Amazon Patent Grants

Adoption of existing virtual computing resources into logical containers for management operations

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513864
A resource management system of a computing resource service provider performs adoptions of virtual resource instances, such as virtual machine instances and virtual data store instances that were not instantiated as members of a logical container, into logical containers that are used to manage members of the logical containers as a group. Adopting such “candidate” resources that were not generated from programmable infrastructure templates allows the resources to be managed in…

Performing authenticated actions without internet connectivity

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11516662
Disclosed are various embodiments for performing authenticated actions when Internet connectivity is not available. An application executed in a first computing device determines that an authenticated action is requested to be performed. The application determines that Internet connectivity is unavailable to the first computing device. The application initiates the authenticated action using a communication channel that connects the first computing device to a second computing device.…

Provisioning of a shippable storage device and ingesting data from the shippable storage device

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514175
When a client requests a data import job, a remote storage service provider provisions a shippable storage device that will be used to transfer client data from the client to the service provider for import. The service provider generates security information for the data import job, provisions the shippable storage device with the security information, and sends the shippable storage device to the client. The service provider also sends client-keys to the client, separate from the…

Multi-objective ranking of search results

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514125
Devices and techniques are generally described for ranking of search results based on multiple objectives. A first ranking for a plurality of search results is determined using a first machine learning model optimized for a first objective for ranking search results. A second objective for ranking search results is determined. A constraint is determined for the at least one second objective. The first machine learning model is iteratively updated to generate an updated machine learning…

Dynamic content selection

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514082
Elements to be provided for display with an instance of content can be determined dynamically based upon features of those elements. The actions or behavior of a user can be stored over time, and used to determine element features that are of interest to the user for various categories of content. In order to obtain enough data for multiple categories, clustering of users can be performed where users with similar behaviors are grouped together, and their preferences for features…

Peer-based access to distributed database

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514079
A distributed database management system comprises a plurality of peers and maintains data on behalf of a plurality of clients. Upon receiving a request to access data, the distributed database management system identifies, from among the plurality of peers, a set of peers associated with the client issuing the request. The distributed database management system provides, to the client, a list of the set of identified peers. Access to data maintained by the distributed database system is…

Replication event ordering using an external data store

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514077
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for replication event ordering using an external data store are disclosed. Events are received for a key in a source data store, including a deletion event and modification events. In an external data store, a record of the deletion event is stored that includes a sequence identifier of the deletion event in a sequence. Sequence identifiers are assigned to the modification events. Some of the sequence identifiers are earlier than the deletion…

Aggregation of contextual data and internet of things (IoT) device data

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514069
Technology is described for processing Internet of Things (IoT) device data. IoT device data may be received from an IoT device. Contextual data that is related to the IoT device data from the IoT device may be identified. A first schema that defines the IoT device data and a second schema that defines the contextual data may be identified. A relational database that merges the IoT device data with the contextual data may be created. Knowledge of the first schema and the second schema…

Supervised graph partitioning for record matching

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11514054
Supervised partitioning is used to perform record matching. A request to identify matches between records is received. A graph representation that indicates similarities between the records is partitioned and an evaluation of the partitioning is performed according to a supervised machine learning technique to generate a confidence value in the partitioning. An indication of equivalent records according to the partitioning and the confidence value of the partitioning may be provided.

DMA engine that generates an address-less memory descriptor that does not include a memory address for communicating with integrated circuit device

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513986
To improve data throughput and data transfer rate, a contiguous block of host memory can be allocated for data transfers between the host system and an integrated circuit device such as a peripheral component. By using a contiguous block of memory that acts as a circular buffer, the memory address field of memory descriptors can be eliminated because the host system only need to inform the data movement engine of the length of each data transfer. The data movement engine can maintain…

Conveyance modulation based on fragility ratings

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11511417
A system for moving items in a facility may be described herein. The system may instruct components of the system to move the items at different speeds or velocities based on an item's fragility rating. A fragility rating may indicate an amount of force that an item withstands prior to damaging the item. A fragility rating for an item may be determined based on known fragility ratings of items with similar item metrics.

Resource usage restrictions in a time-series database

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513854
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for resource usage restrictions in a time-series database are disclosed. Elements of a plurality of time series are stored into one or more storage tiers of a time-series database. The time series are associated with a plurality of clients of the time-series database. Execution of tasks is initiated using one or more resources of one or more hosts. The time-series elements represent inputs to the tasks. The tasks comprise a first task and a…

Event listener interface for container-based execution of serverless functions

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513833
A lexical analyzer is provided to analyze serverless application code to help ensure that the serverless application is portable between different execution environments. The lexical analyzer may identify non-portable features of the application, and alerts of these features may be provided to users. A transfer tool may be provided to assist in transferring a serverless application between computing platforms, such as by converting the portable serverless application to a container…

Unrestricted to restricted computing framework

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513782
A multi-stage computing framework may allow development, in an unrestricted computing region, of one or more computing resources that are transferred to, and deployed in, a restricted computing region. The computing framework may include a development module and a transfer module. The development module may allow development of the computing resources in the unrestricted computing region, for example including stages such as a resource creation, linting, scanning, validation, packaging…

Device arbitration by multiple speech processing systems

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513766
A device can perform device arbitration, even when the device is unable to communicate with a remote system over a wide area network (e.g., the Internet). Upon detecting a wakeword in an utterance, the device can wait a period of time for data to arrive at the device, which, if received, indicates to the device that another speech interface device in the environment detected an utterance. If the device receives data prior to the period of time lapsing, the device can determine the…

Soundmark indicating availability of content supplemental to audio content

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513759
Devices, systems, and methods are provided for using a soundmark to indicate availability of supplemental content. A method may include presenting, by a device, first narrated content from a first audio file. The method may include presenting a soundmark, the soundmark indicating that second narrated content from a second audio file is available for presentation. The method may include receiving a request to present the second narrated content, and causing presentation of the second…

Custom query of a media universe database

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513658
Methods and systems for implementing a custom query of a media universe database. A plurality of content items are generated based at least in part on a media universe database. The media universe database is configured to store a plurality of elements of media universe content related to a media universe. The content items are sent to a client. From the client is received input indicating a combination of the content items. The combination comprises a selection of two or more of the…

Techniques for coordinating movement of components within a workspace

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513530
Systems and methods are provided herein for coordinating movement of components of a workspace utilizing a controller device. The controller device may operate in a first state. The computing device may be associated with an interaction area having a first access point and a second access point, wherein a light curtain is generated at the first access point. While operating in the first state, access to the interaction area is restricted. The computing device may transition to operating…

Device calibration for presence detection using ultrasonic signals

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11513216
Techniques for calibrating presence-detection devices to account for various factors that can affect the presence-detection devices' ability to detect movement. Presence-detection devices may detect movement of a person in an environment by emitting ultrasonic signals into the environment, and characterizing the change in the frequency, or the Doppler shift, of the reflections of the ultrasonic signals off the person caused by the movement of the person. However, factors such as…

Systems and methods to secure rollable carts to sortation systems

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11511945
Systems and methods are disclosed to secure rollable carts to sortation systems. In one embodiment, an example system may include a first chute configured to guide packages to a first moveable cart that is disposed at a first end of the first chute, and a first anti-tip mechanism configured to prevent tipping of the first moveable cart. The first anti-tip mechanism may include a frame, a first C-shaped component coupled to the frame, and a second C-shaped component coupled to the frame.…