JDS Uniphase Patent Grants

Printed magnetic ink overt security image

Granted: October 20, 2015
Patent Number: RE45762
A security image and method of forming said image is disclosed wherein a substrate having an image or indicia thereon is coated with a dilute solution of pigment flakes in an ink or paint. The flakes are subsequently aligned in a magnetic field and are fixed after the field is applied. Most or all of the flakes in a region are aligned so as to be partially upstanding wherein their faces are essentially parallel. Coating the image with flakes yields a latent image which can be clearly…

Provision of frames or borders around pigment flakes for covert security applications

Granted: October 20, 2015
Patent Number: 9164575
Opaque flakes, such as pigment or bright flakes used in paints and inks, have a selected shape and/or other indicia to provide a covert security feature to an object. Shaped opaque covert flakes are not readily detectable by causal observation, but in some embodiments are easily seen at 50× magnification. In manufacturing the flakes a sheet of embossed frames are provided having embossed symbols or indicia within. Upon removing a coating from the embossed sheet the coating material…

Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexor and optical switching node

Granted: October 13, 2015
Patent Number: 9160478
A colorless, directionless ROADM includes a pair of contentioned add and drop wavelength-selective optical switches, an input wavelength-selective optical switch having one input port, and an output wavelength-selective optical switch having one output port. Unintended input-to-output port couplings, which appear in the “contentioned” add and drop switches, can be mitigated by the input and output wavelength-selective optical switches carrying the through traffic.

Upgrading a programmable logic gate array in an in-service pluggable transceiver

Granted: September 29, 2015
Patent Number: 9148341
Devices and methods for partially upgrading a programmable pluggable transceiver that is in service using the regular datapaths without degrading the basic transparent, hitless pass-through functionality of the transceiver. The programmable logic gate array can be divided into four generalized parts: core logic for basic transceiver pass-through functionality over the datapaths, upgradeable internal logic, connectivity logic for selectively outputting on the datapaths from the core and…

Method and system for network monitoring using signature packets

Granted: September 22, 2015
Patent Number: 9141506
A method of monitoring a network with a test device connected to the network includes monitoring a plurality of packets which pass through the test device, comparing a predefined field of each of the plurality of packets to a predefined pattern so as to identify signature packets, evaluating whether the signature packets satisfy a predefined condition, and, if the predefined condition is satisfied, sending a notification to a user. A system implementing the method is provided.

Wavelength referencing by monitoring a voltage across a laser diode

Granted: September 22, 2015
Patent Number: 9142937
A lasing wavelength of a laser diode is determined by applying a forward current to the p-n junction of the laser diode and measuring a voltage across the p-n junction. The lasing wavelength can be determined by performing a simple wavelength calibration of the laser diode. This allows one to stabilize the lasing wavelength, and also to use the laser diode as a reference wavelength source.

Selective IP address allocation for probes that do not have assigned IP addresses

Granted: September 15, 2015
Patent Number: 9137135
Systems and methods for managing communication in an IP network between a server and a probe that does not maintain an IP address by selectively restricting which IP addresses that are identified as active in the network may be borrowed for the probes. Restriction of IP addresses may include a black list to exclude specific IP addresses, a white list from which IP addresses can be drawn or both. This permits control over which IP addresses may be borrowed by probes, reducing false…

Optical module including a clamp

Granted: September 1, 2015
Patent Number: 9122030
An optical module is provided for mounting in a cage of a host device. The optical module includes at least one optical subassembly (OSA) and a printed circuit board (PCB) supported by a first housing structure. The optical module also includes a latch mechanism, which includes a lever and a latch, as well as a clamp. A pivot pin of the latch is rotatably supported by the first housing structure and the clamp in cooperation. Advantageously, the clamp secures both the OSA and the latch,…

Layer 2 and 3 latching loopbacks on a pluggable transceiver

Granted: August 25, 2015
Patent Number: 9118601
A pluggable transceiver, and its use, looping back Layer 2 and higher data in an Ethernet network element. The transceiver has upstream and downstream datapaths, a logic array having first and second complimentary latching loopback logic blocks (LLBLBs) connected in series through both datapaths. The first LLBLB receiving an upstream datapath frame, comparing it to loopback conditions and looping back the frame on the downstream datapath if the conditions match. If the conditions did not…

Article with curved patterns formed of aligned pigment flakes

Granted: August 11, 2015
Patent Number: 9102195
In a printed article, pigment flakes are magnetically aligned so as to form curved patterns in a plurality of cross-sections normal a continuous imaginary line, wherein radii of the curved patterns increase along the imaginary line from the first point to the second point. When light is incident upon the aligned pigment flakes from a light source, light reflected from the aligned pattern forms a bright image which appears to gradually change its shape and move from one side of the…

