Agilent Technologies Patent Grants

Gas chromatographic (GC) unit, scalable GC systems using same, and related methods

Granted: March 20, 2018
Patent Number: 9921191
A gas chromatographic (GC) unit or module may include one or more microfluidic devices, a GC column, and a flow controller (FC) comprising an FC input port for controlling fluid flows and pressures. The GC unit may be reconfigurable to provide different functionalities. The GC unit may be fluidly coupled to various other fluidic devices, such as other GC units, sample inlets, GC detectors, and the like. Multiple GC units and other fluidic devices may be utilized to build GC devices and…

Apparatus and method for three-dimensional infrared imaging of surfaces

Granted: March 20, 2018
Patent Number: 9924115
A scanner and method for using the same are disclosed. The scanner includes a stage, a MIR light source, an imaging system, and a controller. The stage is adapted to hold a specimen to be imaged and to move the specimen in a first direction and in a second direction that is orthogonal to the lateral direction. The imaging system forms an image plane of the specimen when the stage is positioned at a second direction distance, z, from a known point in the imaging system. The imaging system…

In-source collision-induced heating and activation of gas-phase ions for spectrometry

Granted: March 13, 2018
Patent Number: 9916968
An electrode assembly is provided in a high sub-atmospheric pressure region of an ion source, between an ionization chamber and a vacuum region of a spectrometer, such as a mass spectrometer, an ion mobility spectrometer, or an ion mobility-mass spectrometer. The electrode assembly is spaced at a distance from an outlet of an ion transfer device. A voltage source imparts a potential difference between the ion transfer device and the electrode assembly to accelerate ions emitted from the…

Time-of-flight mass spectrometry using multi-channel detectors

Granted: February 27, 2018
Patent Number: 9905410
A time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) utilizes a multi-channel ion detector to detect ions traveling in separate flight paths, spatially dispersed along a drift axis and/or a transverse axis, in a flight tube of a TOF analyzer. The ion beams may be dispersed by drift energy, deflection along the drift and/or transverse axis, ion mass, or a combination of two or more of the foregoing. The dispersion may be carried out before, at, or after an ion accelerator of the TOF analyzer. Ion…

Protected monomer and method of final deprotection for RNA synthesis

Granted: February 20, 2018
Patent Number: 9896472
A method of deprotecting a solid support bound polynucleotide includes the step of contacting the polynucleotide with a composition comprising a diamine under conditions sufficient to deprotect the 2?-protected ribonucleotide residue. The solid support bound polynucleotide has at least one 2?-protected ribonucleotide residue, which has the following structure: wherein BP is a protected or unprotected heterocycle; R12 is a protecting group selected from a hydrocarbyl, a substituted…

Visualizing expression data on chromosomal graphic schemes

Granted: February 20, 2018
Patent Number: 9898578
Systems and methods for displaying gene- and/or protein-related data with respect to chromosome maps at locations identifying relevant positioning of the genes with which the gene- and/or protein related data are associated. Multiple experiments may be plotted onto the display adjacent one or more chromosome maps. Automatic extraction of genomic location, based on accession numbers or other unique identifiers and cross connection with expression data is provided. Statistical assessments…

Preparation of long synthetic oligonucleotides by squarate conjugation chemistry

Granted: February 13, 2018
Patent Number: 9890190
Methods of conjugating oligonucleotides are provided. The methods may include: activating a terminal of first oligonucleotide using a squarate reagent to produce an activated first oligonucleotide; and binding the first oligonucleotide and a second oligonucleotide to a splint oligonucleotide; to conjugate the activated first oligonucleotide with a terminal of the second oligonucleotide via a squaramide linkage to produce a squaramide-linked oligonucleotide. Also provided are…

Signal amplification of fluorescence in situ hybridization

Granted: February 13, 2018
Patent Number: 9890417
Among other things, this disclosure provides a method of detecting a target nucleic acid. Aspects of the method include: (a) obtaining a labeled nucleic acid probe that is complementary to a target nucleic acid, wherein the probe comprises a capture tag; (b) hybridizing the probe with the target nucleic in a fixed cell, in situ, to produce a duplex; (c) linking the probe in the duplex to a peroxidase conjugate via the capture tag to produce a peroxidase-labeled duplex; and (d) incubating…

Integrated fluidic connection of planar structures for sample separation devices

Granted: February 13, 2018
Patent Number: 9890882
A fluidic device includes a planar structure constituted by a plurality of laminated layers and accommodating a fluid channel extending up to a surface of the planar structure, and a female adapter piece configured for a fluid-tight accommodation of a male adapter piece having a fluid conduit. The the female adapter piece is connected or connectable with the planar structure so that, when the male adapter piece is accommodated in the female adapter piece, the fluid conduit is brought in…

Scanner for spatially offset Raman spectroscopy

Granted: January 30, 2018
Patent Number: 9880099
Apparatus for carrying out spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) is described. The apparatus comprises a rotatable prism arranged such that a spatial offset between an entry region and a collection region at a sample is dependent upon an angle of rotation of the prism.

