eBay Patent Applications

Presentation of Information on Multiple Devices

Granted: February 25, 2021
Application Number: 20210056156
A computer-implemented method of information presentation on multiple devices is provided. The method may include presenting a first barcode on a webpage. The first barcode may be encoded with first data based on a uniform resource locator of the webpage. The method may also include generating second data based on a user interaction with the webpage and altering a configuration of the webpage based on the user interaction without leaving the webpage. The method may also include…

Time-Series Data Monitoring With Sharded Server

Granted: February 25, 2021
Application Number: 20210058320
Described are aspects of a sharded monitoring system that collects metrics data from a plurality of targets within a monitored system. In various embodiments, the monitoring system includes multiple monitoring-server instances each collecting metrics data from a respective subset of the targets, as well as a federation server that collects aggregated metrics data from the other monitoring-server instances. Mappings between monitoring targets and monitoring-server instances collecting…

Waist Measuring Belt

Granted: February 11, 2021
Application Number: 20210041315
In various example embodiments, devices, systems, and methods for a waist measuring belt are provided. An example waist measuring belt is made up of a belt buckle frame with attachments for a belt strap. The belt further includes a position measuring module coupled to the belt buckle frame that measures an attachment position of a second end of the belt strap to the belt buckle frame. The belt also includes a tension measuring module coupled to the belt buckle frame that measures a…

Proactive Re-Routing Of Vehicles to Control Traffic Flow

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210033409
Aspects of the present disclosure include a navigation system and computer-implemented methods for proactively re-routing vehicles to control traffic flow. Consistent with some embodiments, the navigation system seeks to reduce traffic flow along primary navigation routes (e.g., routes with relatively short travel times) by re-routing vehicles to alternative navigation routes (e.g., routes with relatively longer travel times) using incentives. As an example, upon detecting a vehicle…

Graphical User Interface Element Adjustment

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210034229
A computer-implemented method of graphical user interface element adjustment may include presenting a graphical user interface element that includes an adjustable element that is configured to be moved to adjust a selection of a value between a first end value and a second end value. In response to a movement of the adjustable element to adjust the selection of the value, the computer-implemented method further include obtaining a time for the movement of the adjustable element and…

Optimization of Power and Computational Density of a Data Center

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210034492
Techniques for optimizing power and computational density of data centers are described. According to various embodiments, a benchmark test is performed by a computer data center system. Thereafter, transaction information and power consumption information associated with the performance of the benchmark test are accessed. A service efficiency metric value is then generated based on the transaction information and the power consumption information, the service efficiency metric value…

Detecting Selection of Disabled Inner Links Within Nested Content

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210034691
Detecting selection of disabled inner links within nested content techniques are described herein. In one or more implementations, a document comprising nested content is displayed on a display of a computing device. The nested content is obtained from a third-party source and includes one or more disabled inner links to respective target portions within the nested content. A disabled link service monitors an address associated with the third-party source of the nested content to detect…


Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210035190
A system receives item data corresponding to an item list from a user. The item list may include one or more items. The system communicates the item list to a community group associated with the user and the system then receives member data from one or more members of the community group, wherein the member data is associated with the one or more items on the item list.

Generating and Ordering Item Offer Themes

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210035197
Generating themes for different item offers is described. An item listing system receives a request for a target item and generates themes for the target item by grouping offers based on their properties. The item listing system then determines a display order for the themes based on user behavior data. The item listing system then communicates the themes and display order to a client device from which the request was received, causing the client device to display an interface including…

Lip-Reading Session Triggering Events

Granted: February 4, 2021
Application Number: 20210035585
Techniques for lip-reading session triggering events are described. A computing device is equipped with lip-reading capability that enables the device to “read the lips” (i.e., facial features) of a user. The computing device determines when a triggering event occurs to automatically cause the computing device to switch from one input type to a lip-reading session. Lip-reading is also used in conjunction with other types of inputs to improve accuracy of the input. Machine learning is…

