Riverbed Technology Patent Grants

Dual band MIMO antenna and wireless access point

Granted: February 26, 2019
Patent Number: 10218087
Antenna arrays and access points are disclosed. An antenna array includes first second, third, and fourth antennas formed in a 2×2 grid on a first surface of a planar substrate. Each of the four antennas is linearly polarized in a first direction and provides a roughly cardiod radiation pattern in a plane normal to the first direction. Nulls of the cardiod radiation patterns of the first and second antennas face the third and fourth antennas, respectively, and nulls of the cardiod…

Capture, analysis, and visualization of concurrent system and network behavior of an application

Granted: September 11, 2018
Patent Number: 10075509
A first capture system that captures network communication events related to an application, and a second capture system that captures internal processing events related to the application. A visualization system analyzes the data captured by each of the capture systems, synchronizes and correlates the data, and presents an integrated display of these communication and processing events. In a preferred embodiment, the communicated messages include an identifier of the application, and…

Connecting transparent network devices to optimize unidirectional network traffic

Granted: August 7, 2018
Patent Number: 10044670
Transparent network devices intercept unidirectional network traffic and use bidirectional network protocol messages to discover each other and configure an inner connection. A first transparent network device intercepting unidirectional network traffic between a source and destination will send a bidirectional network protocol message addressed to the destination that includes an indicator of its presence. Additional transparent network devices that intercept this network message each…

Packet tracing

Granted: June 19, 2018
Patent Number: 10003509
To evaluate a network's performance in processing communications related to a target transaction, a set of “reference” communications corresponding to the target transaction are compared to a larger set of communications in the network in a “production” environment, to identify the occurrence of the target transaction in the production environment. Preferably, the reference communications are recorded in a laboratory environment that models the production environment, or recorded…

Hybrid segment-oriented file server and WAN accelerator

Granted: March 27, 2018
Patent Number: 9930099
In a network including WAN accelerators and segment-oriented file servers, a method comprises responding to a client request to manipulate a file via a network file protocol by receiving a first request at a first WAN accelerator, wherein the request is a request to open a file located at a file server that is a segment-oriented file server, sending a local request for the file, corresponding to the first request, from the WAN accelerator to the file server, using a segment-aware network…

Stitching together partial network topologies

Granted: August 8, 2017
Patent Number: 9729426
A method and system that takes advantage of processes that are efficient for determining the topology of small to medium size networks to determine individual network topologies for such networks, and then merges these individual topologies into a consolidated topology for the entire network. Each of the processes that determines the topology of the smaller networks provides the determined network topology, as well as a list of factors that may be relevant in the determination of how the…

Persisting large volumes of data in an efficient unobtrusive manner

Granted: March 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9606887
Embodiments provide a data persisting mechanism that allows for efficient, unobtrusive persisting of large volumes of data while optimizing the use of system resources by the persisting process. In an embodiment, the persisting process includes a self-tuning algorithm that constantly monitors persistence performance and that adjusts persistence time to maintain performance within user-defined criteria. From one aspect, this allows the persisting process to seamlessly adapt to changes in…

User-configurable network performance monitors

Granted: February 28, 2017
Patent Number: 9584391
A network analysis system provides for a user-definable display of information related to messages communicated on the network. The network analysis system includes one or more display formats that provide a display of message exchanges between nodes of a network, and a display augmenter that provides additional information on the display based on a user-defined visualization. The user defined visualization includes augmenting the display based on user-defined coloring characteristics…

Optimizing secure communications between a client authenticating server and a mobile client

Granted: February 21, 2017
Patent Number: 9578016
Systems and techniques are described for optimizing secure communications. Specifically, a first intermediary and a second intermediary can split-terminate a secure connection handshake or a handshake renegotiation between two computing devices. The first and second intermediaries can then optimize secure communications between the two computing devices.

