Netgear Patent Grants

Antenna structures and associated methods for construction and use

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10236578
Disclosed are improved antenna structures, systems, and methods of manufacturing. In an embodiment, low-cost internal 2G/5G antennas have flat metal dipole construction, which can include a stiffener. External embodiments include quad dipole antenna structures, with broadside or corner arrays. Isolated multi-band center or end-fed dipole antennas can include single-sided PCB or metal-only structures, for operation with at least two distinct frequencies, and can provide RF isolation, such…

Isolated multiband tubular dipole

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10236585
A dual band end fed dipole provides at least two distinct operating frequencies, e.g. 2.45 GHz and 5.5 GHz. Properties of the antenna include low cost to manufacture, e.g. ease of automation; minimal manual labor to manufacture, e.g. reliability; dual band operation; broad bandwidth; good feed line isolation; omnidirectional beam pattern; minimal vertical beam squint; small diameter; and high efficiency. Embodiments of the invention provide a dual band end fed dipole with a low band trap…

Systems and methods for wireless link balancing in wireless networks

Granted: March 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10237834
Systems and methods for controlling the transmit power and the receive sensitivity of an access point for achieving symmetric link balancing is described. When an access point operates with symmetric link performance, the access point does not inefficiently use available bandwidth for transmitting or re-transmitting to a client station that cannot communicate with the access point. Moreover, the access point does not back off transmissions due to activity of neighboring basic service…

System and method for management of battery power

Granted: March 12, 2019
Patent Number: 10230895
The invention is directed to battery power management. In one embodiment, the invention provides a battery control unit for managing battery power supplied to a product, the battery control unit including: a first battery and a second battery coupled to each other in a parallel configuration, each of the first and second batteries having a negative terminal coupled to an electrical ground of the product; a first switch having a first terminal coupled to a positive terminal of the first…

Method and apparatus for economizing power consumption in wireless products

Granted: March 12, 2019
Patent Number: 10231181
Various of the disclosed embodiments concern efficiency improvements in wireless products. For example, some embodiments specify profiles for regional and custom-specified operational constraints. The profiles may be retrieved from across a network or stored locally upon the device. The profiles may specify various configuration adjustments that optimize the system's performance. For example, when possible, some embodiments may allow the system to operate at a lower power level and to…

Active antenna for wireless local area network devices

Granted: February 19, 2019
Patent Number: 10211867
Various embodiments are described herein that improve the signal reception and transmission capabilities of an access point by coupling an active antenna assembly to the access point. An active antenna assembly includes an antenna and at least one active component, such as a low-noise amplifier or a power amplifier. The active component can be connected to an antenna circuit board rather than the main circuit board of the access point, which is typically retained within an access point…

Method for operation of an antenna system enabling control of radiation characteristics

Granted: February 12, 2019
Patent Number: 10205234
A method of operating an antenna system for a wireless device is provided for controlling radiation characteristics of the antenna system. The antenna system includes first and second sets of feed points disposed so that first and second radiation pattern are generated by the antenna system when drive currents are provided at the first and second set of feed points, respectively. The second radiation pattern is different from the first radiation pattern. The first and second drive…

Wireless sensor base station with coexistence of multiple homogeneous radios

Granted: February 5, 2019
Patent Number: 10200835
Techniques are disclosed for reducing interference, in a network device, among multiple radio circuits operating in a same or similar frequency band and in close physical proximity. In some embodiments, a network device includes a first and a second wireless network circuit. The network circuits operate in a same radio frequency band and are collocated. The second network circuit is assigned a higher priority than the first network circuit. The device further includes a coexistence…

Indoor positioning and tracking using a multi-band wireless networking system

Granted: January 29, 2019
Patent Number: 10192416
Systems and methods are introduced for indoor positioning and tracking of devices and objects using a multi-band wireless networking system. In an embodiment, multiple wireless networking devices are interconnected via a dedicated wireless backhaul to collectively form a single multi-band wireless network providing broad coverage to a client device. The multiple wireless networking devices of the system are coordinated via the dedicated backhaul, for example to manage time…

Spectrum allocation system and method for multi-band wireless RF data communications

