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Linked Packet Tracing for Software Load Balancers

Granted: September 28, 2023
Application Number: 20230308392
Linked packet tracing techniques for software load balancers are described, as leveraging a client identifier generated to link packet traces between packets of a service provider system. In one example, a client-side packet is received from a client device by a processing system. From this, a client identifier is generated by the processing system based on the client device. In response, a modified client-side packet is generated by the processing system by modifying the client-side…

Public Transport Infrastructure Facilitated Drone Delivery

Granted: September 14, 2023
Application Number: 20230289714
Systems and methods for public transport infrastructure facilitated drone delivery are provided. In example embodiments, a request to deliver a package to a drop-off destination using a drone is received. Public infrastructure information is accessed. A public infrastructure terminal from which the drone delivers the package is identified based on the public infrastructure information. An instruction is communicated to transport the package to the identified public. A drone delivery…

Item Inventory Management System with Vacuum-Operated Sorter

Granted: September 14, 2023
Application Number: 20230286020
An item sorting system is described. The item sorting system includes at least one bin that holds items to be sorted and a light source that illuminates the items stored in the at least one bin. In implementations, the at least one bin includes walls that direct light, received from the light source via a first surface, for emission via a second surface facing an interior of the at least one bin. The item sorting system further includes a recognition device that identifies the items for…

Digital Service Resource Allocation and Sharing

Granted: September 7, 2023
Application Number: 20230281674
Techniques for resource allocation with content creators are described that overcome the challenges of conventional techniques by supporting customized digital content generation and resource allocation specified by content creators of digital content. In one example, a content provider system, based on user input received via a control, specifies the portions of a resource allocation to be shared. A first portion is configured to be shared with a content creator of digital content, the…

Systems and Methods for an E-Commerce Enabled Digital Whiteboard

Granted: September 7, 2023
Application Number: 20230281572
Systems and methods for an e-commerce enabled digital whiteboard are described. The system receives first initialization information, over a network, from a mobile device that includes a description of a first vehicle and a description of a first repair for the first vehicle. The first initialization information is stored in a first context. The system further receives a first request to attach the first context to an online collaborative workspace. The system further attaches the first…

Systems and Methods for Publishing and/or Sharing Media Presentations over a Network

Granted: August 31, 2023
Application Number: 20230274482
In accordance with one or more embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods for publishing and/or sharing media presentations over a network comprise communicating with a user and one or more distribution channels via the network, gathering media resources based on user input, creating a media presentation with the media resources based on user input, and publishing the media presentation by distributing the media presentation to the one or more distribution channels via…

Prospective Object Search Techniques Based on Removed Objects

Granted: August 17, 2023
Application Number: 20230260000
Search techniques are described that support locating and displaying prospective objects in digital images based on a removed object. A digital image, for instance, is received by a computing device as an input depicting a physical environment with various objects and displayed in a user interface. An object depicted by the digital image is removed. An aspect of the removed object is identified. A search system leverages the aspect to locate a prospective object. The prospective object…

Physical Object Boundary Detection Techniques and Systems

Granted: August 10, 2023
Application Number: 20230252642
Physical object boundary detection techniques and systems are described. In one example, an augmented reality module generates three dimensional point cloud data. This data describes depths at respective points within a physical environment that includes the physical object. A physical object boundary detection module is then employed to filter the point cloud data by removing points that correspond to a ground plane. The module then performs a nearest neighbor search to locate a subset…

Camera Platform Incorporating Schedule and Stature

Granted: August 10, 2023
Application Number: 20230254455
Camera platform techniques are described. In an implementation, a plurality of digital images and data describing times, at which, the plurality of digital images are captured is received by a computing device. Objects of clothing are recognized from the digital images by the computing device using object recognition as part of machine learning. A user schedule is also received by the computing device that describes user appointments and times, at which, the appointments are scheduled. A…

Artificial Assistant System Notifications

Granted: August 10, 2023
Application Number: 20230252991
Artificial assistant system notification techniques are described that overcome the challenges of conventional search techniques. In one example, a user profile is generated to describe aspects of products or services learned through natural language conversations between a user and an artificial assistant system. These aspects may include price as well as non-price aspects such as color, texture, material, and so forth. To learn the aspects, the artificial assistant system may leverage…

