Amazon Patent Grants

Selecting propellers for performance and noise shaping

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10232931
Aerial vehicles may be operated with discrete sets of propellers, which may be selected for a specific purpose or on a specific basis. The discrete sets of propellers may be operated separately or in tandem with one another, and at varying power levels. For example, a set of propellers may be selected to optimize the thrust, lift, maneuverability or efficiency of an aerial vehicle based on a position or other operational characteristic of the aerial vehicle, or an environmental condition…

Redundant aircraft propulsion system using co-rotating propellers joined by tip connectors

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10232933
Multiple propeller blades may be joined by tip connectors to form a closed propeller apparatus. The tip connectors may create continuous structure between adjacent tips of a first propeller and a second propeller. Use of the tip connectors may reduce vortices created near the tips of the propeller blades, which cause drag and slow the rotation of the propeller blades. The tip connectors may also reduce noise caused by rotation of propeller blades. Further, the tip connectors reduce or…

Air-padded containers

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10233005
Containers such as boxes or tubes may be lined with deflated air bladders or reservoirs. When an item is placed in such a container, the container may be sealed, and the air bladders or reservoirs may be charged with air until such bladders or reservoirs surround and fully cushion the item within the container. The bladders or reservoirs may be formed from lightweight and flexible materials, such as polyethylenes, polyphenylenes or other plastics, and charged with air manually or…

Identifying data from keyword searches of color palettes

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235389
Systems and methods are described herein to determine data associated with color palettes identified from keyword searches. Color palettes may include colors determined by human color preferences. Color palettes may be searched by name or other data associated with the color palettes. Individual colors may be extracted from color palettes, which may be used to fast index color search a data store of images and/or items. The items and/or images associated with color palettes may be…

Techniques for combining grid-encoded data storage systems

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235402
One or more grids of redundancy coded shards, such as those stored or otherwise represented on grid encoded storage systems, are combinable or extensible. For example, a generator matrix of a redundancy code may be configured so as to have a sufficient number of fields to generate a grid. The generator matrix may initially be used to generate smaller grids, which can be combined into the target grid without re-encoding most or all of the data represented thereon. In some cases,…

System and method for clustering distributed hash table entries

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235405
A distributed storage system may store data object instances in persistent storage and may store keymap information for those data object instances in a distributed hash table on multiple computing nodes. Each data object instance may include a composite key containing a user key. The keymap information for each data object instance may map the user key to a locator and the locator to the data object instance. A request to store or retrieve keymap information for a data object instance…

Distributed storage system journal forking

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235407
A forking coordinator of a journal-based multi-data-store database determines that a forking criterion for a first journal has been met. The coordinator stores an indication that processing of transaction requests directed to a particular subset of the database is suspended. The coordinator instantiates a second journal for storing committed transaction entries for the particular subset. Metadata of the second journal indicates that transaction entries with sequence numbers in a…

Partitioned search of log events

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235417
A technology is provided for enabling a partitioned search to be performed on log events from multiple log streams that are stored by multiple hosts. A search query may be submitted to identify the log streams whose log events are to be searched and to indicate a time interval in which log events are to have occurred as indicated by the log events' time stamps. The multiple hosts may search stored log events in parallel and return a set of log-event search results satisfying the search…

Extracting product facets from unstructured data

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235449
Disclosed is a platform for assessing queries related to a catalog entry. The platform is able to determine what attributes of the catalog entry the query is directed to using one or more language processing techniques. Once an attribute is identified, the platform may check for appropriate unit types and/or formats based on a category associated with the attribute. The platform then parses additional data associated with the catalog entry (or another catalog entry within the same browse…

Aspect ratio validation

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235570
A technology for aspect ratio validation is provided. An object may be detected in a visual media presentation. The detected object may be compared to a first candidate aspect ratio object of a same class of objects as the object. The detected object may also be compared to a second candidate aspect ratio object, which may also be of a same class of objects as the detected object. A determination may be made as to which of the first and second candidate aspect ratio objects the object…

