Coherent Patent Grants

Uniformity adjustment method for a diode-laser line-projector

Granted: October 10, 2017
Patent Number: 9784957
In a line projector a diode-laser beam having an elliptical cross-section is projected onto a Powell lens which spreads the beam to form a line of light. Distribution of power along the line of light is adjusted by rotating the diode-laser beam with respect to the Powell lens.

Capacitor assembly

Granted: September 19, 2017
Patent Number: 9767958
An electrical capacitor includes a dielectric spacer. Metal electrodes are held in contact with opposite surfaces of the dielectric spacer by magnetic force.

Parameterized radio waveform for operating in multiple wireless environments

Granted: August 29, 2017
Patent Number: 9749879
A method for operating a wireless network in a plurality of radio operating environments is disclosed. A first parameter value set is selected from a library of two or more parameter value sets. Each of the parameter value sets includes a value for each of one or more communication-related parameters. The first parameter value set is appropriate for a first target radio operating environment. The action of selecting the first parameter value set is performed for a first set of one or…

Processing system with interspersed processors with multi-layer interconnection

Granted: August 1, 2017
Patent Number: 9720867
Embodiments of a multi-processor array are disclosed that may include a plurality of processors and configurable communication elements coupled together in a interspersed arrangement. Each configurable communication element may include a local memory and a plurality of routing engines. The local memory may be coupled to a subset of the plurality of processors. Each routing engine may be configured to receive one or more messages from a plurality of sources, assign each received message…

Reconfigurable photonic integrated circuit focal plane array

Granted: July 18, 2017
Patent Number: 9709668
A reconfigurable photonic integrated circuit focal plane array (RPIC-FPA) includes detectors and photonic integrated circuit coupled to the detectors that are configured to mix a return signal beam with local oscillator (LO) beams to produce a combined beam and direct the combined beam to the detectors. The LO beams have reconfigurable optical properties enabled by the RTIC-FPA. The LO beams are individually addressed to switch the detectors between a direct detection mode and various…

Transport of polarized laser-radiation using a hollow-core fiber

Granted: June 20, 2017
Patent Number: 9684125
Plane-polarized laser-radiation from a laser-source is converted to circularly polarized radiation by a quarter-wave plate. The circularly polarized radiation is input into a hollow-core fiber for transport to a point of use. The transported radiation is converted back to plane-polarized radiation by another quarter-wave plate between the fiber and the point of use.

Current driver for diode laser system

Granted: May 30, 2017
Patent Number: 9667031
An architecture for current driver circuitry for diode laser systems is contemplated whereby the circuitry is both modular and minimally complex with respect to the number of components and connections.

Multi-wavelength source of femtosecond infrared pulses

Granted: May 16, 2017
Patent Number: 9653867
A source of femtosecond pulses at center wavelengths of about 940 nm and about 1140 nanometers (nm) includes a mode-locked fiber MOPA delivering pulses having a center wavelength of about 1040 nm. The 1040-nanometer pulses are spectrally spread into a continuum spectrum extending in range between about 900 nm and about 1200 nm and having well defined side-lobes around the 940-nm and 1140-wavelengths. Radiation is spatially selected from these side-lobes and delivered as the 940-nm and…

Compact mounting for local oscillator laser launch

Granted: May 9, 2017
Patent Number: 9645349
A compact LIDAR pointing assembly can comprise a body, first and second ferrules, and a clip component that can be used to maintain an engagement between the first and second ferrules and an alignment of light emanating from the first and second ferrules relative to received light propagating along an optical axis of the assembly. The ferrules can be pivoted to adjust the orientation of the light emanating from the ferrules.

Multiprocessor system with improved secondary interconnection network

Granted: April 4, 2017
Patent Number: 9612984
Embodiments of a multiprocessor system are disclosed that may include a plurality of processors interspersed with a plurality of data memory routers, a plurality of bus interface units, a bus control circuit, and a processor interface circuit. The data memory routers may be coupled together to form a primary interconnection network. The bus interface units and the bus control circuit may be coupled together in a daisy-chain fashion to form a secondary interconnection network. Each of the…

Air-cooled carbon-dioxide laser

Granted: April 4, 2017
Patent Number: 9614342
A carbon dioxide waveguide-laser includes an elongated resonator unit and an elongated power-supply unit. The resonator and power-supply units are spaced by a cooling unit including a plurality of longitudinally extending, spaced-apart fins, with fans arranged to drive air through the spaces between the fins.

