Trident Microsystems Patent Grants

Amplifier and switched capacitor amplifier circuit

Granted: June 5, 2012
Patent Number: 8193856
An amplifier (V) for an integrated circuit amplifier circuit (IC) having a switched capacitor circuit (Cs, Cf) includes a capacitor for frequency compensation (CC1) that is connected in parallel to an amplifier stage (V2). This amplifier is advantageous because at least one second capacitor for frequency compensation (CC2) is selectively connected in parallel to the first capacitor for frequency compensation (CC1) via a switch controlled by a capacitor switching signal (clk).

Digital filter configuration

Granted: May 22, 2012
Patent Number: 8184922
A digital filter configuration for the filtration of a digital video signal, wherein the functions of a zoom filter, in the form of a low-pass filter, which is a polyphase filter, and of at least one peaking filter, in the form of a high-pass filter, are realized, wherein the functions of the two filters are realized in a combined filter (1-17) in an integrated circuit in a manner such that, for each phase of the zoom filter to be set, combined filter coefficients are calculated from…

Method for the data transfer between at least two clock domains

Granted: May 8, 2012
Patent Number: 8176353
The invention describes a method for transferring data between a first clock domain having a first clock rate (CLK1) and at least one additional clock domain having a second clock rate (CLK2), comprising the following for the transfer of data from the first to the second clock domain (CLK1, CLK2): reading in of a data item in accordance with the first clock rate (CLK1) into a first memory (11), and locking of the first memory after saving the data item, signalizing a transfer start…

Video processing device with low memory bandwidth requirements

Granted: April 10, 2012
Patent Number: 8155459
The present invention relates to a video processing device for processing data corresponding to a sequence of pictures according to a predictive block-based encoding technique. Said device comprises a processing unit (20) including a reconstruction circuit (16) for reconstructing pictures from decoded data and an external memory (1) for storing reference pictures delivered by the reconstruction circuit. The processing unit further comprises a memory controller (11) for controlling data…

Apparatus and method for interpolating a pixel from an intermediate line of a field

Granted: March 20, 2012
Patent Number: 8139154
The invention relates to a method for interpolating a pixel from an intermediate line of a first field of a sequence of interlaced fields.

Enhancing video images depending on prior image enhancements

Granted: March 13, 2012
Patent Number: 8135073
A video stream containing encoded frame-based video information includes a first frame and a second frame. The encoding of the second frame depends on the encoding of the first frame. The encoding includes motion vectors indicating differences in positions between regions of the second frame and corresponding regions of the first frame, the motion vectors defining the correspondence between regions of the second frame and regions of the first frame. The first frame is decoded and a…

Video encoding and decoding methods and corresponding encoding and decoding devices

Granted: February 28, 2012
Patent Number: 8126051
An encoding method applied to an input video sequence corresponding to successive scenes subdivided into successive video object planes (VOPs) is provided that generates, for coding all the video objects of said scenes, a coded bit stream the content of which is described in terms of separate channels and constituted of encoded video data in which each data item is described by a bitstream syntax that allows the recognition and decoding of all the elements of the content. The syntax…

Apparatus for and method of controlling a sampling frequency of a sampling device

Granted: February 28, 2012
Patent Number: 8126083
A method of controlling sampling frequency of a sampling device (40), where the sampling device (40) generates samples (62) in response to the receipt of a signal (20) resulting from a transmission of a series of symbols through a channel, the method including the steps of estimating (46) a channel impulse response of the channel from the samples, calculating a characteristic of the channel impulse response estimate, and determining (52) the sampling frequency in accordance with the…

Systems and methods of image processing including removal of discontinuous ramp and/or smoothing features

Granted: February 14, 2012
Patent Number: 8115781
Systems and methods are disclosed for processing image data to provide adjusted pixel information that achieves smoothed output discontinuities. In one exemplary embodiment, there is provided a method of processing image data including analyzing first display information including pixel data indicative of pixel display on a graphical user interface, detecting one or more ramp steps in the pixel data, and assigning, in association with random number generation and/or threshold setting…

Memory optimization for video processing

Granted: February 14, 2012
Patent Number: 8115874
Memory storage requirements for digital signal processing operations, for example, motion-compensated video scan rate conversion, that produce intermediate output data, which is then used as an input to the operation, are reduced by reordering operations and organizing memory allocations in a special manner to allow intermediate output at a particular execution time, to substantially share the same memory space as the intermediate output of a previous execution time. Such a reduction in…

