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Using a Smartphone for Remote Interaction with Visual User Interfaces

Granted: June 6, 2019
Application Number: 20190173994
Methods and systems are provided for establishing an interaction session between a visual interface on any of a wide range of devices (e.g., POS, ATM, computer, television, or other visual display) and a smartphone having a camera by using the smartphone camera to scan or capture a special image (e.g., a QR code) presented on the visual interface. The special image serves as a token mark that can graphically encode information about the visual interface and the operator or owner of the…

Aspect Pre-selection using Machine Learning

Granted: May 23, 2019
Application Number: 20190156177
Aspect pre-selection techniques using machine learning are described. In one example, an artificial assistant system is configured to implement a chat bot. A user then engages in a first natural-language conversation. As part of this first natural-language conversation, a communication is generated by the chat bot to prompt the user to specify an aspect of a category that is a subject of a first natural-language conversation and user data is received in response. Data that describes this…

User-Widget-Based Transaction System

Granted: May 16, 2019
Application Number: 20190147528
A method and system are described to provide a user-widget-based transaction environment. In one example embodiment, an electronic magazine may be presented to a user device as a widget without using a browser. The electronic magazine may comprise two or more data pages. A user selection of at least one of the two or more data pages may be detected and then communicated from the user device across a network for further processing.

Graphical User Interface Element Adjustment

Granted: May 9, 2019
Application Number: 20190138195
A computer-implemented method of graphical user interface element adjustment may include presenting a graphical user interface element that includes an adjustable element that is configured to be moved to adjust a selection of a value between a first end value and a second end value. In response to a movement of the adjustable element to adjust the selection of the value, the computer-implemented method further include obtaining a time for the movement of the adjustable element and…

Comparison and Visualization System

Granted: May 9, 2019
Application Number: 20190138521
In various example embodiments, a system and method for structuring search results for attribute comparison are presented. A product selection from a user device is received. The product selection has a plurality of attributes associated with it. A plurality of adjustable sliders configured to allow the user to refine a search is generated and caused to be displayed in a user interface of the user device. One or more adjustment of the plurality of adjustable sliders is received. In…

Location-Based Display of Pixel History

Granted: May 2, 2019
Application Number: 20190130877
Various techniques present, on a display of a user device, a current screen including an element distinct from a previous element of a previous screen. The previous element was presented at a location on less than an entirety of the previous screen. The user device receives a gesture input that requests that the previous element be presented within the current screen next to a current element of the current screen. The gesture input indicates a location of the current element, wherein…

Delivering Personalized Content to Authenticated User Devices

Granted: April 25, 2019
Application Number: 20190124075
Techniques for generated scannable coded images or user actionable-link with corresponding personalized content are described. In an example embodiment, the personalized content may only be accessed via the scannable coded image by authenticated user devices, wherein the permissions associated with the authentication are determined at the time the personalized content is generated. Responsive to a user device attempting to access the contents of a scannable coded image, the user device…

Multi-Dimensional Query Statement Modification

Granted: April 11, 2019
Application Number: 20190108254
Systems and methods for multi-dimensional query statement modification are described. A system presents a user interface including a first plurality of graphical elements representing a plurality of activity dimensions to a user. The system detects a user selection of a first activity dimension and a second user selection of a first attribute of the first activity dimension without a selection of the second attribute. The system searches objects using a search query based on the first…

Supplementing an Image Gallery with Status Indicators

Granted: April 11, 2019
Application Number: 20190108570
In various example embodiments, a system and method to provide status indictors on an image galley is disclosed. At least one item to be displayed in an image gallery on a client device is identified. Once identified, status information for the item is obtained. Subsequently, gallery rendering and display instructions are generated and transmitted to the client device. The rendering and display instructions include the status information and enables generation of status indicators from…

Systems and Methods for Providing Information on a Mobile Device

Granted: March 28, 2019
Application Number: 20190098141
Example methods and systems described herein provide information on a mobile device. Some example embodiments may include receiving information that is current as of a specific period. The information may be subject to change with a progression of time. An example embodiment includes causing the received information to be output to a user interface of a mobile device at the same time that an element of a computing application is being output to the user interface. The element of the…

