eBay Patent Applications

Native Selling Platform

Granted: December 20, 2018
Application Number: 20180365774
Example embodiments of the present disclosure include a system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program and a computer-implemented method for providing a native selling platform. In example embodiments, an operating system of a device is configured to share information with other devices and services using native functionalities of the operating system. An indication to share an image of an item is received. A sharing user interface is presented that…

Method and System for Tracking Web Link Usage

Granted: December 20, 2018
Application Number: 20180367625
A method and system for tracking web link usage is provided. An example system includes a request detector, a click history module, a link presentation generator, and a serving module. The request detector may be configured to receive a request for a web page comprising a web link. The click history module may be configured to access click history associated with the user account. The link presentation generator may be configured to modify the web page, utilizing the click history. The…

Control of Search Results with Multipoint Pinch Gestures

Granted: December 13, 2018
Application Number: 20180356974
An indication of a touch on a touch-enabled screen of a device is received that indicates a selection of a date facet in a listing of items. The date facet denotes a temporal indicator, other facets denote non-temporal indicators. An indication of a pinch gesture is received. The date facet is scaled to produce a scaled-facet listing. The scaling includes modifying a degree of a characteristic of the date facet in an increasing amount including producing a scaled-out listing implemented…

Multiple Workspace Database Engine

Granted: December 6, 2018
Application Number: 20180349427
In various example embodiments, multiple workspaces have access to modify values in a graph database. The graph database can comprise a collection of entity nodes, where each entity node is connected to an identifier node and one or more state nodes. An update to an entity node can be recorded by generating a new state node to store the update and connecting the new state node to the entity node. How each workspace views the database is based, at least in part, on which state nodes are…


Granted: December 6, 2018
Application Number: 20180349441
A system and method for identifying whether data skew is causing delays in a map phase and/or a reduce phase of a query of a distributed database. The system and method identify the values of various metrics relating to a database query. These metrics include map phase and reduce phase durations and various related metrics. The system and method gather statistics of multiple queries to determine correlation levels between the metrics and the map phase and reduce phase durations. Based on…

Systems and Methods to Provide Visual Browsing

Granted: December 6, 2018
Application Number: 20180349507
Systems and methods for multi-directional visual browsing on an electronic device are described. In example embodiments, a primary result and a peripheral result are determined. A display layout based on attributes associated with the primary result and the peripheral result is generated. The display layout is then formatted into instructions, which will cause a device to render the display layout. The instructions are transmitted to the client device.

Augmented Reality System, Method, and Apparatus for Displaying an Item Image in a Contextual Environment

Granted: November 22, 2018
Application Number: 20180336734
Method, apparatus, and system for providing an item image to a client for display in a contextual environment are described. In some embodiments, the user may select an item for display in the contextual environment, and the user may position a camera coupled to a processing system to capture the contextual environment. A placeholder may be generated and associated with an item selected by a user. In an embodiment, the generated placeholder may be placed in a location within the…

Rotary Dial

Granted: November 22, 2018
Application Number: 20180335858
Example embodiments described herein disclose a device configured to generate and cause display of a rotary input interface within a display of the device. The rotary input interface may be displayed as one or more dial types, including at least a continuous rotary dial, a horseshoe dial, or a continuous scroll wheel, configured to include an arrangement of values at positions along the rotary input interface. The rotary input interface also include a central display configured to…

Application Inspector

Granted: November 22, 2018
Application Number: 20180335924
An application is installed on a device that includes a user interface comprising multiple elements organized in a hierarchy. The application communicates with an inspector tool that accesses the hierarchy. The inspector tool may be integrated into the application or separate from the application. During execution of the application, the inspector identifies an element in the hierarchy and presents information regarding the element. For example, a display region corresponding to the…

Position Editing Tool of Collage Multi-Media

Granted: November 15, 2018
Application Number: 20180329870
In accordance with one or more embodiments of the present disclosure, methods and apparatus are provided for flexible and user-friendly position editing of loaded media in a multi-media presentation. In one embodiment, a method for editing the position of loaded media comprises loading a page of a collage document to a client device, the page having a plurality of layers with each layer being associated with a media object, and creating a list of layers of the loaded page with each layer…


Granted: November 15, 2018
Application Number: 20180330425
A system receives item data corresponding to an item list from a user. The item list may include one or more items. The system communicates the item list to a community group associated with the user and the system then receives member data from one or more members of the community group, wherein the member data is associated with the one or more items on the item list.

