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Shared memory eigensolver

Patent Number 9547882 - January 17, 2017

Disclosed herein is a shared memory systems that use a combination of SBR and MRRR techniques to calculate eigenpairs for dense matrices…

Clustered filesystem with membership version support

Patent Number 9519657 - December 13, 2016

A computer system with read/write access to storage devices creates a snapshot of a data volume at a point in time while continuing to accept…

System method for I/O acceleration in hybrid storage wherein copies of data segments are deleted if identified segments does not meet quality level threshold

Patent Number 9513844 - December 6, 2016

The present system enables more efficient I/O processing by providing a mechanism for maintaining data within the locality of reference. One…

Platform and software framework for data intensive applications in the cloud

Patent Number 9513934 - December 6, 2016

A system deploys visualization tools, business analytics software, and big data software in a multi-instance mode on a large, coherent shared…

Network topology for a scalable multiprocessor system

Patent Number 9514092 - December 6, 2016

A system and method for interconnecting a plurality of processing element nodes within a scalable multiprocessor system is provided. Each…

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Application Number 20150312165 - October 29, 2015

The present invention relates to a temporal base method of mutual exclusion control of a shared resource. The invention will usually be…

High Speed Serial Link In-Band Lane Fail Over for RAS and Power Management

Application Number 20150278040 - October 1, 2015

A system and method provide a communications link having a plurality of lanes, and an in-band, real-time physical layer protocol that keeps…

Low Latency Serial Data Encoding Scheme For Enhanced Burst Error Immunity and Long Term Reliability

Application Number 20150280746 - October 1, 2015

A high performance computing system and method communicate data packets between computing nodes on a multi-lane communications link using a…


Application Number 20150212736 - July 30, 2015

Embodiments of the presently claimed invention enable a RAID set to appear as if it were initialized immediately after a command to initialize…


Application Number 20150205506 - July 23, 2015

A user of a graphical visualization program controls what data is selectable through the program interface. Data for display may be grouped…

Silicon Graphics Federal Litigation Filings

Donoghue v. Silicon Graphics International Corp. et al

New York Southern District Court - March 19, 2013

Safe Storage LLC v. Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Delaware District Court - November 30, 2012

BetaNet, LLC v. Xerox Corp. et al

Texas Eastern District Court - June 16, 2010

In Re: Silicon Graphics, Inc.

New York Southern District Court - June 26, 2009


U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit - May 2, 2008

Silicon Graphics Federal District Court Decisions

Silicon Graphics, Inc. v. ATI Technologies, Inc.

Wisconsin Western District Court - November 24, 2015

ORDER RE: Sealed Documents. Signed by District Judge Barbara B. Crabb on 11/24/2015. (voc)

Silicon Graphics, Inc. v. ATI Technologies, Inc.

Wisconsin Western District Court - July 31, 2015

ORDER on Sealed Documents. The parties may have until 8/20/2015 to identify specific documents that should remain sealed and explain why they…

In Re: Silicon Graphics, Inc.

New York Southern District Court - July 10, 2009

ORDER, Appellant Brief due by 7/31/2009. Appellant Reply Brief due by 8/21/2009. Appellee Brief due by 8/14/2009. (Signed by Judge Sidney…