Toyota Patent Grants

Steering wheel for a motor vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: D787390

Exhaust gas purification catalyst

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656249
[Summary] [Purpose] To provide an excellent exhaust gas purification catalyst with satisfactory NOx selective reductive purification performance at lower temperature, and having a satisfactory N2O formation rate. [Solution Means] A selective reduction catalyst for exhaust gas purification, represented by the formula: CoxMn(1?x)TiO3 (where x in the molar ratio is a value greater than 0 and 0.2 or less).

Press die

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656314
A press die includes block rows arranged in parallel in a frame. Each block row is formed by die blocks. The block rows include a first block row and a second block row that are adjacent to each other. A joint portion between adjacent two blocks belonging to the first block row faces a side surface of a die block belonging to the second block row.

Suspension member lower arm bracket structure

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656527
A lower arm bracket is provided. A portion of the lower arm bracket is an upper panel that includes a first surface wall, a second surface wall, a third surface wall, a first coupling surface wall connecting the first surface wall and the second surface wall together, and a first vertical wall extending toward the vehicle lower side from a position including an end portion in the length direction of the first coupling surface wall. A portion of the lower arm bracket is configured by a…

System for cooling a vehicle compartment

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656536
A system for cooling a vehicle compartment using a twin cell thermal battery and waste heat. Cool air from the evaporators of a twin cell thermal battery system is used to chill a compartment, such as an icebox in a trunk or a cabin of a vehicle. The energy needed to create the cooling effect for the cool compartment comes directly from the waste heat of vehicle exhaust gas. The system provides for the air conditioning and charging mode to work simultaneously because of a twin cell…

Running control system for vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656655
A running control system for vehicles is provided to reduce engagement shocks of a clutch and to raise the torque of drive wheels quickly upon satisfaction of a condition of engagement of the clutch. In a vehicle to which the running control system is applied, power transmission between an engine and the drive wheels is selectively enabled by the clutch. The running control system is configured to raise a speed of the engine from an idling speed if the clutch is expected to be engaged…

Power transmission device for hybrid vehicle and hybrid system

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656658
A power transmission device for a hybrid vehicle includes: a power distribution mechanism including a plurality of rotation components; a friction engagement device which is interposed between the engine and the rotation component connected to the engine; and a control device which performs a stop control for the engine and a release control for the friction engagement device so as to cause the vehicle to travel only by the power of the second rotary machine and performs an engagement…

Hybrid vehicle

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656662
In a hybrid vehicle, an ECU executes a forced charging control for forcibly charging a battery by using an engine and a vehicle driving device in a case where a remaining capacity of the battery is equal to or less than a predetermined value. In a case where an evaluation value shows a degree of deterioration of the battery attributable to excessive charging, the ECU uses a first electric power as an electric charging power for charging the battery when an absolute value of the…

Control apparatus for a vehicle provided with a continuously variable transmission

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656669
A control apparatus for a vehicle with a continuously variable transmission, having an acceleration requirement determining portion determining operator required acceleration, a first restricted accelerator operation amount setting portion setting an accelerating member restricted operation amount that increases with a running speed increase, when the determining portion has determined required vehicle acceleration, and a shift control portion controlling the transmission speed ratio on…

Vehicle travel control device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9656670
A running control device of a vehicle includes an engine, a connecting/disconnecting device separating the engine and wheels, and a transmission transmitting power of the engine toward the wheels, the running control device being configured to execute a normal running-mode performed by using the power of the engine with the engine and the wheels coupled, a free-run inertia running-mode that is performed by separating the engine and the wheels and stopping the engine during running, and a…

Failure diagnosis device of emission control system

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657666
In a failure diagnosis device of an emission control system that utilizes an electrode-based PM sensor provided downstream of a particulate filter in an exhaust conduit to diagnose a failure of the particulate filter, disclosed embodiments may suppress reduction of accuracy of diagnosis of a failure due to in-cylinder rich control. The failure diagnosis device of the emission control system starts application of a predetermined voltage to electrodes of the electrode-based PM sensor after…

Integrated vehicle control apparatus and integrated control method

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657677
An integrated control apparatus includes an internal combustion engine, a stepped automatic transmission, a power train manager, and an engine controller. The power train manager is configured to: output a target torque and a forenotice torque to the engine controller; start lowering of the target torque after a specified time elapses from a timing of an upshifting instruction; lower the forenotice torque prior to the lowering of the target torque. The engine controller is configured to:…

Control device and control method for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657679
An electronic control unit, in an idle operating state, detects a crankshaft rotation fluctuation in each cylinder using a crank angle sensor, and updates an individual correction value for a control value for each fuel injection valve as a first learned value such that a degree of deviation in the crankshaft rotation fluctuation among the cylinders reduces. The electronic control unit uses a fuel pressure sensor to detect a manner of a fuel pressure fluctuation with fuel injection by…

Engine control device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657681
A control device for an engine provided with a turbocharger properly uses a parameter used for controlling a center-of-gravity position of a heat generation rate determined by a heat generation rate as the amount per unit crank angle of heat generated by combustion of fuel depending on operating situations of the engine and a vehicle in which the engine is mounted. Specifically, an increase in a turbocharging pressure of the turbocharger is executed when a rotational speed of the engine…

Intake duct

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9657697
An intake duct is adapted to be connected to an intake port of a cylinder head. A branch pipe of the intake manifold has in it a partition extending in a direction of intake air flow, a main passage and a tumble flow passage serving as an auxiliary passage that are defined by the partition, and a valve that opens and closes the main passage. A restrictor that minimizes the cross-sectional area of the tumble flow passage is formed between the upstream end and the downstream end in the…

Fuel cell including gas flow path layer

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660275
A fuel cell is configured to comprise a power generation layer including an electrolyte membrane, an anode and a cathode, separators and a gas flow path layer provided between the power generation layer and the separator. The gas flow path layer is structured by a plurality of corrugated elements. Each corrugated element has a corrugated cross section where first convexes that are convex toward the separator and second convexes that are convex toward the power generation layer are…

Current measurement device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660283
A current measurement device includes a measurement part that is constituted by including a resistance part having a predetermined electric resistance value and a pair of current collector parts for extracting a potential difference generated by a current that flows the resistance part; a potential difference detector that is connected to the pair of current collector parts and detects a potential difference generated in the resistance part; and a current detector that detects the…

Fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660285
Disclosed are: a fuel cell which is provided with a membrane electrode assembly (50), an anode-side gas diffusion layer (52) and a cathode-side gas diffusion layer (54); and a method for manufacturing the cell. The degree of processing for suppressing protrusion of carbon fibers in the anode-side gas diffusion layer (52) and the degree of processing for suppressing protrusion of carbon fibers in the cathode-side gas diffusion layer (54) are set to be different from each other.…

Method for manufacturing sealed battery

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660300
A method for manufacturing a sealed battery includes: injecting an electrolytic solution into an exterior; introducing a detection gas into the exterior; and detecting a leakage by detecting a leakage of the detection gas introduced into the exterior, the electrolytic solution in an electrolytic solution tank is pressure fed into the exterior by pressurizing the electrolytic solution tank by feeding a gas of a kind the same as the detection gas in the electrolytic solution tank where the…

Battery temperature adjustment device

Granted: May 23, 2017
Patent Number: 9660307
A structure for effectively heating a battery. A battery is housed in a battery container. A condenser is formed such that a heating medium is in direct contact with a surface of the battery container, and condenses the heating medium to heat the battery via the battery container. The heating medium condensed by the condenser is supplied to an evaporator that heats and vaporizes the heating medium. The heating medium vaporized by the evaporator which is in vapor is circulated to the…