Twitter Patent Applications


Granted: February 23, 2017
Application Number: 20170052835
A computing system including a first and a second application. The first application includes a first local software development kit (SDK) platform instance, and the first local SDK platform instance includes a first non-core SDK module instance, an application discovery module, and an inter-application communication module. The second application includes a second local SDK platform instance. The first non-core SDK module instance is configured to is a request to the application…


Granted: December 31, 2015
Application Number: 20150378584
A method and system for media selection and sharing is disclosed. According to one embodiment, media content is received from a media source and is stored in a buffer for a first time period. A second time period within the first time period is determined for creating a media clip from the media content stored in the buffer. A media clip is generated as determined by the second time period. A user provides an input, and the user's input is associated with the media clip to take one or…


Granted: August 13, 2015
Application Number: 20150227624
A system for real-time search, including: a set of partitions, each including a set of segments, each segment corresponding to a time slice of messages posted to the messaging platform, and a real-time search engine configured to receive a search term in parallel with other partitions in the set of partitions, and search at least one of the set of segments in reverse chronological order of the corresponding time slice to identify document identifiers of messages containing the search…

Method and System for Generating a Geocode Trie and Facilitating Reverse Geocode Lookups

Granted: September 18, 2014
Application Number: 20140280318
A method and system generates a model of a geographic area for use in identifying locations of the geographic area. A set of variably sized tiles is defined for each of a set of overlapping geometries in the geographic area. Each of the variably sized tiles is defined by a geohash, where the size of the tile is dependent on a granularity of the geohash. A geocode trie structure representing the variably sized tiles can be constructed and used to map one or more provided location…

Prioritizing Messages Within a Message Network

Granted: April 12, 2012
Application Number: 20120089681
A system and a method are disclosed for recommending electronic messages in a message sharing system. Users can post messages to the message sharing system. These messages from posting users are received by the system and sent to receiving users that have subscribed to the posting users. The receiving users interact with the messages in various ways, such as by sharing the messages with other users. Interaction information is received for each of the electronic messages. The interaction…