Time synchronization for network testing equipment

Granted: August 11, 2015
Patent Number: 9106353
The invention relates to time synchronization between network testing elements in distributed network monitoring and testing systems, and provides a condensed PTP process wherein the number of timing messages exchanged between master and slave in one iteration of the time synchronization process is reduced. Furthermore, timing messages are encrypted to provide for a more secure synchronization process. One aspect of the method provides for an automatic detection and adaptive handling of…

Optical unit for wavelength selecting switch and wavelength selecting switch

Granted: August 11, 2015
Patent Number: 9106362
An optical unit for a wavelength-selecting switch according to the present invention comprises: an input port; a dispersion section that produces wavelength dispersion of input light that is input from the input port; a light-collecting element that collects the light dispersed by the dispersion section; an output port; an optical path correction section that shifts the light that is dispersed by the dispersion section; an adjustment section that changes the amount of shift produced by…

Method for time aware inline remote mirroring

Granted: August 11, 2015
Patent Number: 9106520
A method of monitoring packet traffic is provided. The method includes: at a first access point, capturing portions of traffic packets passing therethrough separated by time intervals; encapsulating the portions of traffic packets thereby forming encapsulated packets and adding timestamps to the encapsulated packets so as to preserve the portions of traffic packets and information related to the time intervals; transmitting the encapsulated packets over a network; decapsulating the…

Optical device exhibiting color shift upon rotation

Granted: August 4, 2015
Patent Number: 9097854
An optical device exhibiting a color shift upon rotation is disclosed. The optical device has a textured surface having a relief structure finer than a human eye resolution but large enough not to exhibit diffraction effects. The textured surface is coated with an interference thin film that exhibits a color shift with tilt. A uniform color seen at one angle of rotation changes to another uniform color when the optical device is rotated in its own plane. A method of manufacturing of such…

Broadband dielectric reflectors for LED

Granted: August 4, 2015
Patent Number: 9099626
A broadband, omnidirectional, multi-layer, dielectric reflector for an LED in a white light emitting device provides both near 100% reflectivity across the visible spectrum of light, and electrical insulation between the substrate and the electrical circuitry used to power and control the LED. When a sealant material, having a higher index of refraction than air, is used to protect the LED and the accompanying electrical circuitry, an aluminum reflector layer or substrate is provided to…

MOPA laser source with wavelength control

Granted: July 7, 2015
Patent Number: 9077144
The invention provides a wavelength-controlled pump MOPA laser and a method of operation thereof. A monolithic semiconductor MOPA laser chip has a DFB-laser based MO (master oscillator) and PA (power amplifier) sections formed in a same monolithic waveguide, and separate MO and PA electrodes for individual control of current injection into the MO and PA sections. The laser wavelength is defined by the DFB grating and is kept fixed by suitably controlling the MO current to compensate for…

Optical depolarizer

Granted: June 30, 2015
Patent Number: 9069135
A polarized light beam having a coherence length L can be depolarized by splitting the beam into orthogonally polarized sub-beams and delaying one of the sub-beams relative to the other by a length larger than L. This spatial delay is created by splitting the beam in a walk-off crystal and disposing in the optical path of one of the sub-beams a slab of an optically dense material, while allowing the other sub-beam to propagate outside and near the slab. The sub-beams remain parallel to…

Multicast optical switch

Granted: June 30, 2015
Patent Number: 9069139
A multicast optical switch uses a diffractive bulk optical element, which splits at least one input optical beam into sub-beams, which freely propagate in a medium towards an array of directors, such as MEMS switches, for directing the sub-beams to output ports. Freely propagating optical beams can cross each other without introducing mutual optical loss. The amount of crosstalk is limited by scattering in the optical medium, which can be made virtually non-existent. Therefore, the…

High-brightness spatial-multiplexed multi-emitter pump with tilted collimated beam

Granted: June 23, 2015
Patent Number: 9065237
Multi-mode diode emitters are stacked in a staircase formation to provide a spatially-multiplexed output. Improved coupling efficiency is achieved by providing tilted collimated output beams that determine an effective step height of the stepped structure. Since the effective step height is dependent on the tilt angle, a variable number of emitters can be used inside packages having a same physical step height, while still attaining high coupling efficiency.

Unaddressed device communication from within an MPLS network

Granted: June 23, 2015
Patent Number: 9065723
An unaddressed device installed inline in a path of an MPLS network can communicate a packet from within the MPLS network to an upstream device without knowledge of the necessary MPLS labeling by sending the packet intentionally in the wrong direction: downstream. To communicate to an upstream device, the unaddressed device sends a packet downstream into the MPLS network on the opposite side and through the opposite outgoing port from that which would be used for a packet sent to the…