Responsys Patent Grants

System and method for executing a business process workflow

Granted: October 11, 2016
Patent Number: 9466070
A method for updating records associated with work items within a business process workflow according to embodiments of the invention, includes the steps of processing the work items according to the business process workflow, and updating a record associated with a group of work items as the group of work items transitions from a first state to a second state within the business process workflow.

System and method for analyzing and tuning a marketing program

Granted: August 30, 2016
Patent Number: 9430775
A method for permitting a program to be analyzed and tuned includes the steps of receiving a program which itself includes a plurality of stages, where execution of the program follows a plurality of distinct paths, each of the distinct paths including one or more of the stages. The method further includes determining unique paths of the program and determining execution boundaries of the program. In addition, the method includes persisting the unique paths and the execution boundaries…

System and method for analyzing database records using sampling and probability

Granted: December 30, 2014
Patent Number: 8924444
A method for analyzing database records using sampling includes querying a recipient database for recipients with attributes that match one or more specified recipient attributes, querying a sampling database for transactions with attributes that match one or more specified transaction attributes, where the sampling database stores a subset of transactions that are also stored in a transaction database, intersecting the recipients resulting from the querying of the recipient database and…

High-throughput message generation

Granted: July 8, 2014
Patent Number: 8775448
Personalized messages are generated from a message template with high throughput by transforming data sources of the message template to key-value data structures that are stored in-memory and performing data look-ups using the in-memory key-value data structures.