System and Method to Provide a Domain Split Display

Granted: November 1, 2018
Application Number: 20180314678
Techniques described herein provide a domain split display. One or more implementations generate a parent page comprising a content iframe that is a child iframe of the parent page, where the parent page is associated with a first domain and the content iframe is associated with a second domain. Various implementations then generate, within the content iframe, a plurality of grandchild iframes of the parent page that are sibling iframes at a same level within the parent page, where the…

Sequential Selection Presentation

Granted: November 1, 2018
Application Number: 20180315037
Sequential selections are presented by receiving an input on an active portion of a display of the computing device. While the input is received, a plurality of selections are sequentially displayed on the display. An indication is received that the input on the active portion of the display of the computing device has changed. In response to receiving the indication that the input has changed, the computing device stops presenting the plurality of selections and determines which…

User Interface for Controlling Data Navigation

Granted: October 25, 2018
Application Number: 20180307402
Systems and methods for navigation control for mobile devices are provided. In example embodiments, a navigation system causes presentation of a navigation icon at a user interface. Navigation between a plurality of pages at the user interface is initiated with a single tap and hold action. In response to a drag motion, following the single tap and hold action without releasing the hold action, information display at the user interface is adjusted, thereby enabling navigating between…

User Interface for Comparing Items Using Gestures

Granted: October 25, 2018
Application Number: 20180307408
In an example embodiment, a method of presenting marketplace listings is provided. Search parameters are received from a user interface on an electronic device. A search on marketplace listings is then performed using the search parameters, returning marketplace results. The marketplace results are then organized into a plurality of web pages, each web page corresponding to a different marketplace result, with each page organized so that a row on any one of the web pages corresponds to…


Granted: October 18, 2018
Application Number: 20180302468
Systems and methods of delegating content processing are disclosed. In some example embodiments, a first mobile device generates content requests for an online page, with each content request corresponding to a content item of the online page, and determines delegate computing devices to which to delegate the content requests. For each delegate computing device, the first mobile device may transmit a corresponding content request to the delegate computing device, with each corresponding…


Granted: October 11, 2018
Application Number: 20180293628
Methods and systems for enabling multi-merchant coupon campaigns within an online publication system are described. In an example, a method can include generating an item listing, receiving information specifying a set of coupon criteria, detecting an event within a multi-merchant publication system, and present a coupon in response to detecting the event. The generating an item listing can be based on information received from a merchant-computer. If the set of coupon criteria is…


Granted: September 27, 2018
Application Number: 20180276715
A system for transmitting information related to a network-based marketplace includes identifying information that may be interesting, useful, and entertaining to the users and to the potential users of the network-based marketplace. The identified information may be other than information that is already being displayed in listings by the network-based marketplace. The identified information may be about the sellers, the buyers or other items related to the items offered for sale

Content Extraction System

Granted: September 20, 2018
Application Number: 20180267943
A system includes a content extraction engine comprising at least one processor and configured to receive a content page including first product data for a target product, remove noise content from the content page, thereby generating a remainder content page, compare the remainder content page to a first synonym list to identify the first product data, the first synonym list including a first data field name, and provide the first product data as associated with the first data field…

Proactive Re-Routing Of Vehicles to Control Traffic Flow

Granted: August 30, 2018
Application Number: 20180245932
Aspects of the present disclosure include a navigation system and computer-implemented methods for proactively re-routing vehicles to control traffic flow. Consistent with some embodiments, the navigation system seeks to reduce traffic flow along primary navigation routes (e.g., routes with relatively short travel times) by re-routing vehicles to alternative navigation routes (e.g., routes with relatively longer travel times) using incentives. As an example, upon detecting a vehicle…