Correlating input and output requests between client and server components in a multi-tier application

Granted: January 17, 2017
Patent Number: 9549030
The present invention relates to correlating requests between a client and a server to a particular transaction. In one embodiment, transactions in a system of clients and servers are monitored and traced. From this information, a context comprising sets or groupings of transaction call sequences are determined. For example, a sequence of method calls on a client process is traced to a socket carrying data for transmission of a request message to a server. In response to this request…

Method and apparatus for path selection

Granted: December 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9531624
Systems and techniques are described for path selection. A packet can be transparently intercepted at an intermediary device. Next, the intermediary device may modify one or more bits in the header of the packet. The intermediary device can then forward the packet to the next hop device. In some network configurations, the modifications to the one or more bits in the header of the packet may cause a downstream device to select a path that is different from the path that would have been…

Native code profiler framework

Granted: October 11, 2016
Patent Number: 9465717
Embodiments provide systems, methods, and computer program products for dynamically hooking multiple levels of application code. A server receives identifying information that identifies a target function of a target application to hook. The server pauses a target process of the target application. The server locates the target function within the target application code based on the received identifying information. The server then hooks the located function outside of the target…

Methods and systems for efficient updating of time-aligned graphs in a monitoring system

Granted: October 4, 2016
Patent Number: 9461896
The present invention relates to displaying data in a time-aligned fashion. A dashboard may have a defined time window and a plurality of graphs for various types of monitoring data metrics. Updates to each of the graphs may occur at different intervals while the graphs stay aligned to the same time window. The updates may be asynchronously received and displayed in the dashboard in real-time or near real-time. The graphs are aligned to the same time window in a dashboard by adding a…

End-to-end analysis of transactions in networks with traffic-altering devices

Granted: September 27, 2016
Patent Number: 9455873
In a network that includes intermediary nodes, such as WAN accelerators, that transform messages between nodes, an end-to-end path of the messages is determined. The determined end-to-end path is used in subsequent analyses of message traces, to identify timing and other factors related to the performance of the network relative to the propagation of these messages, including the propagation of the transformed messages. A variety of techniques are presented for determining the path of…

Optimizing communications using client-side reconstruction scripting

Granted: August 2, 2016
Patent Number: 9407727
Systems and techniques are described for optimizing communications between a client and a server. Specifically, in some embodiments, an executing script on a client can send a resource request to a server. In response, the server can send an optimized version of the resource back to the client. The client can then reconstruct the resource from the optimized version of the resource.

Policy aggregation for computing network health

Granted: May 31, 2016
Patent Number: 9356839
A network health monitoring application computes aggregate reports of network health by combining status results from a group of segments to render a summary health status indicative of the entire group. Individual status values result from policies, which monitor various segments and metrics, or performance parameters (such as byte counts or retransmissions), concerned with providing a particular service. The policies form a hierarchy defining the general or specific nature of the…

Virtualized data storage system optimizations

Granted: May 24, 2016
Patent Number: 9348842
Virtual storage arrays consolidate branch data storage at data centers connected via wide area networks. Virtual storage arrays appear to storage clients as local data storage; however, virtual storage arrays actually store data at the data center. Virtual storage arrays overcome bandwidth and latency limitations of the wide area network by predicting and prefetching storage blocks, which are then cached at the branch location. Virtual storage arrays leverage an understanding of the…

Address manipulation to provide for the use of network tools even when transaction acceleration is in use over a network

Granted: May 3, 2016
Patent Number: 9332091
In address-manipulation enabled transaction accelerators, the transaction accelerators include outer-connection addressing information in packets emitted over an inner connection between transaction accelerators and inner-connection addressing information is added in packets sent over the inner connection. The inner-connection addressing information can be carried in TCP option fields, directly in other fields, or indirectly through data structures maintained by the endpoints processing…

Correcting packet timestamps in virtualized environments

Granted: April 26, 2016
Patent Number: 9323555
A network capture element is embodied on a virtual machine, and a utility function is embodied on the actual device, preferably within the virtual machine manager. Both the utility function and the traffic capture element are configured to monitor communication events. To minimize the overhead imposed, the utility function is configured to merely store the time that the event occurred on the actual machine, corresponding to an identifier of the event. The network capture element, on the…

Single-ended deduplication using cloud storage protocol

Granted: April 19, 2016
Patent Number: 9317377
A single-ended optimized storage protocol enables storage clients or other devices to direct a remote data storage to copy data. In response to commands via the protocol, a remote data storage can copy portions of a data stream at the remote data storage to destination storage locations within the same or a different data stream. The protocol may be utilized for optimized transfer of data via a network to a remote data storage. An initial data stream is divided into segments. Redundant…