Pre-order delivery of items to a pickup location

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235650
A pickup location that includes a control station and one or more storage compartment modules provides the ability for items to be ordered and delivered for pickup by a user without having to pack those items in a shipping package prior to shipping from a materials handling facility. Delivering items for pickup by a user without having to package the items prior to shipping, may provide a better experience for the customer, reduce waste in packaging material and a lower cost of…

Packing locations for inventory items

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10235653
An inventory packing system and method are described. In some examples, a plurality of items having various dimensions may be accessed. A plurality of trays having various height dimensions into which the plurality of items can be packed may be identified. The plurality of items may be grouped into one or more groups based on height. Allocated inventory trays may be searched to locate free space that can function as a packing location for a first item. If free space is not found in the…

Computing optimization

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237135
A technology to optimize virtualized computing is described. Usage of a plurality of virtualized computing instances is identified in a virtualized computing environment. Purchasing configuration optimization rules are applied to calculate an optimized purchasing configuration for the plurality of virtualized computing instances in a virtualized computing environment. The optimized purchasing configuration is recommended for the plurality of virtualized computing instances.

Managing host failures in a traffic forwarding system

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237157
Methods and apparatus for handling failure of servers in traffic forwarding (TF) systems between networks. A TF system may include units each including multiple servers. Outbound and inbound traffic for a local network may be distributed among the units according to a routing technique, with each unit responsible for an allocated portion of the traffic. Servers in a unit may participate in a health check protocol to detect servers that are not healthy. If the healthy servers in a unit…

Allocating identifiers with minimal fragmentation

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237233
In certain embodiments, a system includes one or more memory units and one or more processing units. The memory units store blocks that each include a number of identifiers. The memory units include executable instructions that upon execution by the processing units cause the system to receive a request to allocate an identifier to an entity. The request includes data identifying the entity. A target block of identifiers is identified. The target block includes more unallocated…

System for network address translation

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237235
A technology is described for a managed NAT (Network Address Translation) system. An example method of the NAT system may include receiving a request to launch a NAT system for a computing network that includes a number of computing devices. The NAT system may be used to allocate network addresses and ports for computing instances executing on one or more host computing devices according to a NAT policy. The NAT policy may include specifications that may be obtained and used to determine…

Key revocation

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237249
A signature authority generates revocable one-time-use keys that are able to generate digital signatures. The signature authority generates a set of one-time-use keys, where each one-time-use key has a secret key and a public key derived from a hash of the secret key. The signature authority generates one or more revocation values that, when published, proves that the signature authority has the authority to revoke corresponding cryptographic keys. The signature authority hashes the…

Wirelessly preparing device for high speed data transfer

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237329
This disclosure is directed at least partly to a kiosk that provides high speed data transfer of content to a user device associated with the user. The kiosk may be located in frequently visited locations such as travel terminals or public spaces. The kiosks may provide instructions to users about how to receive some of the content on user devices via a high speed data transfer. The kiosk may detect and prepare a user device for receipt of electronic content by wirelessly exchanging…

Performance-based determination of request modes

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237373
Features are disclosed for determining preferred content request modes for client computing devices when initiating content requests. The request modes may correspond to direct requests (e.g., requests made from a client device directly to a content sever hosting requested content) or to indirect requests (e.g., requests made from the client device to the content server via an intermediary system). The preferred request modes made be based on a statistical analysis of performance data…

Low-latency metadata-based packet rewriter

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237378
Provided are systems, methods, and integrated circuits for a low-latency, metadata-based packet rewriter. In various implementations, an integrated circuit may include a first pipeline stage operable to receive packet bytes for a packet and packet information. The first stage may further be operable to extract a first value from the packet bytes, and provide the packet bytes, packet information, and first value. The integrated circuit may further include a second stage, operable to…