Facebook Patent Grants

Actuated tendon pairs in a virtual reality device

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10779583
A haptic glove includes a glove body including a glove digit corresponding to a phalange of a user hand. The glove digit has a pair of flexible tendons, including a first and a second tendon, which are parallel to a bend centerline that bisects a surface of the glove digit. The first and second tendons are positioned respectively on opposite sides of the bend centerline. The haptic glove further comprises an actuator coupled to the glove body and the first and second tendons, the…

Virtual reality collision interpretation

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10780349
A rhythm-based video game (“game”) is disclosed. In the game, a player slashes blocks representing musical beats using a pair of energy blades resembling a lightsaber. A gaming console renders multiple digital objects, e.g., digital blocks, digital mines and digital obstacles, that are approaching a player in a virtual space. The gaming console also renders a digital representation of an instrument, e.g., a lightsaber (“digital saber”), using which the player slashes, cuts or…

Apparatus, system, and method for relocating data-center modules

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10780590
A data-center-module relocation device may include a plurality of interchangeable end effectors, including at least one module relocation effector that is dimensioned to hold data-center modules. The device may also include a robotic arm with a distal end adapted to switch between the plurality of interchangeable end effectors and select the module relocation effector as an active end effector for the robotic arm. In addition, the device may include an actuator that moves the robotic arm…

Diffractive structures for generation of interference patterns for close range tracking

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10782537
A depth camera assembly (DCA) determines depth information within a target area within a threshold distance from the DCA. The DCA includes a source assembly, a diffractive structure, a camera assembly, and a controller. The source assembly includes at least one source within a plane that is bisected by an optical axis of the DCA. The diffractive structure generates an interference pattern that is projected into the target area. The diffractive structure generates the interference pattern…

Devices, systems, and methods for radar-based artificial reality tracking

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10782782
The disclosed apparatus may include at least one radar device that transmits a frequency-modulated radar signal to a plurality of transponders located on a wearable device worn by a user. The apparatus may also include a processing device that (1) directs at least one of the plurality of transponders to be in an active state that enables the transponder to receive and transmit signals, (2) detects, while the transponder is in the active state, a signal returned to the radar device from…

Assisting users with personalized and contextual communication content

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10782986
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a client system associated with a first user, a first user input by the first user, wherein the first user input is associated with a current dialog session, identifying a first language register associated with the first user based on the first user input, accessing a plurality of language-register models associated with a plurality of language registers stored in a data store, selecting a first language-register model from the…

Systems and methods for social network post audience prediction and selection

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10783150
Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can receive a social network post associated with a poster. The social network post is analyzed, and one or more potential viewers are ranked based on viewer ranking criteria. A predicted relevant audience is determined based on the ranking of the one or more potential viewers.

Delivering a continuous feed of content items to a client device

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10783157
An online system provides a continuous feed of content items to a client device. The online system maintains an ordered set of ranked content items for sending to the client device. The online system receives requests from the client device for content items and selects a subset from an ordered set of ranked content items in response to each request. The number of content items in the subset may be based on factors such as the network connection strength of the client device. The client…

Glyph rendering in three-dimensional space

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10783695
In one embodiment, a computing system may determine a pixel area in a two-dimensional coordinate system associated with a display. The system may project the pixel area into a three-dimensional coordinate system to determine a projected area in the three-dimensional coordinate system. Based on the projected area, the system may access a portion of an analytical definition of a glyph, the portion of the analytical definition defining one or more areas of the glyph. The system may compute…

Visual flairs for emphasizing gestures in artificial-reality environments

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10783712
A near eye display (NED) system is configured to present an augmented reality environment to the user. In addition, the NED system uses an imaging device to detect individuals within a local area, and identify positions of hands of the individuals from which the NED system may be able to detect one or more performed gestures. In response to detecting a predetermined gesture, the NED system displays a user of the NED one or more virtual objects corresponding to the identified first…

Digital color dispersion correction

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10783819
An image is received that includes red, green, and blue subpixel values for each pixel in the image. A dispersion adjustment profile is applied to the image to generate a dispersion-corrected image. The dispersion adjustment profile is specific to an optical assembly disposed over a display pixel array of a head mounted display. The dispersion-corrected image is rendered to the display pixel array of the head mounted display.

Communication network optimization

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785123
In one embodiment, the system determines network performance metrics in a number of geographic areas within a communication network based on application data of end users. The system receives, from a client system, a query for geographic areas of interest specifying network performance criteria based on network performance metrics and corresponding thresholds. The system identifies geographic areas of interest matching the network performance criteria of the query. The system determines,…

Network planning with availability guarantees

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785124
A system and method for network planning with certain guarantees is disclosed. The system receives data characterizing various aspects of a backbone network, such as the nodes of the backbone network, how the nodes are connected by network links, the maximum available capacities of the network assets, network costs, and network asset reliability information. The system also receives data characterizing the requirements of different data communications, or flows, within the backbone…

In-application notifications

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785178
In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, by a mobile device associated with a user from one or more computing devices associated with a social-networking system, content for a notification and instructions to display the notification in a user interface of the application, and displaying the content for the notification as a structured card over a background in the user interface. The method may include detecting a user interaction with the notification. The method may then…

Notification framework for smart objects

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785184
Embodiments of a notification framework for smart objects (e.g., smart televisions) to deliver notifications to user devices are described. In one embodiment, a method includes a smart device sending an event-registration request to a server, the event-registration request including event information associated with an event associated with the smart device. The smart device may receive a code generated by the server in response to the event-registration request, the code being…

Video encoding using starve mode

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785279
A video encoder may be put in a starve mode during a low latency operation in which the video encoder may be operated in a mode that allows video frames to be encoded without any interdependencies such as motion compensation. At least one encoding parameter of the video encoding is selected such that, for each resulting encoded video frame, the video frame fits in exactly one application layer packet.

Methods and devices for selective flash illumination

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785393
The various embodiments described herein include methods and/or devices for directing flash illumination. In one aspect, a method is performed at a device including a camera, one or more processors, and memory storing one or more programs configured for execution by the one or more processors. The method includes directing flash illumination to an identified area of interest in a scene by adjusting power supplied to respective elements of a flash array. The method further includes…

Synchronized visual indicators for multimedia device actions

Granted: September 22, 2020
Patent Number: 10785414
The disclosed computer-implemented method may include (i) identifying, by a multimedia device that is connected to an external display, an action that is to be performed by the multimedia device, (ii) selecting, by the multimedia device, at least one visual pattern that corresponds to the action, and (iii) displaying, when the multimedia device performs the action, the visual pattern simultaneously on both the multimedia device and the external display to visually indicate that the…