Toyota Patent Grants

Energy supply system, information processing apparatus, and method

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036889
An energy supply system includes at least one energy supply vehicle and an information processing apparatus. The at least one energy supply vehicle is configured to be able to supply energy to at least one target vehicle that is subject to energy supply. The information processing apparatus is configured to manage operation of the at least one energy supply vehicle. The information processing apparatus is configured to create an operation schedule including a supply schedule for…

Over-the-air vehicle systems updating and associated security protocols

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12041171
A method of updating a vehicle ECU includes establishing communication between a data communications module of a vehicle and an update server via a cellular network; validating the vehicle using a key exchange protocol between the data communications module and the update server; and sending update information from the update server to the data communications module of the vehicle via the cellular network, the update information configured to be used to update the vehicle ECU.

Slide door driving device

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12037833
A slide door driving device includes a support plate that is an elongated plate member, two driven pulleys supported respectively by opposite ends of the support plate in a longitudinal direction of the support plate; a belt wound around the two driven pulleys; a connector by which the belt is connected to the slide door; and a driving portion supported by the support plate and configured to drive the belt.

Transport system and transport method

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12037192
A rack includes a pair of first rail portions extending in a depth direction for supporting protrusions, a pair of first gradient portions inclining downward toward a front surface of the rack, a pair of second rail portions facing the pair of the first rail portions, and a pair of second gradient portions inclining upward toward the front surface of the rack. A transport robot includes a top plate on which an object is placed, an elevating portion that raises and lowers the top plate,…

Steering control device

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12037055
A steering control device includes an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is configured to calculate a target rotation angle of a shaft rotating with a turning operation of turning wheels based on a steering angle of a steering wheel acquired from a rotation angle of a reaction motor, to calculate a command value based on the target rotation angle and a steering torque acquired from a torsion angle of a torsion bar twisting with an operation of the steering wheel, and to…

Systems and methods for communicating a blending parameter

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12037008
System, methods, and other embodiments described herein relate to communicating a blending parameter. In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining a blending parameter that is indicative of a degree to which control of a vehicle is shared between an operator of the vehicle and an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) of the vehicle. The method further includes determining a feedback parameter based upon the blending parameter and a psychophysical model, wherein the psychophysical…

Traveling video display method and traveling video display system

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12037007
A method according to the present disclosure comprises acquiring a plurality sets of traveling video recorded by a plurality of cameras capturing a plurality of directions equipped in a remote driving vehicle, acquiring information regarding at least one of driving operation by a remote driving operator, a traveling state of the remote driving vehicle, and motion of the remote driving operator, specifying an attention direction or an attention scope of the remote driving operator for a…

Student-T process personalized adaptive cruise control

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036987
A vehicle includes a controller programed to: collect a set of data related to a driver of the vehicle; predict a driving setting for the driver using the set of data and an initial student-T process (STP) machine learning (ML) model; generate an updated STP ML model based on the prediction of the driving setting as to the set of vehicle data; transmit incremental learning related to the updated STP ML model to a server; and receive, from the server, a personalized driving setting for…

Hydraulic brake system

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036968
A hydraulic brake system for a vehicle, including: a wheel brake device configured to generate a braking force based on a pressure of a working fluid; a first brake system including a high-pressure source device including an accumulator and a first pump device that is driven intermittently such that a pressure of the working fluid in the accumulator is not lower than a set lower limit pressure and not higher than a set upper limit pressure; a second brake system including a second pump…

Industrial vehicle

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036923
An industrial vehicle includes a vehicle body, a driver compartment provided in the vehicle body, an obstacle detector configured to detect an obstacle existing behind the vehicle body, a warning generator configured to generate a warning, and a control device configured to control the warning generator. The warning generator is positioned at least in front of the driver compartment. The control device actuates the warning generator when the obstacle detector detects an obstacle behind…

Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: D1035493

Systems, methods, and apparatus for management of on-demand charging or discharging of electrical energy

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036885
A system for managing on-demand charging or discharging of electrical energy. The system includes a plurality of energy storage devices, one or more connectors configured to connect with a plug of an external device, a switching device configured to control a connection between the plurality of energy storage devices and the one or more connectors, and an electronic control unit (ECU) coupled to the switching device. The ECU may receive data relating to a first external device and a…

Conversion adapter having a connection prevention mechanism

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036880
A conversion adapter is configured to be connected between a charging cable extending from a charging station and an inlet included in a vehicle. The conversion adapter includes a cable connector configured to be connected to the charging cable, and a vehicle connector configured to be connected to the inlet. The cable connector includes: a power terminal that receives supply of a charging power from the charging station via the charging cable; and a lid and a lock device that are…

Information processing device, information processing system, information processing method, and terminal device

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036862
An information processing device includes an interface configured to acquire position information of a vehicle which picks up a user and a user surrounding image which is obtained by imaging surroundings of the user using a terminal device carried by the user and a control unit configured to generate user surrounding data including data on an object present near the user based on the user surrounding image. The control unit is configured to generate an image based on the assumption that…

Method for manufacturing tank and manufacturing device thereof

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036753
Provided is a method for manufacturing a tank and a manufacturing device thereof that can achieve resin impregnation within a short time. The method wraps fibers in an overlapping manner in a radial direction around an outer surface of a liner such that a first fiber layer (braiding layer) on an outer surface of a dome portion is less dense than a second fiber layer (helical layer) on an outer surface of a straight body portion and such that a portion of a lamina of the first fiber…

Permeable support infill structure for fuel cell fluid flow networks

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036612
A fuel cell may include a first fuel cell bipolar plate defining an air layer, a second fuel cell bipolar plate defining a hydrogen layer, and a coolant layer defined by the air layer and the hydrogen layer. A permeable support infill structure, composed of sintered thermally conductive powder particles, is arranged at the cooling layer to prevent flow blockage at the coolant layer, define a thermally conductive path between the air layer and the hydrogen layer, and facilitate coolant…

Exhaust gas purification device

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036510
An exhaust gas purification device suppresses a pressure loss increase and includes a honeycomb substrate and inflow cell side catalyst layer. The substrate includes a porous partition wall defining several cells extending from an inflow side end surface to an outflow side end surface. The cells include an inflow and outflow cell adjacent across the wall. The inflow cell has an open inflow side end and sealed outflow side end. The outflow cell has a sealed inflow side end and open…

System and method for training a remote photoplethysmography model

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036006
Systems and methods for training remote photoplethysmography (“PPG”) models that outputs a subject PPG signal based on a subject video clip of a subject are described herein. The system may have a processor and a memory in communication with the processor. The memory may include a training module having instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to train the remote PPG model in a self-supervised contrastive learning manner using an unlabeled video clip…

Physiological state index calculation system, physiological state index calculation method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12036004
A physiological state index calculation system, a physiological state index calculation method, and a non-transitory computer readable medium for capturing subtle changes in a physiological state of a living body are provided. The physiological state index calculation system includes a band-pass filter that filters cerebral blood flow waveform information obtained from a cerebral blood flow of a living body in at least one frequency band, and a complex number conversion unit configured…

Sleeping equipment

Granted: July 16, 2024
Patent Number: 12035813
Sleeping equipment includes a mat body and a plurality of air bags. The mat body includes a middle support portion, an upper support portion, and a lower support portion. The mat body is configured to switch between a bed mode and a chair mode. The air bags are arranged in the mat body in a mat length direction from the upper support portion toward the lower support portion. At least a part of the air bags is divided into right and left bag portions in a mat width direction, and the…