IBM Patent Grants

Machinery conversion pivot opportunity identification

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687056
In an approach for identifying machinery conversion pivot opportunities utilizing a crowdsourced database, a processor receives machinery information for machinery of a user. A processor identifies a plurality of alternative uses for the machinery from a public cloud database based on the machinery information. A processor ranks the plurality of alternative uses for the machinery based on a set of factors. A processor sends the ranked plurality of alternative uses for the machinery to…

Flexible optimized data handling in systems with multiple memories

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687369
Methods and systems for optimizing an application for a computing system having multiple distinct memory locations that are interconnected by one or more communication channels include determining one or more data handling properties for a data region in an application. One or more data handling policies for the data region are determined based on the one or more data handling properties. Data setup costs are determined for a scope in the application that uses the data region in…

Processor overriding of a false load-hit-store detection

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687337
A method for operation of a processor core is provided. A rejected first load instruction is received that has been rejected due to a false load-hit-store detection against a first store instruction. A warning label is generated on a basis of the false load-hit-store detection. The warning label is added to the received first load instruction to create a labeled first load instruction. The labeled first load instruction is issued such that the warning label causes the labeled first load…

Decentralized management of software configurations

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687334
A peer-to-peer decentralized software configuration manager is described. The peer-to-peer system provides a crowdsourced mechanism to determine and recommend the efficient software configurations. A computer system may subscribe to a ring or group of network connected computers. Once subscribed, the computer system receives a ring data structure that may include one or more software configuration entries. The ring data structure is accessible to each subscribed computer system to the…

Wearable computing device audio interface

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687317
An auditory signal is received by a wearable contact lens. The auditory signal is received from a user. The receiving occurring during a listening mode. The wearable contact lens positioned adjacent to an eye of the user during the receiving. A connection is made from the wearable contact lens to a paired computing device of the user. The connection is through a personal network connection. The auditory signal is transferred from the wearable contact lens, through the personal network…

Host synchronized autonomous data chip address sequencer for a distributed buffer memory system

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687254
One or more memory systems, architectural structures, and/or methods of storing information in memory devices is disclosed to improve the data bandwidth and or to reduce the load on the communications links in a memory system. The system may include one or more memory devices, one or more memory control circuits and one or more data buffer circuits. In one embodiment, the Host only transmits data (and CRC) and does not transmit control signals, over its communications link with the data…

Augmented reality based user interface configuration of mobile and wearable computing devices

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687221
According to one embodiment, a method, computer system, and computer program product for computing device control. The embodiment may include segmenting an augmented reality (AR) view of an environment of a user into distinct segmented areas of the AR view. The AR view is created by an AR device of the user. The segmenting is performed using the AR device. The embodiment may include mapping a computing device within the environment to a distinct segmented area of the AR view. The mapping…

Directional recommendations based on movement tracking while performing an activity

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687152
A computer-implemented method is disclosed which includes determining a current activity of an individual, comparing movements of the individual while performing the current activity to corresponding movements in a reference activity, determining whether a performance level of respective movements of the individual while performing the current activity are within a predetermined performance range for corresponding movements in the reference activity, generating, via a generative…

Stacked, reconfigurable co-regulation of processing units for ultra-wide DVFS

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687148
A system and method for supporting an interconnection of processor cores, each core with functional state monitors for monitoring operations of each processor core, the processor cores interconnected using a resistive network connected between two-terminal regions being embedded in the resistive network such that each terminal of a region may be connected by controllable resistors to one or both fixed rails or by controllable resistors to one or more intermediate nodes. The resistor…

Intelligent user equipment central processing unit core clock adjustment

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11687116
Aspects of the present invention disclose a method for dynamically adjusting a clock speed of a core of a multicore processor of user equipment. The method includes one or more processors generating a dedicated logical channel from a user device to a multidomain service orchestration layer of a fifth generation (5G) telecom network. The method further includes collecting information of the user device through the dedicated logical channel. The method further includes identifying…

Micro-machined filter for magnetic particles

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11684878
A method for filtering magnetic particles includes spinning a filter including a plurality of pores within a substrate. The method further includes applying, subsequent to spinning the filter, an external magnetic field to the filter. The method includes disposing a solution including a first particle and a second particle onto the filter. The first particle includes a magnetic particle of interest. The method further includes separating the first particle from the second particle by…

Evaluating and exchanging batteries

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11686709
A battery is subjected to ultrasound waves, and resulting re-emitted ultrasound waves are recorded. Based upon how the waves are distorted or reflected, a state of pores within the battery can be evaluated. This evaluation can be used to verify a rating of the battery included in received data regarding the battery.