Method for fragmenting genomic DNA using CAS9

Granted: January 23, 2018
Patent Number: 9873907
A method for fragmenting a genome is provided. In certain embodiments, the method comprises: (a) combining a genomic sample containing genomic DNA with a plurality of Cas9-gRNA complexes, wherein the Cas9-gRNA complexes comprise a Cas9 protein and a set of at least 10 Cas9-associated guide RNAs that are complementary to different, pre-defined, sites in a genome, to produce a reaction mixture; and (b) incubating the reaction mixture to produce at least 5 fragments of the genomic DNA. Also…

Ambient desorption, ionization, and excitation for spectrometry

Granted: January 23, 2018
Patent Number: 9875884
An ion source includes a plasma generator for supplying plasma at an ionization region proximate to a sample surface. The plasma generator applies energy that may be utilized for desorbing analytes from the sample surface as well as for generating plasma by which analytes are excited or ionized. Desorption and ionization/excitation may be controlled as individual modes. The ion source may be interfaced with an ion-based or optical-based spectrometer. A sample support may be provided,…

Wavelength tunable external cavity quantum cascade laser utilizing an angle tuned immersion grating as a wavelength selective filter element

Granted: January 23, 2018
Patent Number: 9876330
A light source having a gain chip, a retro reflecting prism and a first actuator is disclosed. The gain chip amplifies light passing therethrough. The retro reflecting prism is characterized by a pivot axis within the retro reflecting prism, an input light direction, an output light direction, and a diffraction grating that receives light emitted by the gain chip traveling in the input direction, returns a diffracted light beam to the gain chip along the input light direction and…

Infrared spectrometer and scanner utilizing attenuated total reflection

Granted: January 9, 2018
Patent Number: 9863877
A scanner and an attenuated total reflection (ATR) objective for use in such scanners are disclosed. The ATR objective includes first and second optical elements and an input port. The input port receives an input collimated light beam that is focused to a point on a planar face of the first optical element by the second optical element such that substantially all of that portion is reflected by the planar face and no portion of the input beam strikes the planar face at an angle less…

Fluid interface between fluid lines of differing cross-sectional area

Granted: January 9, 2018
Patent Number: 9863921
A fluid transfer device transfers a fluid from a first fluid channel with a first cross-sectional area into a second fluid channel with a second cross-sectional area, larger than the first cross-sectional area. The fluid transfer device includes a fluid inlet interface at which the fluid is transferable from the first fluid channel into the fluid transfer device; an inlet branch configured to split the fluid from the first fluid channel into multiple inlet branch channels; multiple…

In vitro assay buffer for Cas9

Granted: December 26, 2017
Patent Number: 9850521
Provided herein is a reaction mixture comprising Cas9 and a non-ionic surfactant, e.g., a polyoxyethylene surfactant. In certain embodiments, the reaction mixture may comprise a Cas9 protein, a guide RNA, a salt, a buffering agent, a nucleic acid target and a non-ionic surfactant. Kits are also provided. In certain embodiments, a kit may comprise: a Cas9 protein; and a concentrated reaction buffer comprising salt, a buffering agent and a non-ionic surfactant.

CAS9-based isothermal method of detection of specific DNA sequence

Granted: December 26, 2017
Patent Number: 9850525
The present invention relates to an isothermal method for detecting in a sample a target nucleic acid strand.


Granted: December 12, 2017
Patent Number: D805164

System and method for facilitating manual sorting of objects

Granted: December 12, 2017
Patent Number: 9839941
An apparatus that facilitates the manual sorting of objects is disclosed. The apparatus includes a display surface having a surface that can be selectively illuminated and that is adapted for receiving the objects. An identification reader reads identification information stored on the objects. A controller causes an area on the display surface corresponding to one of the objects to be illuminated based on the identification information and indicates a location to which the illuminated…

Pressure determination for HPLC applications

Granted: December 12, 2017
Patent Number: 9841337
Disclosed is a pressure determining unit configured for determining a pressure of a fluid. The pressure determining unit comprises a body structure and a deformation detector. The body structure has a fluidic path configured for conducting the fluid, wherein the body structure has a first surface in a first dimension and in a second dimension, and a thickness in a third dimension. The deformation detector is configured for responding to an elongation into the second dimension of the…