VeriFone Systems Patent Grants

Acoustic modulation protocol

Granted: September 16, 2014
Patent Number: 8837257
Exemplary embodiments provide a computer-implemented method for generating a modulated acoustic carrier signal for wireless transmission from a speaker of a transmit device to a microphone of a receive device. Aspects of the exemplary embodiments include converting a message to binary data; modulating one or more selected frequencies for one or more acoustic carrier signals based on the binary data to generate one or more modulated acoustic carrier signals; filtering the one or more…

Sonic fast-sync system and method for bluetooth

Granted: April 29, 2014
Patent Number: 8711656
A method, apparatus and computer program product for fast-synching a wireless Bluetooth connection using a first device's wireless identifier is provided. One implementation of the present invention modulates the wireless identifier as a sonic Bluetooth code over a sonic carrier signal. To send the wireless identifier, one implementation accesses a storage area associated with the first wireless device holding the sonic carrier signal. Aspects of the invention then transmit the sonic…

Sonic receiver and method for receiving data that uses modulation frequncies that reduce the probability of conflict with ambient noise in the environment

Granted: August 20, 2013
Patent Number: 8514662
A method, apparatus and computer program product is provided for wirelessly transmitting and receiving data through sonic communication. A method and system is provided for devices to exchange data over the air using a sonic carrier signal. The transmit device has at least one sonic transducer that transmits a sonic carrier signal through the air in accordance with aspects of the present invention. A digital representation of the data is modulated consistent with a modulation protocol…