eBay Patent Applications


Granted: December 1, 2022
Application Number: 20220383380
Methods and systems for displaying, to a user interface, categories of items for the user to select from for querying the system, in order to enable the system to return to the user images of items of the type desired by the user for possible purchase. The items categories of items can be presented to the user interface visually in silhouette form so that the user can select brand and the silhouette image of the type of item desired. Upon selection of the silhouette image, a query is…

Inventory Item Prediction and Listing Recommendation

Granted: November 24, 2022
Application Number: 20220374805
An inventory prediction system is described that outputs a predicted inventory item not included in a user's known inventory using a cross-category directional graph that represents item categories as nodes. The inventory prediction system implements a prediction model trained using machine learning to output the predicted inventory item using the graph and at least one item from the user's known inventory. The inventory prediction system is further configured to generate a listing…

Different Action User-Interface Components In A Comparison View

Granted: November 10, 2022
Application Number: 20220358558
Different action user-interface components in a comparison view are described. Initially, a selection is received to display a comparison view via a user interface of a listing platform. Multiple listings of the listing platform are selected for inclusion in the comparison view. A comparison view system determines which action of a plurality of actions, used by the listing platform, to associate with each of the listings. A display device displays the multiple listings concurrently in a…

Real Time Item Listing Modification

Granted: November 10, 2022
Application Number: 20220358556
Real time item listing modification is described. A listing modification system receives, via a real time communication protocol from a client device, user interaction data that describes an item listing of a network-based commerce system currently being accessed at the client device. The user interaction data further describes an identity of a user of the client device and a mariner in which the user of the client device interacts with the item listing. A modification user interface is…

Systems and Methods to Provide Visual Browsing

Granted: November 10, 2022
Application Number: 20220358180
Systems and methods for multi-directional visual browsing on an electronic device are described. In example embodiments, a primary result and a peripheral result are determined. A display layout based on attributes associated with the primary result and the peripheral result is generated. The display layout is then formatted into instructions, which will cause a device to render the display layout. The instructions are transmitted to the client device.

Decentralized Shipping Network Using Blockchains

Granted: November 3, 2022
Application Number: 20220351125
Technologies are shown for shipping route selection involving receiving sender and recipient shipping information for an item to be shipped and obtaining shipping route options for the item based on the sender and recipient shipping information. The route options are provided for display and selection of an option. A routing data block is created for the item at an address on a blockchain that stores shipping information for each stage of the selected route. A shipping tag is encoded…

Tamper Proof Tag For Watches

Granted: November 3, 2022
Application Number: 20220349216
Disclosed is a tamper proof tag and accompanying method for verifying that a watch is authentic and has not been tampered with. The tamper proof tag, when affixed to the watch, ensures that the watch is authentic and prevents a user from tampering with the watch. The tamper proof tag also allows the watch to be worn while the tamper proof tag is affixed to watch and is minimally obstructive to the aesthetics of the watch. This provides a purchasing user with confidence that the watch is…

Personalized Curation and Customized Social Interaction

Granted: October 27, 2022
Application Number: 20220342533
A method of enhancing a network-based publication system with curator lists is disclosed. Information pertaining to an item is received from a submitter of a listing of the item on a network-based publication system. Metadata pertaining to the information about the item is received from a curator of the information pertaining to the item. A presentation of the information on a curator list is controlled based on the metadata.

Colored Three-Dimensional Digital Model Generation

Granted: October 27, 2022
Application Number: 20220343616
Colored three-dimensional digital model generation techniques and systems are described. In one example, scanning techniques are employed by a scanning system that scans a physical object while disposed within packaging to form a three-dimension digital model. A model coloring system is employed to color the three-dimensional digital model. A two-dimensional digital image is employed that captures the same or similar physical object. In one example, features of the model are matched to…


Granted: October 27, 2022
Application Number: 20220343385
A resource provider is disclosed which, upon receiving selection of a resource from a first party for delivery to a third party, automatically determines configuration and/or customization settings for the specific resource based upon the third party user's target device and/or their preferred customizations. In doing so, the first party does not need to have specific knowledge about the third party in order to correctly configure or customize the resource for use by the third party.…

