VMware Patent Grants

Modeling the topology of management servers in a distributed system

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9569315
Techniques disclosed herein enable efficient creation of models that represent connection topology of virtual machine (VM) management servers and site recovery manager (SRM) servers configured to provide VM recovery services across multiple locations. In operation, an SRM topology unit initializes a model to represent a VM management server. The SRM topology unit expands the model to represent a first SRM server that is logically connected to the VM management server and supports VM…

Network congestion management based on communication delay

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571406
Embodiments determine communication delay along a network path between a source and a destination in a network. A target injection rate is calculated based on the determined delay and a predetermined maximum queuing delay threshold. Data packets are transmitted along the network path using an inter-packet delay that is based on the target injection rate.

System and method for performing customized resource allocation analyses for distributed computer systems

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571415
A system and method for performing customized remote resource allocation analyzes on distributed computer systems utilizes a snapshot of a distributed computer system, which is received at a remote resource allocation module, to perform a resource allocation analysis using a resource allocation algorithm. The resource allocation algorithm is selected from a plurality of resource allocation algorithms based on at least one user-provided parameter associated with the distributed computer…

Traffic and load aware dynamic queue management

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571426
Some embodiments provide a queue management system that efficiently and dynamically manages multiple queues that process traffic to and from multiple virtual machines (VMs) executing on a host. This system manages the queues by (1) breaking up the queues into different priority pools with the higher priority pools reserved for particular types of traffic or VM (e.g., traffic for VMs that need low latency), (2) dynamically adjusting the number of queues in each pool (i.e., dynamically…

Detecting and correcting network interruptions using network address translation

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571450
Embodiments provide a network address translation (NAT) service for network devices. A network connection from at least one private network device to the NAT service is received and a network connection from at least one remote device to the NAT service is received. The private network device is positioned within a private network and the remote device is positioned within a public network. A network availability of the remote device is determined. If the remote device is unavailable or…

Methods and systems to manage computer resources in elastic multi-tenant cloud computing systems

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9571567
Methods and systems to reconfigure clusters in elastic multi-tenant cloud computing system. An example method includes partitioning a first resource reservation of a first virtual data center between a first cluster and a second cluster and partitioning a second resource reservation of a second virtual data center between the first cluster and the second cluster, and based on the partitioning of the first resource reservation and the second resource reservation, collectively adjusting a…

Decentralized management of virtualized hosts

Granted: February 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9563453
One or more embodiments of the present invention provide a technique for effectively managing virtualized computing systems with an unlimited number of hardware resources. Host systems included in a virtualized computer system are organized into a scalable, peer-to-peer (P2P) network in which host systems arrange themselves into a network overlay to communicate with one another. The network overlay enables the host systems to perform a variety of operations, which include dividing…

Scalable concurrent execution of distributed workflows sharing common operations

Granted: February 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9563478
Examples perform concurrent execution of distributed workflows sharing common operations by a plurality of nodes, such as execution of recovery plans for disaster recovery of virtual machines operating on and off premises. Concurrent execution of identical operations that were part of a previously executed workflow are prevented, by evaluating the source of the workflow and whether the workflow has previously been initiated by that source. The disclosure is scalable to allow for new…

Optimized encryption filtering of files

Granted: February 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9563785
Read data blocks are selectively decrypted and write data bocks are selectively encrypted in an input-output path between an application and a file system driver. If a read data block contains all zeroes, the read data block is not decrypted even though the read data block is a block of an encrypted file. Likewise, if a write data block contains all zeroes, the write data block is not encrypted even though the write data block is a block of an encrypted file. In this manner, the handling…

Systems and methods for transmitting data

Granted: February 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9565229
A server receives an update image for transmission to a client and encodes and compresses the update image data using a progressive encoding scheme. In one embodiment, the image data is encoded using progressive JPEG encoding and then into a base64 text string. When insufficient network bandwidth is available to transmit all of the image data for the update image, the server transmits only a first portion of the encoded image data, which is sufficient to fully reproduce the original…

