ServiceSource Patent Grants

Account sharing detection

Granted: February 2, 2016
Patent Number: 9251464
Apparatus and methods are described for detecting sharing of electronic or online accounts based on grouping of data samples that include keyboard input timing factors and optionally secondary factors. The data samples can be received from various computers having various keyboards of a certain type and may be input by more than one user. The data samples are grouped based on distances and ratios of mathematical combinations of distances between input timing of key events such as dwell…

Gradual template generation

Granted: March 31, 2015
Patent Number: 8997191
Embodiments of the invention relate to collecting keystroke timing data of samples of a phrase input by a user on an input device during different user sessions, and creating a biometric user template based on the timing data collected during the different sessions. Once a sufficient number of samples are collected, the template may be used to authenticate the user.

Remediating unauthorized sharing of account access to online resources

Granted: October 7, 2014
Patent Number: 8856955
A number of effective alternatives for discouraging unauthorized online-resource sharing are discussed. An anti-sharing strategy can be built by applying one or more of the alternatives in response to possible, strongly-suspected or virtually certain unauthorized sharing.