Motion vector fields refinement to track small fast moving objects

Granted: January 24, 2012
Patent Number: 8102915
A conversion unit for converting a first motion vector field (MVF1) into a second motion vector field (MVF2). The first motion vector field being computed, on basis of a first image and a second image of a sequence of images, for a temporal position between the first and second images. A first establishing means establishes a first group of un-referenced pixels in the first image. A second establishing means establishes a second group of un-referenced pixels in the second image. A…

Circuit and method for recovering a carrier

Granted: January 17, 2012
Patent Number: 8098769
The invention relates to recovering a carrier for a synchronous demodulator, that receives an input signal. A carrier is reconstructed for the provided input signal, and the input signal (in) and carrier (tr) are mixed to generate a mixed signal to be outputted (i, q), wherein a residual phase error of the mixed signal is corrected by a phase shift to provide a phase corrected output signal.

FM simulcast broadcast signal broadcast transmission system and receiver device

Granted: January 10, 2012
Patent Number: 8095086
The invention relates to a FM simulcast broadcast signal, in which an analogue and digital signal are combined for a transmission in a transmission channel with limited bandwidth as a total signal (s), which has a first phase speed (vs), an auxiliary signal (hs) is prepared in the complex region from the modulated digital signal (ds) for transmission and the FM modulated analogue signal (as) for transmission, which has a second phase speed (vas). Said auxiliary signal (hs) is placed in a…

Memory access control in a multiprocessor system

Granted: January 10, 2012
Patent Number: 8095743
Access to a memory area by a first processor that executes a first processor program and a second processor that executes a second processor program is granted to one of the first processor and the second processor at a time. Access to the memory area by the first processor and the second processor are cyclically uniquely allocated (e.g., t?[(ad mod m)=o]) between the first and the second processor by the first and second processor programs.

Signal processor having a sampling arrangement

Granted: December 27, 2011
Patent Number: 8085651
In a signal processor, a sampling arrangement (SH11, S12, SH13, ADC1) samples at least a first signal (YA) and a second signal (UA, VA) so as to obtain sampled first signal (YD1) and a sampled second signal (UD1, VD1), respectively. A folding compensator (LPF11, LPF12, LPF13, SUB11, SUB12, MUX12) compensates for a folding component in the sampled first signal (YD1) on the basis of a spectral portion of the sampled second signal (UD1, VD1) that is substantially free of components that…

Extraction of data from a television signal using an adaptable slicing level

Granted: December 20, 2011
Patent Number: 8081258
From a television signal data such as teletext or closed caption data is extracted by slicing. A binary data signal is formed dependent on whether the television signal level is above or below a slicing level (S). The slicing level (S) is selected by defining a reconstructed data signal (D) with signal values equal to plus and minus an amplitude value relative to a middle level and transitions between these signal values at time points where the television signal crosses the slicing…

Unit for and method of estimating a current motion vector

Granted: December 6, 2011
Patent Number: 8073054
A motion estimation unit (500) for estimating a current motion vector comprises a match error unit (506) for calculating match errors of respective candidate motion vectors and a selector (508) for selecting the current motion vector from the candidate motion vectors by means of comparing the match errors of the respective candidate motion vectors. Some of the candidate motion vectors are extracted from a set of previously estimated motion vectors. Other candidate motion vectors are…

Biased motion vector interpolation for reduced video artifacts

Granted: December 6, 2011
Patent Number: 8073055
In a video processing system where motion vectors are estimated for a subset of the blocks of data forming a video frame, and motion vectors are interpolated for the remainder of the blocks of the frame, a method includes determining, for at least at least one block of the current frame for which a motion vector is not estimated (204), whether a block to the left or right has an estimated zero motion vector (206), determining whether the at least one block had an estimated zero motion…

Noise elimination device for the detection of the vertical sync pulse in video signals

Granted: November 29, 2011
Patent Number: 8068176
In order to create a noise elimination device for the detection of the vertical sync pulse in video signals, which has a very fast locking behavior and in which additional components can be integrated easily, which components can measure fundamental parameters of the underlying composite video signal, it is proposed that the device comprises a vertical pulse detector (12), which detects successive vertical sync pulses in the composite video signal and a VPLL (vertical phase locked loop),…

Method and apparatus for processing image data

Granted: November 29, 2011
Patent Number: 8068545
An MPEG decoder (100-180) can use different formats (linear tiled etc) for image data memory (150) for reference pictures when decoding subsequent pictures. Each format brings advantages and disadvantages. The disclosure illustrates that it is possible for different video sequences to have characteristics which match one image buffer format well, but not another, for example where there is a lot of motion or only a little motion between images. Advantageously, the decoder employs a…