Storage-network de-duplication

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558201
Techniques are provided for de-duplication of data. In one embodiment, a system comprises de-duplication logic that is coupled to a de-duplication repository. The de-duplication logic is operable to receive, from a client device over a network, a request to store a file in the de-duplicated repository using a single storage encoding. The request includes a file identifier and a set of signatures that identify a set of chunks from the file. The de-duplication logic determines whether any…

Dynamic packet filtering

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9559800
A solution for dynamic packet filtering includes, at a network device, if an n-tuple of a packet matches an n-tuple filter, applying an action of the filter to the packet. If the packet has not been discarded as a result of the filter application, and if the packet is identified, by using payload portion, as a network application associated with a filter policy, an n-tuple filter is generated based on the packet. If the application ID of the packet is not associated with a filter policy,…

Automatically configuring data center networks with neighbor discovery protocol support

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9559898
Techniques are disclosed herein for configuring a virtual network. One embodiment provides a computer-implemented method that includes receiving a request to add network interface cards (NICs) of a new virtual machine (VM) host to the virtual network, and determining, using a protocol by which network devices advertise information, ports of at least one physical switch to which the NICs are connected. The method further includes determining, based on a predefined network configuration…

Techniques for improving SYN cache performance

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9560173
A computer implemented method receives a client request message to initiate a network connection. In response to the client request, the method generates a key to represent the client request. The key is generated independent of information provided in the client request message and is generated to correspond to a desired address in a data structure used to track client request message. The method then enters the generated key at the desired address in the data structure and transmits a…

Systems and methods for customizing and programming a cloud-based management server

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9557986
Systems and methods for managing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provided by a virtual machine are described. The system may include a management application, and may receive a feature package from the virtual machine. The feature package may be associated with a function supported by the virtual machine. The system may integrate the feature package into the management application, and transmit a first command to the virtual machine for executing the function at the virtual machine. The…

Maintaining high availability of a group of virtual machines using heartbeat messages

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558070
Embodiments maintain high availability of software application instances in a fault domain. Subordinate hosts are monitored by a master host. The subordinate hosts publish heartbeats via a network and datastores. Based at least in part on the published heartbeats, the master host determines the status of each subordinate host, distinguishing between subordinate hosts that are entirely inoperative and subordinate hosts that are operative but partitioned (e.g., unreachable via the…

VM availability during migration and VM network failures in host computing systems

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558082
Techniques for virtual machine (VM) availability during migration network failure and VM network failure in a first host computing system in a failover cluster are described. In one example embodiment, migration and VM network failure in the first host computing system is identified, wherein the first host computing system being configured to migrate VMs using the migration network and to route network traffic of VMs via the VM network. A migration network is then temporarily configured…

Workload selection and cache capacity planning for a virtual storage area network

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558126
Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems receive a first input/output (I/O) trace from a first workload and run the first I/O trace through a cache simulation to determine a first miss ratio curve (MRC) for the first workload. A second I/O trace from the first workload is received and run through the cache simulation to determine a second MRC for the first workload. First and second cache sizes corresponding to a target miss rate for the first workload are determined using the first…

Using pagerank algorithm-based lock analysis to identify key processes for improving computing system efficiency

Granted: January 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9552235
A system is described for identifying key lock contention issues in computing devices. A computing device is executed and lock contention information relating to operations during execution of the computing device is recorded. The data is parsed and analyzed to determine blocking relationships between operations due to lock contention. Algorithms are implemented to analyze dependencies between operations based on the data and to identify key areas of optimization for performance…

Detecting X86 CPU register corruption from kernel crash dumps

Granted: January 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9552250
Discovering a hardware failure in a processor is disclosed. When an operating system or application fails, a function containing the instruction that failed along with the register set of the CPU at the failure is recorded. The function is analyzed into its basic blocks. The failing instruction, the failing basic block, the definitions that reach the failing instruction, and the CPU register set at the failure provide information to determine whether the failure was caused by hardware or…