eBay Patent Grants

Transaction verification through enhanced authentication

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12041187
Systems and methods for authenticating requests to use an Application Programming Interface (“API”) are described. In some embodiments, a request to use an API is issued from a client to a server. One or more credentials for a first-level authentication challenge are provided from the client to the server. Responsive to the server determining that the client deviates from an expected behavior based on comparing the request to use the API with a pattern of activity associated with the…

Multi request asynchronous delegation for enhanced performance

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12041114
Systems and methods for processing webpage calls via multiple module responses are described. A system may receive, from a client device, a first call for module data associated with a set of webpage modules for presentation in a webpage. The system may subsequently transmit, to the client device based on receiving the first call, a first response including first module data associated with a first subset of the set of webpage modules. The first response may additionally include a token…

Data indexing and searching using permutation indexes

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12038896
Systems and methods are provided for creating and utilizing search indexes with different properties to provide efficient and flexible means for retrieving and ranking high-dimensional content. A first index and a second index are generated with a different sets of properties, which may include a permutation prefix length and a vector quantization scheme, and are each associated with a computational workload. Further, at least one index structure may be created with a posting list…

Transaction security techniques

Granted: July 9, 2024
Patent Number: 12034851
Aspects of the present disclosure relate to transaction security techniques. In examples, a resource platform causes a set of executable verification instructions associated with an authorization processor to be executed by a user computing device. The verification instructions may be encrypted by the authorization processor for decryption by the user computing device. The verification instructions may generate verification information associated with the user computing device. In some…

Device ancillary activity

Granted: July 9, 2024
Patent Number: 12033204
Described herein is a system and method for performing ancillary activity. A device activity being performed by a user device of a user is detected. Attribute data associated with a plurality of attribute sources is accessed. A user preference indicating a preference for performing on a secondary user device a complementary activity corresponding to the device activity is inferred. Based on the inferred user preference, the secondary user device is identified according to a device status…

System and method for providing warehousing service

Granted: July 9, 2024
Patent Number: 12033114
Systems and methods for providing warehousing services that utilize a machine learning model are provided. The system trains a machine learning model with training data comprising item attributes and transaction locations extracted from past transactions for each item category to identify a plurality of transaction zones where each item category has a highest probability for selling. Subsequently, the system receives a warehouse request to warehouse inventory in a remote location. At…

Source image providing multiple item views

Granted: July 2, 2024
Patent Number: 12026849
According to example embodiments, an Image View Aggregator identifies a frontal view of an item within an image. The Image View Aggregator identifies at least one reflection view of the item within the image. Each reflection view of the item having been captured off a corresponding reflective physical surface. The Image View Aggregator extracts the frontal view of the item and each reflection view of the item from the image. The Image View Aggregator generates a representation of the…

Detection of mission change in conversation

Granted: June 25, 2024
Patent Number: 12020701
Methods, systems, and computer programs are presented for detecting a mission changes in a conversation. A user utterance from a user device is received. The user utterance is part of a conversation with an intelligent assistant. The conversation includes preceding user utterances in pursuit of a first mission. It is determined that the user utterance indicates a mission change from the first mission to a second mission based on an application of a machine-learned model to the user…

Camera platform incorporating schedule and stature

Granted: June 25, 2024
Patent Number: 12022239
Camera platform techniques are described. In an implementation, a plurality of digital images and data describing times, at which, the plurality of digital images are captured is received by a computing device. Objects of clothing are recognized from the digital images by the computing device using object recognition as part of machine learning. A user schedule is also received by the computing device that describes user appointments and times, at which, the appointments are scheduled. A…

Image modification based on objects of interest

Granted: June 25, 2024
Patent Number: 12022185
In various example embodiments, a system and method for modifying images are presented. The system receives a user interface selection initiating an image capture and detects a first image capture parameter. The system identifies an object of interest within a field of view of an image capture device and identifies a set of object characteristics of the object of interest. The system generates a parameter notification indicating a suggested modification of the first image capture…