Granted: January 8, 2019
Patent Number: 10177890
A dual band spectrum allocation system and method for wireless data communications uses discrete bands for upstream and downstream data communications. A preferred embodiment uses unlicensed UNII bands for license-free data transmissions from a subscriber to a hub, and uses relatively interference free licensed bands for data transmissions from a hub to subscribers, thereby allowing use of greater bandwidth, simplifying system licensing and reducing filtering requirements for…

Dual band LTE small cell

Granted: November 13, 2018
Patent Number: 10129759
A dual band LTE small cell base station communicates on both licensed bands and unlicensed bands. The small cell base station modifies the communication protocol utilized by the licensed band to enable communication over an unlicensed band. This modification involves replacing the physical (PHY) layer of the licensed band communication protocol with the PHY layer of a to-be-used protocol in an unlicensed band.

Wireless router or residential gateway capable of distinguishing power-sensitive wireless sensors and providing separate treatment thereto

Granted: October 16, 2018
Patent Number: 10104660
Techniques are disclosed for a wireless router or residential gateway to distinguish power-sensitive wireless sensors and provide separate treatments thereto for low power consumption connections. In some embodiments, a network device includes a wireless network circuit, and control circuitry coupled to the network circuit and configured to, upon receipt of a request of connection from a client, identify whether the client is power-sensitive. The network device can further cause, if the…

System and method for stacking receiver channels for increased system through-put in an RF data transmission system

Granted: September 4, 2018
Patent Number: 10070423
A wireless RF data transmission system has at least one base station transmitting control information on a control channel and high speed data on at least one data channel. At least one subscriber station receives the control information and data channels, adjusting a modulation and/or coding of reception of the data in response to the control information. Preferably, the control information is transmitted using a more robust modulation, such as QPSK, than used to transmit the data,…

Establishing access to a secure network based on user-created credential indicia

Granted: August 21, 2018
Patent Number: 10057248
In various aspects, code-based indicia contain secured network access credentials. In some aspects, a computer processor receives user input that specifies secured network access credentials, and the computer processor creates or modifies credentials for establishing a secured network connection. In these aspects, the computer processor generates code-based indicia that contain at least part of the secured network access credentials. In other aspects, a computer processor scans the…

System and method for bridging to a LTE wireless communication network

Granted: August 21, 2018
Patent Number: 10057941
A system and method for bridging user devices communicating according to a 3rd Generation (3G) communication protocol to a LTE wireless communication network, thereby enabling user devices that do not have sufficient signal strength for directly coupling to the LTE wireless communication network to nevertheless access such wireless communication systems and methods via a bridging system.

RF front end power control for low power RF devices

Granted: August 14, 2018
Patent Number: 10051172
The invention is directed to a radio unit contained within a housing of a wireless communication device or system, the radio unit including: a signal processing unit for performing one or more wireless protocol processing functions; a radio-frequency (RF) front end unit coupled to the signal processing unit; and a power unit coupled to the RF front end unit, wherein the power unit completely powers down the RF front end unit when the signal processing unit is in a sleep mode, and powers…

Systems and methods for managing media content based on segment-based assignment of content ratings

Granted: August 7, 2018
Patent Number: 10045080
Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to media content, such as content contained within audio works (e.g., songs, audio-books, etc.), audiovisual works (e.g., movies, films, etc.), and textual works, as examples, as well as managing playback of such content, and more specifically to assigning independent content ratings to various segments of an individual work (as opposed to or in addition to a content rating for the individual work as a whole) and managing playback of…

Electronic device mount

Granted: July 31, 2018
Patent Number: 10038829
A directionally adjustable mounting device is disclosed for use with a small electronic device such as a wireless camera. Also disclosed is a method of using the mounting device. The mounting device has a mounting rod extending from a rotatable bearing. The hearing is biased into frictional contact with a socket by a spring to inhibit movement of the camera relative to the mount housing. The mount is configured to receive an opposing force on the bearing to overcome the spring force and…

Electronic device mount

Granted: July 24, 2018
Patent Number: D823840

Wireless access device

Granted: July 24, 2018
Patent Number: D823844