Apple Patent Grants

Security attachment

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: D838202

Capacitor structure with acoustic noise self-canceling characteristics

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10179254
This application relates to capacitors that resist deformation because of the configuration of their conductive and dielectric layers. The capacitors are multilayer capacitors that include multiple dielectric and conductive layers. The dielectric layers can be arranged in a way that creates a rigid barrier or dead zone, which can resist mechanical deformation when the multilayer capacitor is charged. In some embodiments, two or more multilayer capacitors are stacked together in an…

Cable retainers for packaging

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10179691
Cable retainers may include a panel having a pair of loop locks. The loop locks may engage each other to form a loop. The cable retainer may include a first and a second retention loop. Each retention loop may have a finger with a slot formed at a fold line of the finger. Each retention loop may also have a flap with a tab formed at a fold line of the flap. The finger and the flap of the first retention loop may be located directly across the panel from one another. The finger of the…

Transit navigation

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180331
Some embodiments provide a map application that identifies a transit route that includes one or more transit legs between a starting location and a destination location. In response to a request to start navigating the identified transit route, the map application of some embodiments provides a first display area for displaying a set of navigation instructions, each of which describes a transit maneuver that is associated with a transit leg of the transit route. The map application also…

Handheld computing device

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180702
A minimum Z height handheld electronic device and methods of assembly is described. The electronic device includes a single seamless housing having a front opening and a cover disposed within the front opening and attached to the seamless housing without a bezel.

Fabric-based devices with force sensing

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180721
A fabric-based item such as a fabric glove may include force sensing circuitry. The force sensing circuitry may include force sensor elements formed from electrodes on a compressible substrate such as an elastomeric polymer substrate. The fabric may include intertwined strands of material including conductive strands. Signals from the force sensing circuitry may be conveyed to control circuitry in the item using the conductive strands. Wireless circuitry in the fabric-based item may be…

Gimballed scroll wheel

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180732
An input device that includes both a movement detector, such as mechanical switch, and positional indicator, such as touch pad touch screen, and/or touch sensing housing is disclosed. These two input devices can be used substantially simultaneously to provide a command to the device. In this manner, different commands can be associated with depressing a moveable member in different areas and a single moveable member can perform like several buttons.

Electronic device with dynamic thresholding for force detection

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180755
The systems and techniques described herein generally relate to an electronic device having a touch-sensitive surface or region that is configured to receive force-based user input and dynamically adjust a force threshold used to recognize the force-based user input. In particular, the device may include one or more force sensors that are configured to detect a touch that exceeds a dynamically adjustable threshold. In some embodiments, the threshold is dynamically adjusted in response to…

Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for manipulating user interface objects with visual and/or haptic feedback

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180772
An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface, a display, and one or more sensors to detect intensity of contacts: displays a first user interface that includes objects of a first type and objects of a second type; detects a first portion of a first input that includes an increase in characteristic intensity of a first contact above an intensity threshold while a focus selector is over a respective user interface object; in response, displays supplemental information associated…

System and method for using ubershader variants without preprocessing macros

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180825
Ubershaders may be used in a graphics development environment as an efficiency tool because many options and properties may be captured in a single shader program. Each selectable option of property in the shader code may be tagged with an attribute to indicate the presence of the selection. The single shader program embodying the many selectable options and properties may be compiled to an intermediate version that also embodies the many options and properties, along with at least…

Unified prefetch circuit for multi-level caches

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180905
In an embodiment, a processor may implement an access map-pattern match (AMPM)-based prefetch circuit for a multi-level cache system. The access patterns that are matched to the access maps may include prefetches for different cache levels. Centralizing the generation of prefetches into one prefetch circuit may provide better observability and controllability of prefetching at various levels of the cache hierarchy, in an embodiment. Prefetches at different levels may be controlled…

Rendering semi-transparent user interface elements

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181204
Techniques of rendering user interface elements are described. An exemplary technique can include generating color values for a user interface element's pixels based on a relationship between the element's opacity and a characteristic feature of a background area for the element and rendering the user interface element using the generated color values. Other embodiments and/or techniques are possible.

3D thin profile pre-stacking architecture using reconstitution method

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181455
Package on package structures and methods of manufacture are described. In various embodiments, DRAM die are integrated into various locations within a package on package structure, including within a bottom logic die package, as a co-package with a top NAND die package, and as a hybrid package structure between a top NAND die package and a bottom logic die package.

Flexible display panel with redundant bent signal lines

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181504
A display may have an array of organic light-emitting diodes that form an active area on a flexible substrate. Metal traces may extend between the active area and an inactive area of the flexible substrate. Display driver circuitry such as a display driver integrated circuit may be coupled to the inactive area. The metal traces may extend across a bent region in the flexible substrate. A coating layer in the bent region may serve as a neutral stress plane adjustment layer. Metal traces…

Electronic device antennas

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181640
An electronic device such as a wristwatch may have a housing with metal portions such as metal sidewalls. The housing may form an antenna ground for an antenna. An antenna resonating element for the antenna may be formed from a stack of capacitively coupled component layers such as a display layer, touch sensor layer, and near-field communications antenna layer at a front face of the device. An additional antenna may be formed from a peripheral resonating element that runs along a…

Determining location of parked vehicle

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182316
Methods and devices for detecting a change in a motion state of a user of a mobile device are provided. The method includes determining, based on one or more sensors of the mobile device, that the motion state of the user is a driving state, the driving state indicating that the user is inside a vehicle that is moving, monitoring, with the mobile device, the one or more sensors, determining that a new motion state is a non-driving state. The method further includes identifying a location…

Intermittent out of service recovery on accessory device

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182337
This disclosure relates to out of service recovery techniques for an accessory device. According to some embodiments, the accessory device may receive cellular communication system selection information from a paired device. The accessory device may store the communication system selection information. At some point, it may be determined that the accessory device has lost cellular communication service. The accessory device may perform a cellular communication service scan utilizing the…

Techniques for provisioning bootstrap electronic subscriber identity modules (eSIMs) to mobile devices

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182338
Representative embodiments described herein set forth techniques for provisioning bootstrap electronic Subscriber Identity Modules (eSIMs) to mobile devices. According to some embodiments, a mobile device can be configured to issue, to an eSIM selection server, a bootstrap eSIM request that includes (i) metadata associated with the mobile device, and (ii) metadata associated with an electronic Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) included in the mobile device. In turn, the eSIM…

System and method for restricting mobility in wireless networks

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182374
This invention provides a method, system and apparatus for controlling mobility on a wireless network, which includes retrieving a network mobility preference, the network mobility preference indicating a level of mobility service for the mobile station, the level of mobility service indicating the extent to which the mobile station can handoff among base stations of the wireless network, and establishing a level of mobility service for the mobile station based on the retrieved network…

Broadcast information block assistance for a wireless device

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182392
This disclosure relates to broadcast information block assistance for a wireless device. The wireless device may obtain a first plurality of broadcast information blocks from a first base station. The wireless device may receive a second plurality of broadcast information blocks associated with the first base station from a source other than the first base station. The wireless device may determine if the second plurality of broadcast information blocks match the first plurality of…