Agilent Technologies Patent Applications


Granted: August 3, 2017
Application Number: 20170219540
In a method for processing successive fluidic sample portions provided by a sample source, sample reception volumes are filled successively temporarily with at least a respective one of the sample sections, and the sample sections are emptied successively out of the sample reception volumes in such a way, that, while emptying, it is avoided to bring two respective ones of the sample sections, which have not left the sample source directly adjacent to one another, in contact with one…


Granted: May 11, 2017
Application Number: 20170131244
A secondary stage sample separation device for separating at least a portion of a fluidic sample includes a fluidic interface configured for forming a detachable fluidic coupling between a primary stage sample separation device and the secondary separation device so that the fluidic sample separated by the primary stage sample separation device is fluidically supplyable to the secondary stage sample separation device via the fluidic interface for further separation, wherein the secondary…

High Dynamic Range Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy

Granted: March 23, 2017
Application Number: 20170082490
An imaging scanner and a method for using the same are disclosed. The scanner includes a variable attenuator adapted to receive a light beam generated by a MIR laser and that generates an attenuated light beam therefrom characterized by an attenuation level. The scanner includes an optical assembly that focuses the attenuated light beam to a point on a specimen. A light detector measures an intensity of light leaving the point on the specimen, the light detector being characterized by a…

Infrared Spectrometer and Scanner Utilizing Attenuated Total Reflection

Granted: March 23, 2017
Application Number: 20170082538
A scanner and an attenuated total reflection (ATR) objective for use in such scanners are disclosed The ATR objective includes first and second optical elements and an input port. The input port receives an input collimated light beam that is focused to a point on a planar face of the first optical element by the second optical element such that substantially all of that portion is reflected by the planar face and no portion of the input beam strikes the planar face at an angle greater…

Apparatus and Method for Three-Dimensional Infrared Imaging of Surfaces

Granted: March 23, 2017
Application Number: 20170085810
A scanner and method for using the same are disclosed. The scanner includes a stage, a MIR light source, an imaging system, and a controller. The stage is adapted to hold a specimen to be imaged and to move the specimen in a first direction and in a second direction that is orthogonal to the lateral direction. The imaging system forms an image plane of the specimen when the stage is positioned at a second direction distance, z, from a known point in the imaging system. The imaging system…

Immobilized Transposase Complexes For DNA Fragmentation And Tagging

Granted: March 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170058326
The present invention provides a simple and rapid method for preparing purified transposase complexes that are highly suited for fragmenting DNA. The method includes forming transposase complexes with oligonucleotide adapters in cell lysate, then purifying the complexes from the other substance in the cell lysate. Purification is accomplished using a specific binding pair, in which one member of the pair is bound to an oligonucleotide adapter of the complex and the other member of the…

Quantum Cascade Laser with Serially Configured Gain Sections

Granted: February 2, 2017
Application Number: 20170033532
An apparatus that includes a gain chip assembly, an external cavity, and a controller is disclosed. The gain chip assembly includes first and second gain chips that are coupled optically such that light travels serially between the first gain chip and the second gain chip, each gain chip is electrically biased. The electrical bias of the first gain chip is independent of the electrical bias of the second gain chip. The external cavity has a tunable wavelength selective filter that is…

Infrared Imaging System with Automatic Referencing

Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170003166
A method and apparatus for obtaining reference samples during the generation of a mid-infrared (MW) image without requiring that the sample being imaged be removed is disclosed. A tunable MIR laser generates a light beam that is focused onto a specimen on a specimen stage that moves the specimen in a first direction. An optical assembly includes a scanning assembly having a focusing lens and a mirror that moves in a second direction, different from the first direction, relative to the…

Light Source with Controllable Linear Polarization

Granted: January 5, 2017
Application Number: 20170003170
A light source having first and second wire-grid polarizers and a laser that emits a beam of linearly polarized light that is characterized by a propagation direction is disclosed. The first wire-grid polarization filter is characterized by a first linear polarization pass direction and a first actuator for causing the first linear polarization pass direction to rotate relative to the beam of linearly polarized light. The second wire-grid polarization filter is characterized by a second…

Full Field Visual-Mid-Infrared Imaging System

Granted: December 22, 2016
Application Number: 20160373663
An apparatus and method for generating images of specimens is disclosed. The apparatus includes an imaging system, controller, and user interface. The imaging system generates a plurality of component images of a specimen, each component image corresponding to a different viewing condition. Each image is represented by an intensity as a function of location on the specimen. The controller stores the component images and generates a compound image from a plurality of the component images.…

Mutant Reverse Transcriptase and Methods of Use

Granted: November 24, 2016
Application Number: 20160340657
The invention relates to the generation and characterization of stable MMLV reverse transcriptase mutants. The invention also discloses methods of using stable MMLV reverse transcriptase mutants.

