Patent Grants

Offline capabilities for live applications in a cloud collaboration platform

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936292
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for providing offline capabilities to customizable live applications in a cloud collaboration platform. The cloud collaboration platform may provide offline functions and a data application programming interface to devices connecting to the cloud collaboration platform. The offline capabilities allow devices to store data related to documents and customizable live applications in a local cache. The offline…

Multi-tenant collaborative learning

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936308
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for a multi-tenant collaborative learning environment, where information from all tenants in a multi-tenant system is collected and used to provide individual tenants with code fixes and/or optimization recommendations based on the collected information. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed.

Method and user interface for data mapping

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936342
Embodiments of apparatus, systems, and methods are described for creating, arranging, and displaying data mappings between two different data schemas in a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI allows scaling of a data schema, automatic data sorting and grouping of objects in a schema, dynamic spacing of data mappings in the GUI, and customizable data map transformations to entities of a canonical data model. The GUI can limit the display of objects and fields to those that have been…

End-to-end user interface component testing

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936477
Systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products for end-to-end user interface component testing in a database system. More particularly, a test script is executed, where the test script is configured to simulate user interactions with one or more user interface components of a web application. The test script is configured to load a user interface component using a network address, request a manipulation of the user interface component, and obtain in response to requesting the…

Undo based logical rewind in a multi-tenant system

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936571
Methods and systems for providing a rewind of table data in a data management system include: storing a table having table data that defines a plurality of rows and a plurality of columns that define a plurality of cells; capturing change data associated with changes to at least one of the plurality of rows, the plurality of columns, and the plurality of cells; associating the change data with a transaction having a transaction identifier; storing the transaction and the change data in a…

Integrated entity view across distributed systems

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936582
Methods, systems, and computer program products for a customer relationship management (CRM) system are provided herein. Embodiments presented herein provide for exchange of data between disparate, distributed systems; subscribe to and/or publish customer data change event; creation of master records for consumers using static and streaming sources; providing data provenance, auditing capabilities, and queries across multiple tenants and third party systems. Embodiments provide a single…

Techniques and architectures for providing and operating an application-aware database environment

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936587
Application-aware database environments. A repository of previously received and registered database queries is maintained that includes at least corresponding metadata having information about an application generating the database queries. A subsequent database query and application metadata corresponding to the subsequent database query can be received. The repository to determine if the subsequent database query and application metadata match one of the previously received database…

Dynamic selection of data sources for streaming dynamic data

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936596
Dynamic selection of data sources for streaming dynamic data is described. A data streaming service receives a dynamic selection of a data source after the data streaming service begins executing, the dynamic selection of the data source including an identifier of a host of a multi-tenant database and an identifier of a tenant of multiple tenants storing data in the multi-tenant database. The data streaming service streams dynamic data from the data source to a data destination.

Search promotion systems and method

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936611
A method for presenting search results is provided. The method receives a user input search query; obtains, from a search engine, a first set of search results responsive to the user input search query; efficiently identifies a promoted set of search results for promotion using a set of search promotion rules, each of the set of search promotion rules including a set of terms and one or more document identifiers; revises the first set of search results, based on the identified promoted…

Methods and apparatus for scalable metrics gathering from secure data centers

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10936743
A method in an accessible datacenter connected to a data storage network is provided. The accessible datacenter comprises: at least one data pipeline, each of the at least one data pipeline connected to a respective secure datacenter and configured to receive data from each respective secure datacenter; a storage layer, configured to store the data received via the at least one data pipeline; and a visualization layer, configured to provide a user interface and to receive user input…

Disparate monitoring for IoT

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10938684
The disclosed technology offers methods of updating a data cube of samples and a display on a client device with a processor. The method provides GUI clients to computer devices; receives initial reports of sample values organized by sampled computing device and sampled aspect of operations, and identified by group membership and super-group membership; receives, from the devices, samples that update reports of sampled aspects of operations; and pushes updated reports to the GUI clients.…

Browser-independent multi-tab communication methods and systems

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10938755
A method for browser-based chat messaging is provided. The method presents browser-based presentation interfaces, including a master and at least one slave, and including a chat messaging interface for the master and establishes a single communication session with a server system, by the master. Based on a number of presentation interfaces associated with a chat session, a new presentation interface broadcasts a master/slave status request to the other presentation interfaces, receives…

Techniques and architectures for managing disparate heterogeneous cloud-based resources

Granted: March 2, 2021
Patent Number: 10938907
Techniques and architectures for data modeling and management. Data modeling services are provided to agents within multiple different operating environments of a computing environment having at least one database stored on one or more physical memory devices communicatively coupled with one or more hardware processors the one or physical memory devices. Building and versioning of data modeling projects is coordinated and data utilized for the data modeling projects with the one or more…

Automatic grouping of user interface elements into components

Granted: February 23, 2021
Patent Number: 10928982
Techniques are disclosed relating to grouping user interface elements into components. The disclosed techniques may include, for example, determining, based on hierarchical user interface code, a plurality of visible elements of a graphical user interface. In addition, the disclosed techniques include determining coordinates for bounding boxes for ones of the plurality of visible elements and determining depths within the hierarchical user interface code for the plurality of visible…

Automatic rearrangement of process flows in a database system

Granted: February 23, 2021
Patent Number: 10929367
Embodiments regard transfer of data streaming services to provide continuous data flow. An embodiment of an apparatus includes one or more processors to process data for database operation and a database storage, wherein the system is to: receive one or more process flows, each process flow including a plurality of nodes and including one or more flows between each of the plurality of nodes and another node of the plurality of nodes; and upon receipt of a request, automatically rearrange…

Multi-record transactions in data-centric systems

Granted: February 23, 2021
Patent Number: 10929386
Methods of digital data processing support performing user-defined actions on multiple data records in order to update those records and/or to create new records and/or post communication to email or social network platforms. Such methods can include receiving definitions of records and of actions to perform with respect to them. Those methods can further include determining default values for data fields of records to create or update during performance of a selected such action with…

Systems and methods for securing data

Granted: February 23, 2021
Patent Number: 10929555
Some embodiments of the present invention include an apparatus for securing data and include a processor, and one or more stored sequences of instructions which, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to set a data download threshold, encrypt data to be downloaded by a user based on detecting size of the data violating the download threshold such that the user receives encrypted downloaded data, and manage a decryption key used to decrypt the encrypted downloaded data. The…

Dialogue state tracking using a global-local encoder

Granted: February 23, 2021
Patent Number: 10929607
A method for maintaining a dialogue state associated with a dialogue between a user and a digital system includes receiving, by a dialogue state tracker associated with the digital system, a representation of a user communication, updating, by the dialogue state tracker, the dialogue state and providing a system response based on the updated dialogue state. The dialogue state is updated by evaluating, based on the representation of the user communication, a plurality of member scores…

Software application optimization

Granted: February 16, 2021
Patent Number: 10922062
Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to software application optimization. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed.