LinkedIn Patent Grants

Graph based techniques for predicting results

Granted: August 20, 2019
Patent Number: 10387788
Techniques are provided for determining predicted results for entities based on relatedness of the entities in a graph of nodes. In an embodiment, the graph of nodes is generated based on the determined relatedness of the entities. A node in the graph of nodes represents an entity, and nodes representing entities with known results are assigned those results as their respective node values. The assigned node values are then propagated between the neighboring nodes throughout the graph of…

Integrating quality analysis with a code review tool

Granted: March 13, 2018
Patent Number: 9916224
Techniques are provided for integrating source code analysis tools with a code review tool. A user submits a code change to the code review tool and one or more code analysis tools are automatically initiated to analyze the changed code. Results of the code analysis tool(s) are automatically provided back to the code review tool. Additionally or alternatively, one or more tests are automatically run to test one or more executables that are based on the changed code. Results of the…

Automated software testing

Granted: March 6, 2018
Patent Number: 9910764
Disclosed in some examples are systems, machine readable mediums and methods which automate testing of web-based application code by automatically generating test harnesses based on a specified configuration and test script, hosting the test harness, causing the test harness to be run to test the code, and delivering the test results to the user. In some examples, the specified conditions may specify one or more test environments corresponding to an execution environment. This allows…

Regression testing of software services

Granted: January 16, 2018
Patent Number: 9870307
Techniques are provided for mocking downstream services while regression testing a service. In one technique a version of a service processes a request, during which one or more computers intercept downstream service calls made by the version of the service. For each downstream service call of the downstream calls, a computer provides, to the version of the service, a response of the downstream service call, which was previously recorded while processing the request in a production…

Quantifying social capital

Granted: December 5, 2017
Patent Number: 9838445
For each of a group of nodes including a node corresponding to a first member and a plurality of nodes corresponding to members with which the first member is directly connected in a social graph, a plurality of reputation scores may be calculated for a node in the social graph, and the plurality of reputation scores for the node may be averaged into an importance score for the node. A keyness score for each of the plurality of nodes corresponding to members with which the first member…

Viral invitations for social networks

Granted: November 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9832162
A system and method for virally growing a social network. The social network system receives a member account sign-up message for a first social network from a first member. The social network system then posts a member sign-up notification to the first member's event wall on a second social network; wherein the first member has one or more social contacts through the second social network. For at least a second respective member in the one or more social contacts, the social network…

Enhancing a multitasking user interface of an operating system

Granted: November 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9830167
Techniques for enhancing a mufti-tasking user interface of an operating system are disclosed. An update data item pertaining to an application placed in the background on the device is received. An update image is generated to include information pertaining to the update data item. The update image is incorporated into a multitasking user interface of the operating system such that the update image is presented to a user and the user may view the information pertaining to the update data…

Transparent hybrid data storage

Granted: November 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9823875
A system, method, and apparatus are provided for performing a transparent hybrid data storage scheme in which data are stored as blocks distributed among one or more flash-based storage devices (e.g., solid state drives) and one or more magnetic storage devices (e.g., magnetic disk drives). Files larger than a given size (e.g., 1 MB) are segmented into blocks of that size and stored on one or more devices; blocks of one file may be stored on devices of different types. Periodically, a…

Profile personalization based on viewer of profile

Granted: November 14, 2017
Patent Number: 9817905
Techniques for presenting a personalized member profile page to a viewer are described. A highlight module can receive a request to view a profile page of a member in a social network. The highlight module can access viewer data of a viewer associated with the request, and access member data of the member. Additionally, the highlight module can determine a plurality of member attributes relevant to the viewer based on the viewer data, the plurality of member attributes being derived from…

Tracking data in an online environment

Granted: November 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9813430
To detect potentially malicious behavior or fraud, online environments maintain counts of a variety of data items received via a webpage or an application. A bucket scheme to track and retrieve these counts is described. The bucket system maintains a rolling count over a period of time. The bucket system comprises three different tiers, each containing buckets corresponding to different periods of time. When a new data item is received, one bucket in each tier is updated. The bucket is…

Sharing recruiting data across business units of an organization

Granted: November 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9811807
A method of sharing recruiting data between business units of an organization is disclosed. It is determined that a first business unit has a contract to use a first set of resources of a social-networking system to manage a first set of profiles. It is determined that a second business unit has a contract to use a second set of resources to manage a second set of profiles. It is determined that the first entity used the first set of resources to create a private data item and to…

Suggesting candidate profiles similar to a reference profile

Granted: November 7, 2017
Patent Number: 9811569
Techniques for identifying and presenting member profiles similar to a source member profile are described. With some embodiments, a general recommendation engine is used to extract features from member profiles, and then store the extracted features, including any computed, derived or retrieved profile features, in an enhanced member profile. In real-time, the general recommendation engine processes client requests to identify member profiles similar to a source member profile by…

Method and system for communication between a server and a client device

Granted: October 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9807162
Systems and methods providing users with a rich web experience are disclosed. In one embodiment, a client and at least one server are in communication using a dual communication link. In another embodiment, a markup language based instant messaging application is disclosed. The instant messaging application may include group instant messaging. The instant messaging application may also provide group member persistence and message persistence at the server. In another embodiment, a card…

Methods and apparatus for targeting communications using social network metrics

Granted: October 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9807047
A method for a computer system includes receiving a first user communication, determining a first group of users, determining a target number of users, determining whether the first group of users includes the target number of users, and if not, providing the communication to the first group of users, determining a hierarchal mapping of groups of users in response to user memberships, determining a second group of users from the hierarchal mapping, determining a plurality of social…

Methods and systems for utilizing activity data with clustered events

Granted: October 31, 2017
Patent Number: 9805127
The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for clustering individual items of web content, and then utilizing activity and profile data to both select clusters of content items for presentation to a user, and determining how the selected clusters of content items are presented to the user of an online social network service. With some embodiments, the activity data are derived by monitoring and detection interactions with the individual items of web content by an individual…

Automatically selecting addressees for receiving a content item

Granted: October 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9798811
A system, method, and apparatus are provided for distributing a content item toward target recipients solely via first degree connections (e.g., in a professional network, in a social network). For a selected content item and identified target recipients of the item, when a user initiates a message to forward or otherwise convey the content item, one or more schemes are applied to select and automatically populate the message with suitable addressees. In one scheme, values are computed…

Navigating with a camera device

Granted: October 24, 2017
Patent Number: 9797738
A navigation system and method are described. A destination may be determined for a user. A starting location may be determined for the user using data obtained via a mobile device of the user. The user may be enabled to establish a route from the starting location to the destination using the mobile device. Route information that details the established route may be stored in a database for subsequent display to other users. In some embodiments, a value total for each user may be…

Inferring professional reputations of social network members

Granted: October 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9792588
Techniques for inferring a professional reputation for a member of an online social networking service are described. A recommendation graph is generated from professional recommendations submitted by members of the online social networking service for other members of the online social networking service. Using the generated recommendation graph, a reputation model is trained to learn a respective importance for each respective feature of a set of features of electronic profiles on the…

Verifying templates for dynamically generated web pages

Granted: October 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9794280
A system and method for detecting encoding errors in a template used to generate a Web page. The template is analyzed using static analysis in a source code format, without rendering the Web page. A report can be generated including details on the detected errors and provide options on how to address the errors.

Communication systems and methods

Granted: October 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9794203
Example communication systems and methods are described. In one implementation, a method receives a message from a message server and identifies a network link contained in the received message. The network link is associated with shareable content. The received message is modified to indicate, to a user of a client device, an option to share the network link with at least on recipient. The modified message is then communicated to the client device.