Microsoft Patent Grants

Point of interest tagging from social feeds

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10242114
A method is provided of enriching an entry for an entity in a local index of a search engine with tags. The method comprises obtaining location-related social media messages from within a neighborhood of an entity; determining from the obtained messages one or more terms that are unique to the entity; individually determining one or more co-occurring terms for the one or more unique terms; and using the one or more co-occurring term as tags to label the entity in the local index.…

Managing application specific feature rights

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10242164
Various systems and methods for modifying application specific feature rights are disclosed herein. In one example, a system for modifying application specific feature rights (ASFR) is disclosed. The example system can include a file system to store a file, where the file system includes a number of ASFR corresponding to the file, where the number of ASFR designates a client type that is to trigger activation of features indicated by the number of ASFR. The system can include a processor…

Isolating applications hosted by plug-in code

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10242181
Described is a technology in which one application running in a browser can host another application (e.g., an advertisement) in an isolated manner that prevents the hosted application from accessing browser data, or data of any other hosted application (including the host). The host and/or hosted application may be a browser plug-in (e.g., Microsoft® Silverlight™) application. The host application privately instantiates a hidden plug-in, with that hidden plug-in's access to browser…

Access controlled graph query spanning

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10242223
Controlling access to nodes in a relational graph at query time by using an approximate membership query (AMQ) filter and ordered queries based on historic grants or denials of access according to security context enables a more efficient querying of the relational graph while preserving access controls. Security contexts that grant or deny access to a node are stored in an associated AMQ filter and are queried according to the subject's security context in an order based on the…

Adding privacy to standard credentials

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10243738
Standardized digital signature schemes (e.g., Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA), Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EC-DSA), etc.) may be employed to prove authenticity of a message containing credentials. Proving possession of valid credentials may be performed using a combination of garbled circuits with message authentication codes (MACs) and proof of knowledge protocols (e.g., Sigma protocol, Schnorr protocol, etc.). Such techniques may allow…

Endpoint data centers of different tenancy sets

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10243777
An endpoint broker to provide application launch endpoints from multiple data centers having different tenancy sets. Upon accessing a request for an application launch endpoint connection for a user, the broker selects a data center, from amongst multiple data centers that have different tenancy sets, that is to provide an endpoint in satisfaction of the request. The endpoint broker identifies an endpoint from the selected data center, and then associates the identified endpoint with the…

On-device attribution of network data usage

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10243824
Embodiments attribute network data transfers to applications executing on a computing device. A data transfer service executes on the computing device to receive and process data transfer requests. The data transfer requests, populated by the applications, have identifiers attributed thereto to enable monitoring of the network data transfers per identifier. For example, network data transfers associated with different mail accounts of a mail program or different web sites of browser are…

Intelligent placement within a data center

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10243879
An intelligent placement engine generates a placement map that provides a configuration for deploying a service based at least in part, on one or more configuration parameters. A data center in which the service is to be hosted is defined using a data center definition, while the service is defined using a service definition. The configuration parameters include estimated probabilities calculated based on estimated resource consumption data. The resource consumption data is estimated…

Detecting device presence for a layer 3 connection using layer 2 discovery information

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10244416
Techniques for monitoring presence of a remote device at Layer 2 that allow reducing power consumption without compromising the device's availability. A device that pairs with a remote wireless device may establish a Layer 3 connection, such as an IP connection, to the remote device to provide services to a user. The Layer 3 connection may be formed over a Layer 2 connection via an access point or as a peer-to-peer wireless connection between the devices. When the Layer 3 connection is…

Mobile communication device clustering

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10244542
A mobile communication device includes a network transceiver configured to communicate with a cellular network, a cluster transceiver configured to communicate with other mobile communication devices, and a communication management subsystem. The communication management subsystem is configured to send to each of a plurality of candidate mobile communication devices, a setup request, receive from each of the plurality of candidate mobile communication devices, a network signal strength,…

Reducing stray light transmission in near eye display using resonant grating filter

