Microsoft Patent Grants

Curved circuit board

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180708
A curved printed circuit board (PCB) of a computing device is described herein. The computing device includes a housing and a PCB positioned in or on the housing. The computing device also includes a plurality of connectors physically connecting the PCB to a surface of the housing or another surface, such that at least a portion of the PCB is bent.

Efficient retrieval of memory values during trace replay

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180799
Preserving memory values during replay includes identifying trace sections that each represents events executed by an entity over a period of time. A parallel replay of trace sections is performed at a plurality of processing units. While performing the parallel replay, a persistence data structure corresponding to each trace section is maintained. This includes, for each trace section, storing, in the trace section's persistence data structure, a record of each memory address consumed…

Dynamic generation of null instructions

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180840
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for dynamic nullification of memory access instructions, such as memory store instructions. In some examples of the disclosed technology, an apparatus can include memory and one or more block-based processor cores. One of the cores can include an execution unit configured to execute memory access instructions comprising a plurality of memory load and/or memory store instructions contained in an instruction block. The core can also include a hardware…

Server farm management

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180860
A cloud manager controls the deployment and management of machines for an online service. A build system creates deployment-ready virtual hard disks (VHDs) that are installed on machines that are spread across one or more networks in farms that each may include different configurations. The build system is configured to build VHDs of differing configurations that depend on a role of the virtual machine (VM) for which the VHD will be used. The build system uses the VHDs to create virtual…

Automated ordering of computer system repair

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180869
Monitoring the health of a computer system and suggesting an order of repair when problems within the computer system have been identified. Problem(s) and problem entity(s) within the computer system are identified during monitoring. Relationship(s) of the problem entities with other entities in the computer system are identified. A relationship type for each of the identified relationship(s) is determined. A combination of the identified problem(s), the identified problem entity(s), and…

Identifying a stack frame responsible for resource usage

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180894
Techniques for identifying a stack frame responsible for resource usage are described. For instance, techniques described herein enable a particular process and a particular stack frame and/or set of stack frames of the process that are high resource consumers to be identified. According to various implementations, resource usage of a process is observed and recorded over a period of time. A data structure is generated that characterizes the resource usage of the process over the…

Granular partial recall of deduplicated files

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180943
The subject disclosure is directed towards partially recalling file ranges of deduplicated files based on tracking dirty (write modified) ranges (user writes) in a way that eliminates or minimizes reading and writing already-optimized adjacent data. The granularity of the ranges does not depend on any file-system granularity for tracking ranges. In one aspect, lazy flushing of tracking data that preserves data-integrity and crash-consistency is provided. In one aspect, also described is…

Activity sensing online preference assay

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180990
System and techniques for activity sensing online preference assay are described herein. An initial indication of an online activity preference for a member of a social network service may be obtained. A plurality of member activities corresponding with the online activity preference for a period of time subsequent to obtaining the initial indication may be collected. Respective decision trees of a set of decision trees may be traversed based on a set of inputs comprising the collected…

Atomic updating of graph database index structures

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10180992
The disclosed embodiments provide a system for updating an index structure of a graph database storing a graph. During operation, the system includes, in the index structure, a first compressed edge store containing a first compact representation of edges in the graph at a first virtual time and a first series of updates to the edges after the first virtual time. At a second virtual time, the system creates a second compact representation of the edges from the first compact…

Secure creation of encrypted virtual machines from encrypted templates

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181037
Booting a machine in a secure fashion in a potentially unsecure environment. The method includes a target machine beginning a boot process. The method further includes the target machine determining that it needs provisioning data to continue booting. The target machine contacts a secure infrastructure to obtain the provisioning data. The target machine provides an identity claim that can be verified by the secure infrastructure. As a result of the secure infrastructure verifying the…

Selecting and transferring material properties in a virtual drawing space

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181223
Aspects of the technology described herein provide for sampling the material properties of a source object within a virtual 3D drawing space, and then applying those properties to a target object within the drawing space. The material properties may include not only color, but also other physical properties like texture and sheen. For example, the way an object behaves in different lighting conditions may constitute a material property. According to aspects of the technology described…

Display diode relative age

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181278
The description relates to display devices. One example can receive a first frame rendering that expresses color content with a defined number of bits that convey a set of color states that correspond to a first range of voltages for driving light emitting diodes (LEDs) of a display. The example can obtain information about degradation of the LEDs of the display. The example can also combine the defined number of bits that express the color content with additional degradation…

Multi-user, multi-domain dialog system

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181322
A dialog system for use in a multi-user, multi-domain environment. The dialog system understands user requests when multiple users are interacting with each other as well as the dialog system. The dialog system uses multi-human conversational context to improve domain detection. Using interactions between multiple users allows the dialog system to better interpret machine directed conversational inputs in multi-user conversational systems. The dialog system employs topic segmentation to…

Multi-beam optical system for fast writing of data on glass

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181336
An optical data-recording system comprises a laser, a dynamic digital hologram, an electronic controller, and a scanning mechanism. The dynamic digital hologram includes a plurality of holographic zones, and is configured to direct the irradiance received thereon to an optical recording medium. The electronic controller is operatively coupled to the dynamic digital hologram and configured to control the irradiance directed from each of the holographic zones. The scanning mechanism is…

Apparatus and method of tunable heat sink

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181433
A first surface of a heat source is spaced from a support by a first gap, in a thermal path from the first surface to the support. A second surface of the heat source, opposite to the first surface, is spaced by a second gap from a heat sink, in a thermal path from the second surface to the heat sink. The thermal path to the support provides a first thermal resistance, based on a gap spacing of the first gap and the thermal path to the heat sink provides a second thermal resistance,…

Pen battery mechanical shock reduction design

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181591
A device and a method for manufacturing of a printed circuit board for installing in a battery-powered device, the method including mounting on a printed circuit board (PCB) a PCB surface mount component comprising a planar mount configured to be mounted on the PCB and a kinetic energy absorption element with a battery contact on a distal end of the energy absorption element, and trimming the PCB out of a panel comprising the PCB and a border around the PCB, the border connected…

Self-adaptive antenna system for reconfigurable device

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10181648
An electronic device disclosed herein includes an antenna that self-tunes frequency responsive to changes to a physical configuration of the electronic device to negate a shift in the resonant frequency attributable to the change in physical configuration.

Resource management based on device-specific or user-specific resource usage profiles

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182018
Resources used by a foreground process associated with an application as well as one or more background tasks associated with the application that are running as separate processes on the computing device are tracked. Historical data relating to resource usage by the application is utilized to predict a resource usage amount for the application which is then stored. A subsequent launch of the application can be conditioned upon whether the predicted resource usage amount is available. If…

Instant messaging

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182023
A method implemented by a client application when executed on a user device during an instant messaging communication between said user device and at least one further device, the method comprising: transmitting a first message comprising media data over a communication network from said user device to said at least one further device; receiving a second message comprising further media data transmitted over said communication network from said at least one further device; determining…

Transmitting data among mobile devices

Granted: January 15, 2019
Patent Number: 10182463
Techniques are provided for sharing data among computing devices. In one technique, a first device broadcasts wireless data and establishes a wireless connection with a second device. The first device receives authorization data and first entity data from the second device. The first device authorizes the second device based on the authorization data. The first device then sends second entity data through the wireless connection to the second computing device. The first device sends the…