Synnex Patent Grants

Multiple element selections in Gantt charts

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8952966
Various arrangements for manipulating multiple elements of a Gantt chart are presented. The Gantt chart may be generated comprising a plurality of elements distributed across a plurality of groups. A selection of a subset of elements from the plurality of elements may be received, wherein the subset of elements of the Gantt chart comprises elements from at least a first group and a second group of the plurality of groups of the Gantt chart. An application programming interface may be…

Techniques for application tuning

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954309
Techniques for tuning systems generate configurations that are used to test the systems to determine optimal configurations for the systems. The configurations for a system are generated to allow for effective testing of the system while remaining within budgetary and/or resource constraints. The configurations may be selected to satisfy one or more conditions on their distributions to ensure that a satisfactory set of configurations are tested. Machine learning techniques may be used to…

System and method for supporting transient partition consistency in a distributed data grid

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954391
A system and method can support transient partition consistency in a distributed data grid. A cluster node in the distributed data grid can maintain a storage data structure and an index data structure. The storage data structure can store data in one or more partitions maintained on the cluster node, and the index data structure contains a plurality of indexes, wherein each index supports indexing at least one data grid operation on the one or more partitions. Furthermore, the…

Creation and replay of a simulation workload using captured workloads

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954397
A method for replaying a simulation workload is provided. The simulation workload identifies a plurality of workload parts. Each workload part is at least a portion of a respective captured workload. In an embodiment, a first workload part is a portion of a first workload executed relative to a first capture database server and a second workload part is a portion of a second workload executed relative to a second capture database server. A portion of the first workload part and a portion…

Method for serial and condition-based execution of operators by parallel processes

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954419
Techniques are provided for improving performance of parallel execution plans that include serial operations. A database server generates a parallel execution plan and includes one or more serial data flow objects in the parallel execution plan, each data flow object including one or more serial row sources. A parallel selector row source is associated with each serial data flow object included in the parallel execution plan. Each parallel selector row source coordinates with a query…

Systems and methods for object to relational mapping extensions

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954461
Generally, an application provider can use their understanding of the general problem domain to design an application that covers the majority of the functionality that is required by application users, e.g., the types and quantities of data that are required by an application and which are typically gathered and stored. By configuring the application with flexible data structures which can be mapped to a variety of different types of data by the application user, the application can be…

Assigning server categories to server nodes in a heterogeneous cluster

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954557
A cluster management system dynamically assigns a category to a server node based on the server node's attributes. The system can detect a change in value of a server attribute of a first server node. Then, in response to detecting the change in value of the server attribute, the system identifies a plurality of server attributes for the first server node, and dynamically assigns to the first server node a category that matches the server attributes. Further, the system can add the…

System and method for extending IMS SCIM / service broker to enable application servers using MSCML to execute on CDMA win networks

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954559
Systems and methods provide unified playing of announcements across different network interfaces. A system to extend an IMS SCIM to enable application servers using MSCML to play announcements to execute on WIN (CDMA) networks include an application server, including IMS applications. The system includes a SCIM to manage communication between call parties and the applications. In a CDMA network, which an open dialogue the SCIM is configured to respond to the IMS applications that then…

Policy engine for automating management of scalable distributed persistent applications in a grid

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954584
There are provided mechanisms and methods for automating management of Scalable Distributed Persistent Applications (SDPA) in a grid computing environment. These mechanisms and methods make it possible for physical and operating system resources in the grid to be dynamically allocated and/or de-allocated based upon the results of monitoring performance and monitoring usage of physical and operating system resources.

Physical memory capping for use in virtualization

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954686
A method of implementing virtualization involves an improved approach to resource management. A virtualizing subsystem is capable of creating separate environments that logically isolate applications from each other. Some of the separate environments share physical resources including physical memory. When a separate environment is configured, properties for the separate environment are defined. Configuring a separate environment may include specifying a physical memory usage cap for the…

Failover data replication to a preferred list of instances

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954786
A method, system, and medium are disclosed for performing transparent failover in a cluster server system. The cluster includes a plurality of servers. In servicing a client request, a primary server replicates session data for the client into memory space of one or more backup servers. The primary server sends a response to the client, wherein the response includes an indication of the one or more backup servers. When the client sends a subsequent request, it includes an indication of…

RTF template and XSL/FO conversion: a new way to create computer reports

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954841
A template processor converts an initial template document into an XSL template that can be used to automatically generate reports from report data extracted from a database or other application. Users create initial template documents using a word processor or other rich-text editing application. The initial template document employs the word processor's native formatting features to specify the formatting of report data. The initial template document includes placeholder tags inserted…

Optimizations using a BPEL compiler

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954942
Various arrangements for reducing a size of a Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) data blob for storage may be presented. One or more dehydration points within compiled BPEL code may be identified. A liveness analysis for the one or more dehydration points may be performed. At each of the one or more dehydration points, one or more live variables from a set of variables may be identified. An optimization data structure may be created for each dehydration point identifies the one…

System and method for message service with unit-of-order

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8954994
The present invention enables “unit-of-order”, which allows a message producer to group messages into a single unit. It guarantees that messages are not only delivered to consumers in order, they are also are processed in order. The unit-of-order will be delivered to consumers as one unit and only one consumer will process messages from the unit at a time. The processing of a single message is complete when it is acknowledged, committed, recovered, or rolled back. Until message…

Access management architecture

Granted: February 10, 2015
Patent Number: 8955037
An access management system architecture is provided. In one embodiment, the architecture comprises modular and decoupled components, which allow composability of heterogeneous solutions.

Via structure for integrated circuits

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8946905
An integrated circuit (IC) having a concentric arrangement of stacked vias is disclosed. The IC includes first and second pluralities of signal lines on first and second metal layers, respectively. The second metal layer is arranged between the first metal layer and a silicon layer. The IC also includes a via structure implemented in a predefined area, and connects each of the first and second pluralities of signal lines to circuitry in the silicon layer through respective first and…

Tape guide roller with serpentine flanges

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8947824
A tape guide roller is provided for use with a tape drive configured to receive a length of tape. The tape guide roller includes a roller body having an outer surface for receiving the tape thereon, and flanges on opposite ends of the roller body. At least one of the flanges has a portion with a serpentine configuration in cross-section.

Mechanism for increasing parallelization in computer programs with read-after-write dependencies associated with prefix operations

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8949852
Some embodiments provide a system that increases parallelization in a computer program. During operation, the system obtains a binary associative operator and a ordered set of elements associated with a prefix operation in the computer program. Next, the system divides the elements into multiple sets of contiguous iterations based on a number of processors used to execute the computer program. The system then performs, in parallel on the processors, a set of local reductions on the…

System and method for providing transaction monitor integration with service component architecture (SCA) runtime

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8949867
A system and method for providing transaction monitor integration with a service component architecture (SCA) runtime. In accordance with an embodiment, a transaction server, such as a Tuxedo or other transaction server, is provided with a transaction interface which provides one or more transaction services to other SCA software components. A configuration file, such as a schema file, can be used to define a transactional behavior of the transaction server within a service oriented…

Techniques for credential auditing

Granted: February 3, 2015
Patent Number: 8949932
Techniques for credential auditing are provided. Histories for credentials are evaluated against a principal credential policy for a user and an enterprise credential policy for an enterprise as a whole. An audit trail is produced within a report for the histories. The report indicates whether compliance with the principal and enterprise credential policies occulted and if not at least one reason is provided as to why compliance was not met within the histories.