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241332
A near eye optical display system comprising a waveguide and diffractive optical elements (DOEs) for in-coupling, exit pupil expansion, and out-coupling reduces the transmission of stray light in the system using a doubly-periodic surface relief microstructure that combines a guided-mode resonant filter with Bragg reflectance. Such resonant grating filter may be configured with grooves and/or ridges of different widths that are located on the waveguide that have respective sub-periods…

Degrees of freedom for diffraction elements in wave expander

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241346
Disclosed are an apparatus and method for providing additional degrees of freedom for diffraction gratings of an output waveguide in a near-eye display device. The near-eye display device includes an imager to generate an image based on light from a light source. The device further includes a waveguide to input a light wave representing the image received from the imager and to output the light wave representing the image toward an optical receptor of a user. The waveguide includes a…

No miss cache structure for real-time image transformations with data compression

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241470
Systems and methods are disclosed herein for providing improved cache structures and methods that are optimally sized to support a predetermined range of late stage adjustments and in which image data is intelligently read out of DRAM and cached in such a way as to eliminate re-fetching of input image data from DRAM and minimize DRAM bandwidth and power. The systems and methods can also be adapted to work with compressed image data.

Computing device employing a self-spacing hinge assembly

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241548
The description relates to hinged devices, such as hinged computing devices. One example can include a first portion and a second portion. The example can also include a pair of self-spacing hinge assemblies rotatably securing hinge ends of the first and second portions and camming the first and second hinge ends apart from one another at non-parallel orientations of the first and second portions sufficient to prevent contact of the first and second hinge ends at the non-parallel…

Adaptive power down of intra-chip interconnect

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241561
The hash function used by the processors on a multi-processor chip to distribute accesses to the various last-level caches via the links is changed according to which last-level caches (and/or links) that are active (e.g., ‘on’) and which are in a lower power consumption mode (e.g., ‘off’.) A first hash function is used to distribute accesses to all of the last-level caches and all of the links when all of the last-level caches are ‘on.’ A second hash function is used to…

Assignment of resources in virtual machine pools

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241812
Systems and methods are provided for assigning and associating resources in a cloud computing environment. Virtual machines in the cloud computing environment can be assigned or associated with pools corresponding to users as dedicated, standby, or preemptible machines. The various states provide users with the ability to reserve a desired level of resources while also allowing the operator of the cloud computing environment to increase resource utilization.

Personalized diagnostics, troubleshooting, recovery, and notification based on application state

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241848
Personalized diagnostics, troubleshooting, recovery, and notification based on application state is provided. In some examples, system, application, and device level configuration and usage data may be collected as telemetry data. Upon detection of a crash or similar problem, or upon user activation, an assistance service and/or a local assistance application component may execute diagnostics on the crashed application based on the telemetry data, user credentials, known problems, and…

Data-scoped dynamic data race detection

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241894
A dynamic shared-memory data race detection tool with data-scoping capabilities to reduce runtime overheads is disclosed. The tool allows users to restrict analysis of memory locations to heap and/or stack variables that are of interest to them using explicit calls to functions provided in a library that is part of the race detection tool. The application code is instrumented to insert probes at all memory instructions and linked with the data race detection library to perform…

Test components factorization in a build system

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241904
The factorization of test components when performing component-level regression testing in iterative builds of a computing system that consists of many working components. Performance metrics for test components are maintained across multiple builds of the computing program. To perform factorization, multiple factorings of a test component are identified and evaluated until a suitable improvement in the maintained performance metric for each corresponding test component is achieved…

Configurable synchronized processing of multiple operations

Granted: March 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10241958
A system includes operational circuit blocks associated with configurable counter circuits. A configurable counter circuit is configured to control event signal when counting expires and includes a mode input configured to receive a setting of a programmable control event asynchronous mode and a programmable control event synchronous mode. Depending on the programmed mode and whether a control event has occurred in a previous synchronization period, the configurable counter circuit…