Twitter Patent Grants

Live video stream sharing

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11516552
Systems and methods provide live broadcasts with real-time feedback from viewers using mobile computing devices. An example method includes providing a live feed broadcast from a source mobile device to a plurality of viewing devices, receiving, during the live feed broadcast, a plurality of feedback signals, each feedback signal being from at least one of the plurality of viewing devices, and associating each feedback signal with a respective time in the live feed broadcast. The method…

Hard and soft ranking messages of conversation graphs in a messaging platform

Granted: November 29, 2022
Patent Number: 11516155
A method for ranking messages of conversation graphs in a messaging platform includes classifying messages of a conversation graph into a plurality of sections based on content quality of the messages, where the plurality of sections include a first section and a second section. The first section has messages from the conversation graph determined as higher quality than messages of the second section. The method includes determining a plurality of predictive outcomes for each of a…

Display screen with graphical user interface for live broadcasting

Granted: November 22, 2022
Patent Number: D970534

Device independent message distribution platform

Granted: November 15, 2022
Patent Number: 11502985
An example system for device-independent point to multipoint communication is configured to receive a message addressed to one or more destination users, the message type being, for example, Short Message Service (SMS), Instant Messaging (IM), E-mail, web form input, or Application Program Interface (API) function call. The system also is configured to determine information about the destination users, the information comprising preferred devices and interfaces for receiving messages,…

Trends in a messaging platform

Granted: November 15, 2022
Patent Number: 11500908
A method of operating a messaging platform, including: obtaining, for a first profile, a first and a second topic of interest, a first intra-profile (IP) weight for the first topic of interest, and a second IP weight for the second topic of interest; obtaining a first plurality of trending entities for the first topic and a first plurality of intra-topic (IT) weights for the first plurality of trending entities; obtaining a second plurality of trending entities for the second topic and a…

Display screen with graphical user interface for live video sharing

Granted: November 1, 2022
Patent Number: D968419

Promoting time-based content through social networking systems

Granted: October 25, 2022
Patent Number: 11483377
Time-based media is distributed and promoted in a social networking environment. Accounts of a social networking system author social media content items (SMCIs) from which a social networking system infers relevance of content to users of those accounts. Content distributors submit time-based media content to the social networking system, which creates distributor SMCIs containing the time-based media content. Accounts are identified to receive distributor SMCIs based on SMCIs…

Dynamically controlling messaging platform client-side and server-side behavior

Granted: October 18, 2022
Patent Number: 11477145
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for performing dynamic control of social messaging platform client-side and server-side behavior according to current and historical environmental, service, and application conditions.

Graph-based data storage for real-time content suggestions

Granted: October 11, 2022
Patent Number: 11468069
The present invention relates generally to messaging platforms, and relates more particularly to data storage such that random sampling can be accomplished in real-time in messaging platforms. Aspects of the present invention include storing a bipartite graph with associations of two node types. The graph can be stored as a power law graph. The graph can be used to provide real-time content recommendations in a messaging platform. The content recommendations can be provided using random…

Automated social message stream population

Granted: October 4, 2022
Patent Number: 11461305
A messaging system automatically populates a stream of messages using only a seed selected by the requesting account holder. In one embodiment, the seed includes the streams of one or more of the “top” accounts of the messaging system . Here, “top” is according to any one of a number of different metrics stored in the messaging system. With knowledge of the seed, the messaging system automatically populates a stream for the requesting account holder, without requiring any other…

Looping audio-visual file generation based on audio and video analysis

Granted: September 27, 2022
Patent Number: 11456017
In one general aspect, a method can include receiving a video loop portion included in a video file and receiving an audio loop portion included in an audio file. The method can include analyzing at least a portion of the audio file based on a musical characteristic and identifying a plurality of segment locations within the audio file based on the analyzing where the plurality of segment locations define a plurality of audio segments of the audio file. The method can also include…

Reconciliation of disjoint user identifier spaces

Granted: September 20, 2022
Patent Number: 11449888
Two different user spaces can be mapped to each other based on one or more categories of information that are common to both. The mapping is based on hash values generated by applying the same hash function to the same information of the categories of information that identifies users in each user space.

Conversational targeted content

Granted: September 13, 2022
Patent Number: 11443348
Techniques of the disclosure are directed to sending and receiving messages that allow for content providers to interact with potential recipients and customers. An information distribution system may receive a first message from a content provider via a first client device that includes targeted content, such as a string of characters, an image, a video, and/or some other form of media. The targeted content may also include tags, such as hashtags, which identify or otherwise associate a…

Fast loading and display of image previews

Granted: September 6, 2022
Patent Number: 11438399
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for providing images in the form of tiny previews in messages of a message stream sent to user devices in an online social messaging platform.

Selection and presentation of unviewed messages

Granted: September 6, 2022
Patent Number: 11436234
A method for message selection, including: receiving a request for unviewed messages, the request identifying a context account, ranking the set of unviewed messages according to ranking criteria, where the ranking criteria is used to rank each of the set of unviewed messages based on an engagement history between the context account and an authoring account of the unviewed messages; generating, based on ranking the set of unviewed messages, a result set identifying a subset of the set…

Method and system for maintaining storage device failure tolerance in a composable infrastructure

Granted: September 6, 2022
Patent Number: 11436113
Systems (e.g. data centers) having composable infrastructure, in which computing devices (e.g., servers) access disk drives organized into storage groups over a network or other communications mechanism, devices for implementing such systems, methods for configuring and operating such systems, and a computer readable medium which stores (in non-transitory fashion) code for performing any embodiment of the inventive method or steps thereof. Typically, the storage groups are determined…

Evaluation infrastructure for testing real-time content search

Granted: May 10, 2022
Patent Number: 11327879
Systems and methods provide an experimentation system, or testing engine, for a real-time search infrastructure. An example method includes generating a snapshot of a production search environment and performing testing of a signal or index change in the snapshot. The change can be specified as parameters passed to the system. The method may include estimating an impact of the change based on the testing and determining, based on the estimate, whether the impact is positive. Responsive…

Live video classification and preview selection

Granted: May 3, 2022
Patent Number: 11323753
Systems and methods select and provide video snippets in a matrix interface. Example methods include obtaining a portion of a live video stream, assigning the portion to a class, determining that the portion is preview-eligible, and generating a snippet of the live video stream using the portion. Other example methods include determining, using a trained video classifier, a set of live broadcasts that have at least one portion that is classified as preview-eligible, calculating, for each…

Music discovery using messages of a messaging platform

Granted: April 26, 2022
Patent Number: 11316940
A system, method, and computer-readable medium for identifying music-related data based on message data from a messaging platform. The method includes: obtaining a request from a client; identifying context data associated with the request; identifying message data from the messaging platform based on the context data; selecting, based on the context data and the message data from the messaging platform, music-related data for inclusion in a result set; and providing the result set to…

Client software back off

Granted: April 26, 2022
Patent Number: 11316952
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for limiting load on host servers that implement a social messaging platform. An example user device sends, to a platform comprising a plurality of host servers, a first request. The request is directed to a first endpoint. The user device receives, in response to the first request, a first error that indicates that the first request was not processed. The user device determines a back off…