Cross-Correlation Of Metrics For Anomaly Root Cause Identification

Granted: October 13, 2022
Application Number: 20220325392
Technologies are disclosed herein for cross-correlating metrics for anomaly root cause detection. Primary and secondary metrics associated with an anomaly are cross-correlated by first using the derivative of an interpolant of data points of the primary metric to identify a time window for analysis. Impact scores for the secondary metrics can be then be generated by computing the standard deviation of a derivative of data points of the secondary metrics during the identified time window.…

Traffic Mirroring

Granted: September 15, 2022
Application Number: 20220294872
A system and method for mirroring traffic data is described. A traffic proxy samples traffic data between a client device and a first web server. The traffic data comprises requests from the client device and corresponding responses from the first web server. The sampled traffic data is encoded and relayed to a second web server. The second web server comprises an updated version of a web service that is operating at the first web server. Responses from the first web server are compared…

Machine Learning-Based Interactive Visual Monitoring Tool for High Dimensional Data Sets Across Multiple KPIs

Granted: September 8, 2022
Application Number: 20220283695
Described are computing systems and methods configured to detect a small, but meaningful, anomaly within one or more metrics associated with a platform. The system displays visuals of the metrics so that a user monitoring the platform can effectively notice a problem associated with the anomaly and take appropriate action to remediate the problem. An operational visual includes a radar-based visual with a heatmap arranging metrics, and a node representing a state of the metrics.…


Granted: May 12, 2022
Application Number: 20220148043
Methods and systems for enabling multi-merchant coupon campaigns within an online publication system are described. In an example, a method can include generating an item listing, receiving information specifying a set of coupon criteria, detecting an event within a multi-merchant publication system, and present a coupon in response to detecting the event. The generating an item listing can be based on information received from a merchant-computer. If the set of coupon criteria is…


Granted: May 12, 2022
Application Number: 20220147306
A method for displaying content displayed on one or more first devices on a second device is provided. The method includes receiving a request to display content currently displayed on a first device on a second device, the request including a gesture made on a screen of the first device, and pairing the first device to the second device. The method further includes transmitting instructions to the second device to display the content currently displayed on the first device, and…

Garment Tags For Intelligent Laundering Alerts

Granted: May 5, 2022
Application Number: 20220139196
Aspects of the present disclosure involve an apparatus, systems, and methods for providing intelligent laundering alerts. Example embodiments involve an intelligent garment tag that may be affixed to garments, and may store and provide information about the garment to which it is affixed. The information stored thereon describes various aspects of the garment including color, fabric, and laundering information. The intelligent garment tags further include an alert component for providing…


Granted: May 5, 2022
Application Number: 20220138251
Example embodiments that analyze images to characterize aspects of the images rely on a same neural network to characterize multiple aspects in parallel. Because additional neural networks are not required for additional aspects, such an approach scales with increased aspects.

Garnering Interest on Potential Listing in a Photo or Video

Granted: April 28, 2022
Application Number: 20220129935
Various implementations described herein are able to leverage the interaction from one or more potential buyers relative to a digital image to automatically create a sales listing for items that appear to be of interest to the buyers. This reduces or eliminates all together the manual effort previously required of sellers in researching and collecting data on each item they wish to sell. Because of their technical nature, the innovative solutions described herein are also readily…


Granted: April 21, 2022
Application Number: 20220122122
In various example embodiments, a system and method for determining a spam publication using a spam detection system are presented. The spam detection system receives, from a device, an image of an item and an item attribute for the item. Additionally, the spam detection system extracts an image attribute based on the received image, and compares the item attribute and the image attribute. Moreover, the spam detection system calculates a confidence score based on the comparison.…


Granted: April 21, 2022
Application Number: 20220122446
Techniques for locating and identifying mobile devices are described. According to various embodiments, an ambient sound signal may be detected using a microphone of a mobile device. Thereafter, it may be determined that the ambient sound signal corresponds to a predefined user query for assistance in locating the mobile device. A predefined response sound corresponding to the predefined user query may then be emitted, using a speaker of the mobile device. Additionally, user…