Camera Platform and Object Inventory Control

Granted: March 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190080171
Camera platform and object inventory control techniques are described. In an implementation a live feed of digital images is output in a user interface by a computing device. A user selection is received through interaction with the user interface of at least one of the digital images. An object, included within the at least one digital image, is recognized using machine learning. Metadata is then obtained that pertains to the recognized object. Augmented reality digital content is…

Camera Platform incorporating Schedule and Stature

Granted: March 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190080172
Camera platform techniques are described. In an implementation, a plurality of digital images and data describing times, at which, the plurality of digital images are captured is received by a computing device. Objects of clothing are recognized from the digital images by the computing device using object recognition as part of machine learning. A user schedule is also received by the computing device that describes user appointments and times, at which, the appointments are scheduled. A…

Digital Image Capture Session and Metadata Association

Granted: March 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190080494
Digital image capture session and metadata association techniques are described. In one example, a user input is received to initiate an image capture session. At least one digital image is captured using a digital camera during the image capture session. Audio input data is also collected using an audio input device during the image capture session. and converted into text data, e.g., speech-to-text. Metadata is generated based on the text data and associated with the at least one…

Search Result-Based Listing Generation In A Single View

Granted: March 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190080023
Search result-based listing generation in a single view is described. Initially, search query input is received via a user interface and, as it is received, a listing system presents obtained search results via the user interface. The listing system supports generation of listings from search results, in part, by employing a listing schema that defines attributes for listings. Responsive to selection of a search result, for instance, the listing system identifies information of the…

Visualization of Reputation Ratings

Granted: February 21, 2019
Application Number: 20190057421
In one embodiment, a system and method is illustrated including receiving a feedback request identifying a particular user, retrieving a feedback entry in response to the feedback request, the feedback entry containing a first term, building a scoring model based, in part, upon a term frequency count denoting a frequency with which the first term appears in a searchable data structure, mapping the first term to a graphical illustration based upon a second term associated with the…

Providing Gesture Functionality

Granted: February 21, 2019
Application Number: 20190057434
Gesture functionality is provided in a computing environment. In example embodiments, a gesture input is received. A style difference is identified between a known gesture input of a set of known gesture inputs and the received gesture input. The set of known gesture inputs is caused to be modified to include the style difference by updating a database that stores the set of known gesture inputs.

System and Method for Visualization of Items in an Environment Using Augmented Reality

Granted: February 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190050939
Systems and methods for visualization of an item in an environment using augmented reality are provided. Environment image data containing an image of an environment is received. A selection of an item for placement into an indicated location of the environment is received. An item image of the selected item is scaled based on dimensions determined from the environment image data for the environment. The scaled item image is augmented into the image of the environment at the indicated…

Call Holding Management

Granted: February 14, 2019
Application Number: 20190052751
A system or a method detects an electronic communication between a first communication device and a second communication device. An audible communication holding routine associated with the second communication device is determined and the electronic communication is monitored to automatically determine whether the electronic communication is put on hold by the second communication device based, at least in part, on detecting that the audible communication holding routine is included in…

Displaying a Plurality of Selectable Actions

Granted: January 31, 2019
Application Number: 20190034055
An item page may be displayed on a client device in response to a request to view an item page from the client device. They item page may include a description of the item. An icon may be generated and the icon may be displayed within a portion of the displayed item page at an icon location. A plurality of selectable actions each being performable with respect to the item described by the item page may be generated and displayed in response to an initial gesture being performed at the…

Emoji Understanding in Online Experiences

Granted: January 31, 2019
Application Number: 20190034412
Understanding emojis in the context of online experiences is described. In at least some embodiments, text input is received and a vector representation of the text input is computed. Based on the vector representation, one or more emojis that correspond to the vector representation of the text input are ascertained and a response is formulated that includes at least one of the one or more emojis. In other embodiments, input from a client machine is received. The input includes at least…