Oclaro Patent Applications

Optical Modulator

Granted: October 15, 2015
Application Number: 20150293426
The invention relates to a folded Mach-Zehnder modulator. The modulator may comprise a beam splitter configured to split an input light beam into a plurality of light beams. The modulator may comprise a plurality of Mach-Zehnder devices configured to receive one or more of the plurality of light beams. The modulator may comprise a U-turn section configured to receive light beams from the Mach-Zehnder devices and to change the direction of the light beams by substantially 180 degrees. The…


Granted: September 24, 2015
Application Number: 20150270814
An optical receiver module includes a light receiving element that converts a received light signal into an electric signal, a bias pad supplied with a bias power. The bias pad is included in the light receiving element and/or a carrier on which the light receiving element is mounted. The optical receiver module also includes a thin film resistor arranged in contact with the bias pad so as to connect in parallel to the bias pad. An electric resistance of the thin film resistor is larger…

Sacrificial Waveguide Test Structures

Granted: May 28, 2015
Application Number: 20150147024
Sacrificial optical test structures are constructed upon a wafer of pre-cleaved optical chips for testing the optical functions of the pre-cleaved optical chips. The sacrificial optical structures are disabled upon the cleaving the optical chips from the wafer and the cleaved optical chips can be used for their desired end functions. The test structures may remain on the cleaved optical chips or they may be discarded.

Tunable Multi-Mode Laser

Granted: October 9, 2014
Application Number: 20140300953
A widely tunable multi-mode semiconductor laser containing only two electrically active sections, being an optical gain section and a tunable distributed Bragg reflector section adapted to reflect at a plurality of wavelengths, wherein the gain section is bounded by the tunable distributed Bragg reflector section and a broadband facet reflector, and wherein the tunable distributed Bragg reflector section comprises a plurality of discrete segments capable of being selectively tuned,…

Monolithically Integrated Tunable Semiconductor Laser

Granted: October 9, 2014
Application Number: 20140301416
A monolithically integrated, tunable semiconductor laser with an optical waveguide, comprising epitaxial layers on a substrate and having first and second reflectors bounding an optical gain section and a non-driven region, wherein at least one of the reflectors is a distributed Bragg reflector section configured to have a tunable reflection spectrum, wherein control electrodes are provided to at least the optical gain section, and the distributed Bragg reflector section, and wherein the…


Granted: July 31, 2014
Application Number: 20140211823
In the semiconductor laser including a diffraction grating in which a first diffraction grating region with a first pitch, a second diffraction grating region with a second pitch and a third diffraction grating region with the first pitch, an anti-reflection film coated on an end facet to the light-emitting side, and a reflection film coated on an opposite end facet, the first diffraction grating region is greater than the third diffraction grating region, and the second diffraction…


Granted: June 5, 2014
Application Number: 20140153605
An optical device includes a first substrate, having first and second surfaces, and a second substrate having a third surface. The first substrate includes: a laser unit, having an active layer and emitting light into the first substrate from the active layer; a reflecting mirror, having a plane obliquely intersecting an optical axis of light emitted from the laser unit, and being formed on the first surface so as to reflect the light toward the second surface; and a convex lens, being…


Granted: May 22, 2014
Application Number: 20140140665
An optical module includes: an optical module main body including an optical connector to which a communication cable transferring optical signal is connected, and a terminal portion on which a plurality of terminal pads for transmitting and receiving an electric signal for communication using the optical signal are arranged; a lead array including a lead fixing portion that retains a plurality of metal leads arranged in parallel on and protruding from the lead fixing portion and…


Granted: May 15, 2014
Application Number: 20140133108
A differential transmission circuit includes a pair of transmission line conductors and a ground conductor layer, wherein the pair of transmission line conductors include a first straight line region where both the pair of transmission line conductors extend in parallel to each other in a first direction with a first width in a first layer, a first cross region where one of the pair of transmission line conductors is formed in the first layer, the other thereof is formed in a second…


Granted: May 15, 2014
Application Number: 20140133871
An optical receiver module capable of increasing the range in which the error in distance between a collecting lens and a light receiving section is allowed is provided. In the optical receiver module according to the invention, the optical receiver includes a semiconductor substrate to which the light from the collecting lens is input, and through which the light passes, and a light receiving section disposed on a side (a reverse side) of the semiconductor substrate, the side being…