Personalized delivery time estimate system

Granted: June 25, 2024
Patent Number: 12020300
A personalized delivery estimate system is described. A commercial transaction is generated between a seller and a buyer for an item in an online marketplace. Historical transactions of buyers and sellers in the online marketplace are stored in a storage device. A personalized delivery time estimate is computed for the buyer of the commercial transaction using seller information, buyer information, and item information with the historical transactions of buyers and sellers in the online…

Selecting next user prompt types in an intelligent online personal assistant multi-turn dialog

Granted: June 25, 2024
Patent Number: 12020174
Systems and methods for selecting types of generated prompts for further data from a user in a multi-turn interactive dialog. In one scenario, a processed sequence of user inputs and machine-generated prompts improves searches for the most relevant items available for purchase in an electronic marketplace. The number of prompts may be limited to a predetermined maximum value. Prompt generation is minimized by incorporating into a knowledge graph world knowledge that helps user intent…

Methods and systems for virtual fitting rooms or hybrid stores

Granted: June 11, 2024
Patent Number: 12008619
Various embodiments include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media for receiving a request for requesting assistance for evaluating a first item, the request being associated with a user account; identifying a plurality of closet items associated with the user account; a compatibility rule to determine a percentage of the plurality of closet items that are compatible with the first item; and causing display of a user interface of a device, the user interface…

Digital image presentation

Granted: June 11, 2024
Patent Number: 12008034
A computer implemented method to present digital images may include storing a digital image in a database and applying a digital image processing technique to the digital image to identify a region of interest of the digital image. The method may also include storing region data that identifies the region of interest of the digital image in the database and receiving a request for information associated with the digital image from a digital device. In response to the request, the method…

Managing database offsets with time series

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12001435
Systems and methods of improving the functioning of a streaming platform system by managing database change stream offsets using a time series database are disclosed. In some example embodiments, a computer system retrieves an offset value from a plurality of offset values stored in a time series database, with the plurality of offset values being indexed in the time series database in time order, and the retrieved offset value being retrieved using a time parameter, and then the…

Use of camera metadata for recommendations

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12002264
In various example embodiments, a system and method for using camera metadata for making recommendations are presented. At least one image file having camera metadata is received. The camera metadata of the at least one image file is analyzed to determine improvements to image capture aspects associated with the at least one image file. Feedback related to the improvements to the image capture aspects associated with the at least one image file is generated. In some embodiments, the…

Visual quality performance predictors

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12002083
A visual search recommendation engine utilizes an image quality indication model for a visual search recommendation. Specifically, the visual search recommendation engine receives a search image as a search query at a search engine. The visual search recommendation engine provides the search image as an input into the image quality indication model, which is trained to output an image quality indication based on image aspects of the search image. A plurality of images are identified from…

Automatic listing generation for multiple items

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12002077
A machine is configured to automatically generate listings for multiple items. For example, the machine receives, from a client device, two or more images and two or more descriptions. The two or more images depict two or more items. The two or more descriptions pertain to the two or more items. The machine matches one or more images of the two or more images to a description of the two or more descriptions. The one or more images depict an item of the two or more items. The description…

Data storage space recovery via compaction and prioritized recovery of storage space from partitions based on stale data

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12001677
Storage space is reclaimed by cleaning and compacting data objects where data objects are stored by immutable storage. A storage area of which space needs to be reclaimed is identified. Active and stale data objects stored in a storage area are identified, and only active data objects are transferred to a shadow storage area from the storage area when recovering storage space. I/O operations can be fulfilled from the storage area and the shadow storage area. Compaction requests and I/O…

Automatic lot classification

Granted: June 4, 2024
Patent Number: 12001471
Methods, systems, and media for lot classification are disclosed. In one example, a classification system for identifying lot listings receives a description for a listing in a publication system, identifies a string in the listing, identifies a quantity word or digit in the string, and converts an identified quantity word into digit form. A normalized string is tokenized to produce tokens, the tokenizing of the normalized string including splitting the normalized string into a series of…