System and Method for Facilitating Manual Sorting of Objects

Granted: April 7, 2016
Application Number: 20160096200
An apparatus that facilitates the manual sorting of objects is disclosed. The apparatus includes a display surface having a surface that can be selectively illuminated and that is adapted for receiving the objects. An identification reader reads identification information stored on the objects. A controller causes an area on the display surface corresponding to one of the objects to be illuminated based on the identification information and indicates a location to which the illuminated…

Mid-Infrared Scanning System

Granted: March 31, 2016
Application Number: 20160091704
An apparatus and method for generating a mid-infrared region image of a specimen are disclosed. The apparatus includes a mid-infrared region laser that generates a first light beam, and a stage adapted to carry a specimen to be scanned. An optical assembly focuses the first light beam to a point on the specimen. A first light detector measures a first intensity of light leaving the point on the specimen. A stage actuator assembly causes the specimen to move relative to the point in two…


Granted: January 28, 2016
Application Number: 20160024529
The present invention provides a method for making a large nucleic acid having a defined sequence in vivo. The method combines recombineering techniques with a CRISPR/Cas system to permit multiple insertions of defined sequences into a target nucleic acid at one time, double stranded cleavage of target nucleic acids in which the defined sequences were not successfully inserted, and selection of successful recombinant cells. The method further includes repeating the process one or more…


Granted: January 21, 2016
Application Number: 20160017405
The present invention relates to compositions and methods of target enrichment or selection of nucleic acids using hybridization, which can be used in, e.g., next-generation sequencing.


Granted: December 24, 2015
Application Number: 20150370234
An apparatus that can be configured for various functions such as a digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer or frequency analyzer is disclosed. The apparatus includes a symbol generator, a multi-symbol FSM, and a controller. The symbol generator generates an ordered sequence of symbols from an ordered sequence of digital values. The symbol generator generates one symbol corresponding to each of the digital values. The digital values have a greater number of possible values than the symbols.…

Method and Apparatus for Manipulating Samples Using Optoelectronic Forces

Granted: December 3, 2015
Application Number: 20150346148
An apparatus for controlling the motion of a particle and a method for using the same are disclosed. The apparatus includes a channel containing liquid between first and second electrodes. The apparatus also includes an array of variable impedance elements, each variable impedance element connecting the first electrode to a corresponding location in the channel by a path having an average impedance that is continuously variable between first and second impedances when averaged over an…


Granted: November 12, 2015
Application Number: 20150323532
A method for labelling a tissue section is provided. In certain embodiments, the method may comprise: (a) labeling a formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue section using a first set of labeling reagents that comprises a first primary antibody and a first labeled secondary antibody; (b) treating the labeled tissue with a protease, thereby digesting the first primary antibody and/or the first labeled secondary antibody and separating the label from the FFPE tissue section; (c)…

Method and Apparatus for Determining the Configuration of a Cellular Transmission System

Granted: October 1, 2015
Application Number: 20150281983
A method for operating a data processing system to determine the operational parameters of a communication system between an REC and an RE that utilizes a CPRI data link for communication. The data processing system is synchronized with the CPRI frames and determines a plurality of CPRI frame characteristics from the CPRI frames by examining a plurality of predetermined locations in the CPRI frames. The plurality of CPRI frame characteristics for one or more of the CPRI frames, and a…


Granted: October 1, 2015
Application Number: 20150282289
An apparatus includes an electromagnetic which supports propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a first direction between a first end thereof and a second end thereof, and an electromagnetic-field shaping structure within the electromagnetic waveguide. The electromagnetic-field shaping structure defines a channel extending from a first aperture in a first wall of the apparatus to a second aperture in a second, opposite, wall. The channel has an axis extending in a second direction…