Amazon Patent Grants

Hardware enabled interpolating sensor and display

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180746
A hardware enabled interpolating sensor allows for anti-aliased acquisition of data. Electrodes coupled with resistive material are disposed on either side of a transducer material, such that an impinging signal varies the electrical characteristics of the transducer material. A controller scans the electrodes and analyzes the variation in the electrical characteristics to generate data. Based upon the known characteristics of the resistive material, an interpolated image is generated…

Generating source code review comments using code analysis tools

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180836
Technologies are disclosed herein for generating comments in a source code review tool using code analysis tools. A producer module can be executed in order to obtain source code from a source code review tool. One or more source code analysis modules can then be executed in order to analyze the source code. A reporter module can then store the output of the source code analysis modules as comments in the source code review tool for use by a developer of the source code. The producer,…

Dynamic rendering of user interfaces

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180848
Described are techniques for determining features to be presented in a user interface based on the times that users spent viewing previous webpages or other user interfaces. A data structure associating user viewing times with the count, size, color, or other features of the elements presented in the previous user interfaces may be generated. Based on this data structure and a target viewing time, a set of user interface features to be presented in a subsequent user interface may be…

Techniques and systems for data segregation in redundancy coded data storage systems

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180912
A computer system, such as a data storage system, implements techniques for segregating and controlling access to data stored in multiple regions. In some embodiments, redundancy coded shards generated from the data and stored in durable storage of a data storage system is allocated across multiple regions, but in a fashion that prevents actors with access to regions outside that of a “home” region from recovering a sufficient number of unique shards to regenerate the data…

Broadcasting reads to multiple modules

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180919
A bus controller is configured to transmit a broadcast read request on at least one bus. The broadcast read request includes an address. A first logic module determines that the broadcast read request is targeting the first logic module. The first logic module reads a first value from a first register included in the first logic module. The first register is specified by the address included in the broadcast read request. The first value is transmitted onto the at least one bus. A second…

Human readable mechanism for communicating binary data

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180936
A mechanism is provided for representing information, such as binary sequence, in a manner that is easier to read and less likely to generate errors when interacted with by human. A dictionary is seeded with two or more set of words, the words being selected from distinct categories. Symbols may be created by combining words from the distinct categories. A mapping of symbols to corresponding values may then be generated. The generated mapping may be used to translate bit values to…

Place snapshots

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180951
A database system may maintain a plurality of log records at a distributed storage system. Each of the plurality of log records may be associated with a respective change to a data page. A snapshot may be generated that is usable to read the data as of a state corresponding to the snapshot. Generating the snapshot may include generating metadata that is indicative of a particular log identifier of a particular one of the log records. Generating the snapshot may be performed without…

Model based cooling control system

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180261
A computer room includes rack mounted computing devices and multiple air handling systems for cooling the computer room. A model based cooling control system is implemented on resources of a provider network that includes the rack mounted computing devices. The model based cooling control system uses a model of the computer room to iteratively perform calculations to determine a set of control parameters for cooling the computer room. The set of control parameters are selected to reduce…

Receiver-side data deduplication in data systems

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180953
Methods and apparatus for receiving uploaded data from a sender at a receiver. A data deduplication technique is described that may reduce the bandwidth used in uploading data from the sender to the receiver. In the technique, the receiver, rather than the sender, maintains a fingerprint dictionary for previously uploaded data. When a sender has additional data to be uploaded, the sender extracts fingerprints for units of the data and sends the fingerprints to the receiver. The receiver…

Routing based request correlation

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180993
Aspects of the disclosure will be described with regard to the processing of DNS queries by a DNS service based on multiple network addresses associated with a single network entity (e.g., a service provider). The DNS service may respond to each DNS query for identifying network addresses associated with the service provider with a respective unique network address from a pool of network addresses. Based on the uniqueness of network addresses, DNS queries and subsequent communications…

Trusted data verification

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181953
Electronically signed data is persistently stored in data storage. After the passage of time, the data may be accessed and presented to a trusted entity for verification of the data. The trusted entity may have access to secret information used to sign the data. The trusted entity may use the secret information to verify an electronic signature of the data. One or more actions may be taken based at least in part on a response provided by the verification system.

Discovery of device capabilities

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181978
Technology is described for sharing device capabilities between a plurality of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. A first IoT device within a localized network may identify a desired device capability that is capable of augmenting device capabilities of the first IoT device. The first IoT device may identify a second IoT device within the localized network that possesses the desired device capability. The first IoT device may identify the second IoT device using a registry of device…

Cloud-based device discovery

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181985
Describe herein are techniques for providing cloud-based discovery. For example, a device may be configured to provide device registration and de-registration notifications to a cloud-based discovery service. The cloud-based discovery service may be configured to respond to discovery request by identifying registered devices that meet the criteria of the discovery request. The cloud-based discovery service may also be configured to provide endpoint information associated with registered…

Flow collision avoidance

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182010
Disclosed are various embodiments for avoiding flow collisions in networks employing flow-based hashing to assign flows to routes. A flow of packets is sent from a source endpoint to a destination endpoint by way of a network. The flow is associated with flow identification information including, for example, a source port, a source network address, a destination port, and a destination address. It is determined whether to perturb the flow identification information for the flow to avoid…

Reallocating users in content sharing environments

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182024
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for dividing and merging online content sharing environments such as, for example, online chat rooms. An online content sharing environment may have a group of user profiles associated therewith, some subgroup of which may be exchanging message content within the online content sharing environment at any given time. If an amount of message data traffic being exchanged and/or a number of user profiles exchanging messages exceeds a…

Integration of service scaling and service discovery systems

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182033
Systems and methods are described to enable integrating operation of a service record system with operation of an automatically scaled service hosting system. The service hosting system can maintain a set of servers to provide a network-accessible service, and the service record system can maintain records identifying the set of servers as endpoints for the service. The service hosting system can further modify the number of servers within the set based, for example, on demand. When the…

Personalizing global session identifiers

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182044
Techniques for personalizing short-term session credentials are described herein. A global session key is provided to a plurality of regions of a computing resource service provider and an account key is also provided to one or more of the plurality of regions based at least in part on those regions being trusted by a customer of the computing resource service provider. When a request for short-term session credentials is received at the trusted region by that customer, a session token…

Detecting a network crawler

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182046
Techniques for detecting a network crawler may be described. In particular, a request for information may be received from a computing system. Based on this request, a network-based document may be provided to the computing system. The network-based document may include a portion of the information, code, and an identifier of another network-based document. The code may be configured to, upon execution, determine whether the other network-based document was accessed prior to providing…

On-demand delivery of applications to virtual desktops

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182103
A service provider system may include an application fulfillment platform that delivers desktop applications on demand to desktops on physical computing devices or virtual desktop instances. The applications may be selected for delivery from a catalog of applications, and may be required to be installed on the destination computing resource instance, or may be assigned to a customer's end user on whose behalf the resource instance was provisioned. A workflow for deploying a selected…

Automatic propagation of resource attributes in a provider network according to propagation criteria

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182104
A provider network that implements different resources for a client may provide automatic propagation of resource attributes to the different resources according to propagation criteria. Propagation criteria may be received that indicates a logical structure for multiple resources of a provider network. These resources may or may not be currently deployed. In response to a request to initiate propagation of resource attributes to the multiple resources, the multiple resources may be…