Optimization of Parallel Processing Using Waterfall Representations

Granted: January 14, 2021
Application Number: 20210011783
Event data for an application execution is accessed from a table of logged events, the event data comprising a sequence, a hierarchy, and a start time and duration for each event. Dependency data for each event is also accessed to determine whether the start time for an event is dependent on the prior completion of at least one other event. A waterfall representation is then generated, the representation including an entry for each event in the sequence, with a start time and duration…

Three Dimensional Navigation of Listing Information

Granted: December 31, 2020
Application Number: 20200409531
Computerized methods and systems for three-dimensional (3-D) displaying and navigating of search results are provided. In some embodiments, a criterion may be received from a user of a publication system. A database associated with the publication system may be searched based on the criterion. Search results retrieved from the database may be displayed on at least one side of a 3-D interface object. At least one control may be displayed proximate to the three 3-D interface object. The…


Granted: December 24, 2020
Application Number: 20200401918
The present disclosure provides a recommendation to a user through a computer-based advice facility to rank search results by performing steps of receiving a search request from a user; retrieving a list of search results; ascertaining preferences of the user to create a taste and preference profile for the user; matching the user to other users with similar taste and preference profiles; and providing the search results to the user, wherein the search results are ranked according to the…

Providing Gesture Functionality

Granted: December 24, 2020
Application Number: 20200402140
Gesture functionality is provided in a computing environment. In example embodiments, a gesture input is received. A style difference is identified between a known gesture input of a set of known gesture inputs and the received gesture input. The set of known gesture inputs is caused to be modified to include the style difference by updating a database that stores the set of known gesture inputs.

Machine Generated Recommendation and Notification Models

Granted: December 17, 2020
Application Number: 20200394666
Systems and methods are presented for matching a buyer and a seller on a market place system and generating calibrated user profiles. In one such system a plurality of subjective estimations of value is received. The subjective estimations of value are a measure between a predetermined minimum value and a predetermined maximum value. A user profile is generated. A plurality of user actions corresponding to the plurality of subjective estimations of value is received. The user profile is…

Geofence Based On Members Of A Population

Granted: December 10, 2020
Application Number: 20200389758
In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving, via a mobile station, contextual information or geographic location data relating to a plurality of members of the population within the geographic region, identifying a common element in the received contextual information relating to at least two members of the population as a basis for defining a geofence to include the at least two members, wherein the common element is identified upon a comparison of the first and second contextual…

System and Method For Unlocking Devices Associated With A Carrying Bag

Granted: December 3, 2020
Application Number: 20200380106
A system and method for unlocking devices associated with a carrying bag are provided. In example embodiments, biometric information of a user from a biometric reader is received by an authentication system. The biometric reader is located on a pull mechanism of a sliding fastening device for a carrying bag. The user is authenticated by verifying the validity of the biometric information. The authenticated user is associated with the carrying bag. Based on a set of pre-defined…


Granted: November 26, 2020
Application Number: 20200374440
In an example embodiment, an item listing process is run in an item listing application. Upon reaching a specified point in the item listing process, a camera application on the user device is triggered (or the camera directly accessed by the item listing application) to enable a user to capture images using the camera, wherein the triggering includes providing an overlay informing the user as to an angle at which to capture images from the camera.

Database Search Optimizer and Themed Filters

Granted: November 19, 2020
Application Number: 20200364281
In various example embodiments, a system and method for retrieving database records are presented. A method includes receiving an access request for database records, identifying a primary database record corresponding to the access request, and selecting a set of secondary database records corresponding to a portion of the access request. The method determines a set of differentiating elements within records of the set of secondary database records. Each differentiating element…

Dynamic Link Preview Generation

Granted: November 19, 2020
Application Number: 20200364284
Dynamic link preview generation techniques are described that overcome the challenges of conventional techniques by supporting link preview generation by a content provider system that proves the digital content via a respective network address. In one example, a content provider system, based on a request received from a service provider system, identifies a communication platform of the service provider system that is to be used to communicate the shared link. Upon identifying the…