formed so as to surround part of the moving path of the substance, whereby the control method and control apparatus change the moving speed of the…