High Extinction Ratio Liquid Crystal Optical Switch

Granted: March 27, 2014
Application Number: 20140085598
An optical switch for performing high extinction ratio switching of an optical signal includes a beam polarizing element and one or more optical elements. The optical elements are configured to direct an optical signal along a first or second optical path based on the polarization state of the optical signal as it passes through the optical elements. The optical switch performs high extinction ratio switching of the optical signal by preventing unwanted optical energy from entering an…


Granted: March 20, 2014
Application Number: 20140079083
Provided is an optical module in which a temperature of a semiconductor element to be subjected to temperature control is controlled to fall within a desired operating temperature range regardless of whether an environmental temperature is outside or inside the operating temperature range of the semiconductor element, and which is stably operated with low power consumption. A control section 30 determines, based on the environmental temperature having a temperature range of from a first…

Tunable Pumping Light Source for Optical Amplifiers

Granted: January 9, 2014
Application Number: 20140010251
A tunable external cavity laser for use as a pump laser in an optical amplifier such as a Raman amplifier or erbium doped fibre amplifier comprising a semiconductor gain device (12) operable to provide light amplification, a diffraction grating (18) for selecting the wavelength of operation of the laser and a MEMs actuator for changing the selected wavelength. A plurality of gain devices can be coupled together to improve the bandwidth or gain of the optical amplifier.

Optical Path Switching

Granted: December 26, 2013
Application Number: 20130343757
A light source package is disclosed for a Raman amplifier node having a primary optical fibre for carrying an optical signal and a secondary optical fibre for carrying the optical signal when the signal is rerouted from the primary optical fibre. The light source package includes a primary light source for emitting light into the primary optical fibre when the optical signal is carried by the primary optical fibre to induce Raman gain of the optical signal, and a secondary light source…


Granted: November 28, 2013
Application Number: 20130315531
Provided are an optical semiconductor which includes a pyroelectric first substrate having an optical waveguide formed in a surface thereof and a second substrate connected to the first substrate via an insulating adhesive layer and which inhibits a pyroelectric effect caused therein, and an optical module. The optical semiconductor includes: a first substrate which has an electro-optic effect and is pyroelectric, the first substrate having an optical waveguide formed in an upper surface…

Assembly for Monitoring Output Characteristics of a Modulator

Granted: November 21, 2013
Application Number: 20130306848
A photonic assembly is described. The assembly comprises a substrate. An optical modulator (100) in or on the substrate has an output port coupled to an output waveguide (106) mounted in or on the substrate. A spiller waveguide (107, 108) is mounted in or on the substrate. The spiller waveguide (107, 108) has an input end (109, 110) physically separated from but proximate to the output waveguide (106) so as to collect light spilt from the output port or output waveguide (106). The…

Raman Amplifiers

Granted: October 10, 2013
Application Number: 20130265634
A pump unit (402) for a Raman amplifier (400) including an optical fibre (401) carrying an optical signal (420) is disclosed. The pump unit includes at least two light sources (411, 412, 431, 432) for emitting light at different wavelengths into the fibre to induce Raman gain of the optical signal passing along the fibre, and a controller (409) for providing pulses to each of the light sources to control when they do and do not emit light. The controller is configured to control the…

Array Comprising a Plurality of Adjustable Optical Devices

Granted: September 26, 2013
Application Number: 20130250981
An adjustable array includes a plurality of optical devices. Each adjustable array device has an optical light output therefrom and is configured whereby the corresponding optical lights of the plurality of optical devices have a predefined nonequivalent relationship relative to one another with respect to an output parameter. In response to a drive signal, the plurality of optical devices are further configured to adjust the corresponding optical lights with respect to the output…

Optical Waveguide Arrangements Comprising An Auxiliary Waveguide - Like Structure

Granted: August 29, 2013
Application Number: 20130223790
An optical waveguide arrangement is provided which comprises an active ridge waveguide structure 12 formed by etching of a semiconductor substrate 1, 2, 3. There is also provided an auxiliary waveguide-like structure 8 formed on the substrate adjacent the active ridge waveguide structure 12 to control the etched profile of the active waveguide structure. The arrangement of the auxiliary structure 8 on the substrate controls the etched profile over the cross-section of the active…


Granted: August 15, 2013
Application Number: 20130208751
In a BH laser which uses InGaAlAs-MQW in an active layer, Al-based semiconductor multi-layer films including an InP buffer layer and an InGaAlAs-MQW layer, and an InGaAsP etching stop layer are formed in a mesa shape, and a p type InP burial layer is buried in side walls of the mesa shape. An air ridge mesa-stripe of a lateral center that is substantially the same as that of the mesa shape is formed on the mesa shape. According to the present structure, a leakage current can be…