Ultra Clean Patent Applications


Granted: May 7, 2009
Application Number: 20090114295
A gas-panel manifold for use in a gas-panel assembly is disclosed. A manifold in the assembly provides a plurality of support surfaces, each designed for supporting a gas-component thereon, and internal passageways disposed within the manifold body for connecting gas components, with such carried on the manifold, for gas flow through the manifold in a generally downstream direction. The adjacent support surfaces in the manifold are in different planes, representing different heights…


Granted: March 26, 2009
Application Number: 20090078324
The invention involves the introduction of a gas-flow restrictor and reservoir upstream of a mass flow controller (MFC) in a gas-panel stick. The restrictor and reservoir components function to smooth out pressure spikes in the gas line, thus preventing gas-flow irregularities that can occur in an MFC or pressure-insensitive MFC. The restrictor and reservoir components can be integrated into the MFC.

Apparatus and Method for Monitoring a Chemical-Supply System

Granted: January 10, 2008
Application Number: 20080009977
The present invention provides a processing apparatus having multiple systems, and multiple components in each system. The apparatus includes a monitoring capability for monitoring the components and calculating a Health Index of each system, based on aggregate component performances of the components. The computer may initiate a trouble-shooting routine on components of a system if the Health Index of the system is below a preselected threshold value relative to a signature Health Index…