Motion compensated multi-wavelength digital holography

Granted: February 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9581967
A holography imaging system includes a first laser, a second laser, a transmitter optical system, a receiver optical system, and a detector array. The first laser has a constant frequency, and the second laser has a non-constant frequency. The transmitter optical system can illuminate a target simultaneously using portions of the first and second laser signals. The receiver optical system can focus a returned light onto the detector array. A first and second illumination point sources…

MOPA with externally triggered passively Q-switched laser

Granted: February 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9570882
In a master oscillator plus power amplifier (MOPA) system, the oscillator is a passively Q-switched laser. The laser is triggered into passively Q-switched operation by operating an optical switch to resonantly couple back into the laser amplified stimulated emission generated by the amplifier.

Processing system with synchronization instruction

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9558150
Embodiments of a multi-processor array are disclosed that may include a plurality of processors, and controllers. Each processor may include a plurality of processor ports and a sync adapter. Each sync adapter may include a plurality of adapter ports. Each controller may include a plurality of controller ports, and a configuration port. The plurality of processors and the plurality of controllers may be coupled together in an interspersed arrangement, and the controllers may be distinct…

Generating control information for use in transmission with a multimedia stream to an audiovisual device

Granted: January 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9560403
Control information for configuring an audiovisual device to present multimedia content according to a first service type may be generated. A first data structure specifying that the first control information is associated with the first service type may be generated. A plurality of packets, including a multimedia stream according to the first service type, the first control information, and the first data structure, may be generated and transmitted. Second control information for…

Processing system with interspersed processors and communication elements having improved communication routing

Granted: January 3, 2017
Patent Number: 9535877
A processing system includes processors and dynamically configurable communication elements (DCCs) coupled together in an interspersed arrangement. A source device may transfer a data item through an intermediate subset of the DCCs to a destination device. The source and destination devices may each correspond to different processors, DCCs, or input/output devices, or mixed combinations of these. In response to detecting a stall after the source device begins transfer of the data item to…

Tunable femtosecond laser-pulse source including a super-continuum generator

Granted: December 6, 2016
Patent Number: 9515445
A mode-locked fiber MOPA delivers pulses of laser-radiation. A super-continuum generator including a bulk spectral-broadening element and a negative group-delay dispersion (NGDD) device is arranged to receive a pulse from the MOPA and cause the pulse to make a predetermined number of sequential interactions with the broadening element and the NGDD device. After making the predetermined interactions, the pulse is delivered from the super-continuum generator with a very broad…

Wireless transmission of multimedia streams which uses control information to associate error correction coding with an audiovisual stream

Granted: December 6, 2016
Patent Number: 9515776
A system and method for wirelessly transmitting audiovisual information. A first plurality of packets including audiovisual information may be generated. A second plurality of packets including error correction coding information for the audiovisual information may be generated. Control information for associating the error correction coding information with the audiovisual information may be generated, and a third plurality of packets including the control information may also be…

Real time analysis and control for a multiprocessor system

Granted: October 25, 2016
Patent Number: 9477585
System and method for testing a device under test (DUT) that includes a multiprocessor array (MPA) executing application software at operational speed. The application software may be configured for deployment on first hardware resources of the MPA and may be analyzed. Testing code for configuring hardware resources on the MPA to duplicate data generated in the application software for testing purposes may be created. The application software may be deployed on the first hardware…

Crystal-pair counter-rotator with translation capability

Granted: October 18, 2016
Patent Number: 9470954
In an optical parametric frequency conversion arrangement first and second optically nonlinear crystals (18, 20) mounted on respectively first and second drive-shafts (26, 30). The drive shafts (26, 30) are counter-rotatably driven by a single stepper-motor (50) via a gear-train. The first drive-shaft (26) includes a lead screw. When the first drive-shaft (26) is rotated, the first crystal (18) is rotated and simultaneously translated, while the second crystal (20) is simultaneously…