Modification of Three-Dimensional Garments Using Gestures

Granted: August 10, 2023
Application Number: 20230251724
Techniques for modifying a garment based on gestures are presented herein. An access module can access a first set of sensor data from a first sensor, and a second set of sensor data from a second sensor. A garment simulation module can generate a three-dimensional (3D) garment model of a garment available for sale draped on an avatar based on the first set of sensor data and the second set of sensor data. A display module can cause a presentation, on a display of a device, of the 3D…

Synchronizing Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Applications with Companion Device Interfaces

Granted: July 27, 2023
Application Number: 20230236682
An augmented reality or virtual reality (AR/VR) device pairs with a companion device to augment input interfaces associated with an AR/VR application at the AR/VR device. In implementations, an AR/VR device determines a portion of a markup file that corresponds to an AR/VR scene of a plurality of AR/VR scenes in an AR/VR environment, and communicates the portion of the markup file to the companion device to cause the companion device to configure a companion user interface associated…

Detailed Videoconference Viewpoint Generation

Granted: July 20, 2023
Application Number: 20230231971
A videoconference system is described that generates a video for a room including multiple videoconference participants and outputs the video as part of the videoconference. The videoconference system is configured to generate the video as including a detailed view of one of the multiple videoconference participants located in the room. To do so, the videoconference system detects user devices located in the room capable of capturing video and determines a position of each user device.…

Providing Gesture Functionality

Granted: July 13, 2023
Application Number: 20230222564
Gesture functionality is provided in a computing environment. In example embodiments, a gesture input is received. A style difference is identified between a known gesture input of a set of known gesture inputs and the received gesture input. The set of known gesture inputs is caused to be modified to include the style difference by updating a database that stores the set of known gesture inputs.

Computer Vision, User Segment, and Missing Item Determination

Granted: July 13, 2023
Application Number: 20230222560
Techniques and systems are described that leverage computer vision as part of search to expand functionality of a computing device available to a user and increase operational computational efficiency as well as efficiency in user interaction. In a first example, user interaction with items of digital content is monitored. Computer vision techniques are used to identify digital images in the digital content, objects within the digital images, and characteristics of those objects. This…

Standardizing User Interface Elements

Granted: July 13, 2023
Application Number: 20230221827
A system and method for standardizing user interface elements are presented. A first application is identified having a higher use metric than a second application, the first application including one or more user interface elements that have one or more respective parameters. The second application has one or more user interface elements that are similar to the user interface elements of the first application and has one or more respective parameters that are different than the…

Emoji Understanding in Online Experiences

Granted: July 6, 2023
Application Number: 20230214590
Understanding emojis in the context of online experiences is described. In at least some embodiments, text input is received and a vector representation of the text input is computed. Based on the vector representation, one or more emojis that correspond to the vector representation of the text input are ascertained and a response is formulated that includes at least one of the one or more emojis. In other embodiments, input from a client machine is received. The input includes at least…


Granted: June 29, 2023
Application Number: 20230206314
A system for assisting users in listing items for sale in an electronic marketplace is disclosed. A video is received from a user device associated with a user, the video including a video stream depicting a plurality of items to be listed for sale in the electronic marketplace. Respective images depicting respective items among the plurality of items are obtained from the video stream, and respective attributes of the respective items among the plurality of items are extracted from the…

Automatic Workflow Generation

Granted: June 15, 2023
Application Number: 20230185549
Automatic workflow generation is described. One or more files containing code statements for accessing and modifying information in a destination database is received. The code statements are parsed from the one or more files and dependencies between the code statements are determined. A dependency graph is built by arranging the code statements according to the dependencies between the code statements. The dependency graph is partitioned by identifying at least one barrier code…


Granted: June 8, 2023
Application Number: 20230177807
Systems and methods are provided for automatically generating a thumbnail for a video on an online shopping site. The disclosed technology automatically generates a thumbnail for a video, where the thumbnail represents an item but not necessarily content of the video. A thumbnail generator receives a video that describes the item and an ordered list of item images associated with the item used in an item listing. The thumbnail generator extracts video frames from the video based on…