Multifunctional heterojunction metal oxide gas sensor

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11686697
A method of identifying a gas is provided. The method includes providing a gas sensor device comprising at least two stacked metal oxide layers, wherein a change in conductance of the gas sensor device in a presence of a gas varies with a temperature of the stacked metal oxide layers. The method includes bringing the gas into proximity with the stacked metal oxide layers. The method also includes measuring the conductance of the gas sensor device when the gas is in proximity with the…

Facile synthesis of solid sodium ion-conductive electrolytes

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11685694
Disclosed is a rapid, reproducible solution-based method to synthesize solid sodium ion-conductive materials. The method includes: (a) forming an aqueous mixture of (i) at least one sodium salt, and (ii) at least one metal oxide; (b) adding at least one phosphorous precursor as a neutralizing agent into the mixture; (c) concentrating the mixture to form a paste; (d) calcining or removing liquid from the paste to form a solid; and (e) sintering the solid at a high temperature to form a…

Medication counterfeit detection

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11685580
A device for detecting a tampering of a product in a product packaging material. The device comprises a network of sensors integrated into the product packaging material; a microcontroller, the microcontroller configured to detect, by accessing the sensors of the sensor network, the tampering of the product packaging material; and a communication device for relaying information regarding a status of the product packaging material.

Adjusting driving pattern of autonomous vehicle

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11685399
An approach for adjusting driving parameters of an AV (autonomous vehicle) based on the driving style of the passenger is disclosed. The approach utilizes existing driving patterns of the passenger and perform a dynamic comparison and correlation with safe driving patterns of the passengers themselves. Based on that evaluation, the approach would suggest the parameters for adjusting the AV driving style in order to ensure AV riding experience meets the expected level of safe and…

Vehicle mass measurement for automated braking

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11685326
From a set of point data, a set of scattered rays is constructed. From the set of scattered rays, a set of ray slopes is computed. The set of ray slopes is mapped to a corresponding set of trigonometric functions. Using an optimization method, a parameter of the set of trigonometric functions is selected. Using an inverse of the set trigonometric functions, a vehicle mass corresponding to the set of point data is computed. Based on the vehicle mass, a threshold braking distance of a…

Computer controlled selective hardening of 3-dimensional printed objects

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11685121
A method for variable hardness within three-dimensional (3D) printing. Metadata associated with a print object as a 3D printing copy of an original object is received, the metadata includes data indicating a level of hardness of a portion of the print object. During 3D printing set of parameters including a voltage and a duration are applied to the printing material, such that the level of hardness associated with the metadata of the original object is attained. During printing, the…

Prevention of dripping of material for material injection

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11684988
An injection apparatus for injection material is disclosed. The injection apparatus includes a tank for storing material. The injection apparatus further includes a head body that has a surface for contacting a substrate and an opening part opened at the surface for discharging the material in fluid-communication with the tank. The injection apparatus further includes a member connected to the opening part, in which the member allows gas to flow into and flow out from the opening part.

Electrical tracking of a multiphase microfluidic flow

Granted: June 27, 2023
Patent Number: 11684920
Provided are embodiments for a computer-implemented method, system, and device for tracking multiphase flow in a microfluidic device. Embodiments include receiving first readings from a first sensor of the microfluidic device, the first reading representing a detection of a fluid at an interface between the fluid and the first sensor, and receiving second readings from a second sensor of the microfluidic device, the second readings representing a detection of the fluid at an interface…